Updated October 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Itzy Ritzy Linen Pacifier Clips, 2-Pack
Itzy Ritzy
Linen Pacifier Clips, 2-Pack
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Customer Favorite
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A pair of top-selling, well-made pacifier clips by a trusted name in baby accessories.


Bands are crafted of linen material that's soft and durable. Loop attachments are compatible with most pacifiers. Pack of 2 clips includes attractive striped and solid patterns.


A few customers gripe about clips that weren't secure, but most were satisfied with the quality.

Best Bang for the Buck
Karids Pacifier Metal Clips, 4-Pack
Pacifier Metal Clips, 4-Pack
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

Provided you keep the metal parts clean and dry, chances are you'll be impressed with this pick.


Sturdy clips earn praise for staying put and being gentle on clothing. Bands are a practical length and made of material that's strong yet soft. Affordable 4-pack.


Some reports of tight clips that required some hand strength to open. Metal may rust if not kept dry.

PandaEar Baby Pacifier Clips, 4-Pack
Baby Pacifier Clips, 4-Pack
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Geometric Designs
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This 4-piece set of stylish pacifier clips offers a budget-friendly cost.


An inexpensive choice, as this pack includes 4 clips for a low price. Lightweight and easy to use. Clips are strong and secure when fastened. Bands have attractive patterns.


Questionable longevity, as the seams on the material, are prone to fraying.

Itzy Ritzy Silicone Pacifier Clip, 1-Pack
Itzy Ritzy
Silicone Pacifier Clip, 1-Pack
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Silicone Option
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This silicone pacifier clip is worth considering if you want an alternative to fabric models.


Crafted of food-grade silicone that's soft, flexible, and easy to clean. Unique, stylish braided appearance. Metal clip isn't likely to develop rust due to the high-quality material used.


Somewhat heavy. Several clips didn't hold as well as expected. Only 1 clip per pack.

MAM Pacifier Clips
Pacifier Clips
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Cute Patterns
Bottom Line

A two-pack of clips that are designed to fit any pacifier for versatile use.


Made with a BPS and BPA-free plastic silicone material. Fastens easily onto the baby’s clothes or bib. The flexible ring has a universal fit. Available in a few design options, and at an affordable price.


The clip doesn’t stay on that well, according to a few reviews.


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Buying guide for Best pacifier clips

If you’re looking for infant essentials for a new baby, you might be considering buying pacifier clips. Pacifiers are one of the most frequently purchased items before the arrival of a baby. They soothe infants and toddlers, and parents usually keep a few on hand if the child accepts the pacifier. But pacifiers are prone to falling out of a baby’s mouth onto the ground, getting dirty, and becoming lost—and many caregivers don’t want the pacifier to touch a surface that has been exposed to germs. Enter the pacifier clip. It’s an easy way to help prevent a pacifier from falling to the floor.

Pacifier clips come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. They are easy to use and attach right to clothing or a bag. Many pacifier clips come in bulk sets so you have enough to pair with all of your pacifiers. They also keep the baby occupied with the addition of cute accessories, beads for chewing, and vibrant patterns. Stuffed animal pacifier clips combine a pacifier holder with a soft companion.

a child standing inside a crib with a pacifier
Some pacifier clips have a combination of silicone, wood, and plastic beads for a greater variety in texture and design.

How does the pacifier attach to the clip?

Some pacifiers aren’t designed with an exterior loop that can be connected to a pacifier clip. Pacifiers with air holes can be attached to a clip, but it may be more challenging, and the loop fabric will touch the baby’s skin. Most of the time, this will not irritate the baby, but it’s worth considering before purchase.

Other pacifiers have handles on the outside that can easily be attached to pacifier clips. If your baby uses this style of pacifier, the clip will be further from the baby’s face.

Is a pacifier clip worth it?

If your baby has a pacifier, it’s helpful to have pacifier clips on hand. Babies frequently drop or spit out pacifiers and then proceed to cry when they don’t have them in their mouths. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to have to find a dropped pacifier, pick it up off of the ground, wipe or wash it if necessary, and give it back to the baby repeatedly.

Pacifier clips are affordable and easy to pack in a diaper bag or clip to various items. As the baby gets older, they will be able to take out and replace their pacifier easily on their own with a clip.

When babies begin teething, pacifier clips with chew beads soothe sore gums. Pacifier clips are versatile and can attach to cups with handles, toys, and other baby items.

a child with a pacifier
When a baby begins teething, a pacifier clip with chew beads can help soothe sore gums.

Factors to consider when choosing pacifier clips


Many pacifier clips consist of flat fabric lanyards with patterns or solid colors. Most fabric clips are made of linen, cotton, leather, or polyester.

