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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    01/09/2017: Vitamix Class-Action Lawsuit

    If you purchased a specific type of Vitamix blender between January 1, 2007 and October 1, 2016, you may be eligible for a $70 gift card. The settlement is a result of complaints that Vitamix blades made during this time were defective. Find out more here: http://www.blendersettlement.com/

    Shopping Guide for Best Vitamix Blenders

    Sure, blenders are a useful kitchen tool. They blend up smoothies, milkshakes, frozen drinks, soups, sauces, and gravies. But many of the blenders on today’s market do the same basic, no-frills job. Vitamix blenders are an exception to that rule.

    Talk to anyone who owns a Vitamix, and they’ll rave about how versatile, effective, and powerful it is. That’s because a Vitamix doesn’t just blend smoothies and drinks. It also juices fruits and vegetables, makes hot soup without a stove, churns nut butters, and chops and grates veggies and hard cheeses.

    But the king of all blenders comes with a price tag to match. When you’re investing so much — at least a few hundred dollars — you want to be sure the Vitamix you buy is the right one for you. With so many Vitamix models, options, and extra features available, how do you choose? At BestReviews, we make shopping simple. We do the research, buy the products, conduct the tests, and analyze the results — all so you don’t have to. And because we never accept free products or perks from manufacturers, you can be sure our reviews are unbiased and honest. If you’re ready to purchase a Vitamix blender, take a look at our top five recommendations in the matrix above. If you need more information before you decide, continue reading for our full shopping guide.

    You can whip up hot soups, nut flours and butters, raw juices, creamy dips, heavy cake batters, and even bread and pizza dough in a Vitamix blender.

    How Are Vitamix Blenders Different From Other Blenders?

    Because a Vitamix blender features at least a two-horsepower motor, it can blend almost anything, including many items that traditional blenders cannot. The motor keeps even torque to maintain a cool temperature so the Vitamix doesn’t overheat when blending harder items.

    In addition to the powerful motor, the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades on a Vitamix blender can tackle the toughest ingredients.

    The blender container is designed to create a controlled vortex that continuously moves ingredients back toward the blades to make blending faster and smoother, no matter what you’re making.


    Starbucks uses Vitamix blenders to mix their smoothies and frappuccinos. McDonald’s, Baskin-Robbins, and Jamba Juice also use Vitamix blenders to blend their shakes, smoothies, and other treats.

    What are the Benefits of a Vitamix Blender?

    With its powerful motor and blades, a Vitamix blender can replace multiple appliances in your kitchen. Not only can you use it to blend, you can also use it in place of your food processor, juicer, and, in some cases, stand mixer.

    The sturdy design and high-quality materials of a Vitamix lend themselves to the appliance’s extreme durability. Because the motor is so powerful, you don’t have to worry about it burning out as traditional blenders often do. Vitamix offers 7- to 10-year warranties on its blenders, too, so you can expect years of use.

    A Vitamix blender can also jumpstart a healthy diet. It can grind the toughest fruits and vegetables — skin and seeds included — into delicious smoothies or raw juices, which are chock-full of vitamins and minerals.

    A single kitchen appliance that can do the job of several, a Vitamix blender clears plenty of space on your countertop.


    What Should I Look For When Buying a Vitamix Blender?



    Most Vitamix blenders are equipped with a 64-ounce container that makes them ideal for large households or preparing foods and beverages for parties.

    However, the blenders in the Personal Series are designed to prepare single and double servings, so they feature 20- and 40-ounce containers. They work best if you’re blending for one or two or have a small family.

    Keep in mind that often, you can purchase Vitamix containers in other sizes that are compatible with your model, so you can adjust the capacity based on what you’re preparing.


    A Vitamix blender gets hot enough that you can whip up fondue, in addition to hot soup.


    Motor Power

    A blender’s motor determines how effectively it blends and pulverizes ingredients. All the large-capacity Vitamix blenders feature a peak horsepower of 2 to 2.2, which translates to over 1,400 watts. This is what makes them so much more powerful than conventional blenders.

    The smaller, personal-size Vitamix blenders aren’t quite as powerful. They typically feature a 750-watt motor, which is strong enough to blend smoothies, salsas, soups, and other tasty creations in smaller amounts.

    The average user probably wouldn’t notice much difference between a blender with a peak horsepower of 2 versus 2.2. In fact, we believe the average user would likely be happy with the motor power of any large-capacity Vitamix blender.



    Nearly all Vitamix blenders feature variable speeds with as many as 10 speed settings.

    Variable speeds allow you to get the exact texture you want for all the ingredients you put in the blender.

    The more speeds a model has, the more control you have over your blend.


    Vitamix blenders offer a great selection of blending speeds. These options, combined with the powerhouse motor and blade, make for excellent results you’ll love.


    Preset Programs

    Many Vitamix blenders have preset programs that make whipping up your favorite smoothies and hot soups foolproof.

    Simply put your ingredients in the container, press a button, and the blender will choose the right speed and duration for the food or beverage you’re preparing.

    Some Vitamix models even have a self-cleaning program.

    If you’re on a budget, preset programs may not be worth the extra cost. With a Vitamix blender’s variable speed settings, you can still achieve perfect results.


    Vitamix blenders typically have dial or digital touchpad controls. Some use a combination of the two, with a dial to control speed and touchpad buttons to control preset programs.

    With dial controls, you have to turn through all the settings to reach the one you want.

    Digital controls, on the other hand, can sometimes be accidentally activated by spills or splashes. Both dial and touchpad controls are easy to clean if spills occur, however.

    You have your choice between dial and digital controls with Vitamix. If you prefer one type of control over the other, check the specs of your chosen blender to make sure it features the type of controls you want.



    Some Vitamix blenders are equipped with built-in digital timers that make achieving the perfect texture even easier.

    The timer clearly displays how long your blender has been working, so you know if it needs more time or not.

    Some models have an advanced timer. With this feature, the Vitamix will blend for your specified time and then turn itself off. If you’re often multi-tasking while working in the kitchen, this can be a very helpful extra.


    In a 2009 study, Vitamix owners recommended the blender to an average of 13.4 people each.



    All Vitamix blenders come with a tamper to press ingredients down toward the blades and a cookbook with recipe suggestions for the blender.

    You can also purchase additional containers in various sizes for many Vitamix blenders.


    Don’t be afraid to use the tamper to push down the ingredients. If you use it correctly, it won’t ever touch the blades.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    How Much Do Vitamix Blenders Cost?

    Because they are high-performance blenders, Vitamix models tend to be expensive, ranging from $399 to $719.

    Large-capacity Vitamix blenders will set you back between $469 and $719, while personal-size Vitamix models cost between $399 and $449.

    Vitamix only employs eight repair technicians at its headquarters, because fewer than 1% of Vitamix blenders are returned in need of repair.


    Tips and Tricks for Using Your Vitamix Blender

    • Be sure to register your Vitamix blender at the Vitamix website. This will ensure that you’re protected by the warranty should anything go wrong with the blender.

    • It’s normal for a Vitamix blender to give off a slight burning smell during the first few uses. As the motor gets warmed up, the smell should go away.

    • It’s important to layer ingredients when adding them to a Vitamix. Start with liquids, add soft or small items next, and top off the container with hard or large items.

    • If possible, add a little water to the bottom of the container before blending. It will help the ingredients move around the blades more easily.

    • You can easily clean a Vitamix blender by adding some hot water and a squirt of dishwashing soap to the container. Run the blender on high for several minutes, then drain it and wipe down the interior of the container.

    • You can use your Vitamix blender to make beauty treatments such as body scrubs, face or hair masks, and body butter. It even works for making homemade play dough.

    • Most owners are completely satisfied with their Vitamix blender. However, you can register yours on the company’s website to ensure that you have warranty coverage.

    Vitamix introduced their first blender in 1937. One of the first companies to create an infomercial, they advertised their blender via a live TV demonstration in 1949.


    Q. Are Vitamix blenders noisy?

    A. Because it’s a high-performance blender, a Vitamix is going to make noise when it’s in use. It can be fairly loud when you’re using it at higher speeds. However, keep in mind that Vitamix blenders tend to be quieter than other high-performance blenders.

    Q. Can you wash a Vitamix blade assembly in the dishwasher?

    A. The blade assembly for the eight-ounce blending bowls and 20-ounce blending cups is dishwasher safe. To be cautious, though, wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher.

    Q. Do Vitamix blades require sharpening?

    A. Vitamix blenders feature hammermill blades that pulverize instead of slice, so they never require sharpening.

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