Polyester is durable and resists moisture well. Linen is more difficult to clean, and leather is sensitive but may be spot cleaned. Fabric pacifier clips are often sold in sets.


Pacifier clips may be strung with silicone beads. These are easy to wash and are soft on the baby’s skin. The silicone beads can be a boon when the baby is teething because the child can chew on the beads safely to ease discomfort. Pacifier clips with silicone beads should be made without harmful materials like BPA and phthalates.


Some pacifier clips are made with stylish wooden beads. Of course, you will want to check the product listing for safety, but most pacifier clips with wooden parts are chewable and provide more texture than silicone beads. Notably, most wooden beads on pacifier clips are made of beechwood.

Personalized beads

A pacifier clip may be personalized with the baby’s name on the beads or the clasp. Some offer personalization with plastic or wooden letter beads on the lanyard. Fabric pacifier clips may be personalized with a name stitched on the flat material. And some clasps have wooden covers that can be engraved.

Stuffed animals

As mentioned, some pacifier clips consist of a stuffed animal with two Velcro or snap loops to attach to the pacifier and belongings. These cute clips offer comfort for the baby with soft and soothing materials they can hold and play with.

As the bulkiest pacifier clips, these are helpful when it comes to keeping track of pacifiers. They may be harder to keep clean, but many are machine washable. Babies and toddlers often enjoy having a furry friend that tags along with their pacifier.

Some stuffed animal pacifier clips feature pouches for storing the pacifier.


What features do pacifier clips have?


The pacifier clasp attaches to fabric to keep the pacifier on hand. Pacifier clips have either metal or plastic clasps. They pull open and have a nonslip texture inside to keep them attached to clothing and bags. The clasp easily presses closed.

Stuffed animal pacifier clips usually have Velcro or snap loops rather than metal and plastic.


Pacifier clips have fabric loops on one end for attaching the pacifier. The loop is threaded through the pacifier hole or handle, and then the entire clip is pulled through the loop. This offers an easy, reliable, and removable connection.


The main part of a pacifier clip consists of a fabric lanyard that is either one flat piece or a beaded string. The lanyard connects the clasp to the pacifier loop.

pacifier on a table
Pacifier clips are versatile items that can attach to cups with handles, toys, and other baby items.

How much do pacifier clips cost?


Inexpensive pacifier clips cost up to $10 and tend to come in bulk sets made of flat fabric. Some silicone pacifier clips also fall in this range.


Mid-range pacifier clips cost between $10 and $20 and include personalized clips, sets of silicone clips, and clips with wooden beads. Stuffed animal pacifier clips also have a mid-range cost.


Expensive pacifier clips cost between $20 and $50. These may contain silver or gemstone accents or be made with leather or linen. They can also have hand-knit or macrame features and more detailed beads. Larger bulk sets of pacifier clips can cost over $20.


  • Keep it clean. If your pacifier clip can be sterilized, it is most sanitary to sterilize it before the first use. There are various ways to sterilize pacifier clips, but you may be able to add them to a pacifier sterilizer. You can also hand wash most pacifier clips with soap and water. Read the washing instructions before you clean the clip. Note: Leather pacifier clips may be damaged by washing.
  • Buy more than one. Have at least one backup pacifier clip on hand in case the other one gets dirty or lost. It is also helpful to have a second one already attached to a backup pacifier.
  • Check for breakage. Continuously monitor the condition of the pacifier clip for safety. Make sure there are no cracks in the clasp, broken beads, or fraying fabric.
a child with a pacifier
Some pacifier companies make their own pacifier clips, enhancing compatibility between the pacifier and the clip.


Q. How can you use pacifier clips safely?

A. Your child should not be left unmonitored with a pacifier clip, and the clip should be removed before bedtime. Shorter pacifier clips are the safest options. If your infant uses a stuffed animal pacifier clip, make sure it does not cover their nose and mouth.

Q. Where should you attach the pacifier clip?

A. The best place to attach a pacifier clip is to a clothing collar or the shoulder area so it does not interfere with more sensitive parts of clothing. This also keeps it out of the way, and it can be flipped onto the child’s back. When not in use, a pacifier clip can be attached to a bag with a thin strap.

Q. Will pacifier clips damage clothing?

A. Some pacifier clips with sharper teeth for grip may pull on clothing and leave a dent when removed. Usually, this goes away when the clothing is washed. You may want to test the pacifier clip on a small area of more sensitive clothing material before use.

Q. Is there an age range for pacifier clips?

A. Pacifier clips can be used for youngsters of any age, but their usage should especially be monitored for infants. Toddlers and older children should also be monitored with pacifier clips to make sure they are not swinging or misusing them in other ways. Even when a child stops using a pacifier, they can use the clip for toys and anything lightweight that has a loop.

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