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Updated November 2020
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best mr. potato heads

The classic Mr. Potato Head toy has seen many changes over the years, and it’s still going strong. You may find yourself taking a trip down memory lane as you peruse the different Mr. Potato Head choices. But alongside the classic potato doll, you’ll find some new and exciting Mr. Potato Head products as well.

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Read on for our full guide to Mr. Potato Heads. Then, when you're ready to make a purchase, take a look at the five we’ve plucked out of the potato patch.

Mr. Potato Head isn't just for fun – these toys are beneficial for developing hand-eye coordination in young children.

Mr. Potato Head basics

In case you're new to the world of Mr. Potato Head, here's a brief description of what he's all about. Mr. Potato Head is essentially a plastic potato with holes in which you can stick various included body parts.

Each Mr. Potato Head toy comes with a range of limbs, facial features, and more. These pieces can be arranged in either regular or abstract ways to create funny faces.

What you might not know is that, when Mr. Potato Head was first released by Hasbro in the 1950s, he was simply a set of body parts. Buyers were expected to use a real potato that they provided themselves.

It wasn't until the 1960s that Mr. Potato Head got his own plastic body.

Did you know?
Most Mr. Potato Head toys have a "tater tush" storage panel on the back. Inside, you can store all of the pieces you’re not using, making it less likely that you’ll lose any.

Meet the Mr. Potato Head family

Mr. Potato Head might be the original, but you'll find more Potato Heads out there. Below are the main members of the Mr. Potato Head family.

Mr. Potato Head

  • Mr. Potato Head is the original Potato Head toy, and he comes with a range of typically male accessories, such as a bowler hat and a moustache.

  • Since his accessories are fully interchangeable, they can be switched with those from any other Mr. Potato Head of the same size.

  • A basic Mr. Potato Head toy costs between $10 and $15, depending on the retailer.

Mrs. Potato Head

  • Mrs. Potato Head is Mr. Potato Head's female counterpart.

  • While her body is roughly the same as that of Mr. Potato Head, she comes with a different set of accessories, including a purse and ears with earrings.

  • You can use Mrs. Potato Head accessories on Mr. Potato Head, and vice versa.

  • A standard Mrs. Potato Head toy costs between $10 and $15.

"You can find playsets that contain both Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, plus a couple of potato pets."

Special editions

  • Special-edition Mr. Potato Heads are licensed to feature a range of characters from movies and TV shows in Mr. Potato Head form.

  • Popular options include Star Wars Potato Heads and Marvel Potato Heads.

  • These toys can cost between $10 and $25, depending on the type and the franchise.


  • Poptaters are produced by PPW Toys under license from Hasbro and feature a wide range of pop culture characters, from Groot to Jason Vorhees.

  • While they can be played with by children, Poptaters are predominately marketed as collector's items – and some are thematically unsuitable for younger people.

  • Though accessories are interchangeable, you can only switch them between other Mr. Potato Heads from the Poptater line due to their size.

  • Poptater figures tend to cost between $15 and $25.

Did you know?
Both Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are available with pale tan bodies or brown bodies.

Considerations for selecting a Mr. Potato Head


A standard Mr. Potato Head toy comes with eyes, a nose, a mouth with teeth, a hat, a mustache, a tongue, a pair of glasses, two arms/hands, two ears, and one pair of legs with shoes.

A standard Mrs. Potato Head toy comes with eyes with eyelashes, a nose, a mouth, a purse, hair, a tongue, two arms/hands, two ears with earrings, and one pair of legs with shoes. Special-edition and Poptater toys come with various accessories depending on the model.

If you want some extra accessories for your Mr. Potato Heads, it's possible to buy packs of accessories that fit all standard dolls.

"Larger Mr. Potato Head sets that come with lots of accessories or multiple bodies cost more than basic models, but you get plenty for your money, and they tend to cost less than it would to buy all the parts separately."


Different Mr. Potato Head toys come in different sizes. A standard Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head measures close to eight inches tall, whereas Poptaters are closer to six inches tall. You can also find some mini Mr. Potato Head figures that are just a couple of inches tall. As a rule, larger Mr. Potato Heads are easier to use for small children to use, since they might not possess the fine motor skills necessary to change the pieces on smaller models.


If you're buying a Mr. Potato Head doll for a child to play with, collectability probably isn’t important. After all, most kids want to play with their toys, not keep them in a box. But if you’re explicitly looking for collectible Mr. Potato Head dolls, consider purchasing special-edition and movie-themed versions. These are generally only available for a limited time.

Did you know?
You can find special-edition Toy Story Mr. Potato Heads that look just like the Mr. Potato Head character from classic movies.


  • Think about the interests of the recipient. Buying for someone who's Star Wars-obsessed? Consider a Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker Mr. Potato Head.

  • Decide whether you want some additional accessories. If your child is completely enamored by her Mr. Potato Head, some extra facial features and other accessories might just make her year.

  • Make sure any existing pieces are compatible with your new doll. If you're planning to add another Mr. Potato Head to an existing collection, make sure the one you choose has accessories compatible with the models you already own to avoid disappointment.

  • Consider how easy it is to carry around. Some Mr. Potato Heads come with a carrying case so your little one can more easily take it with him room to room, on playdates, and so on.

  • Look for interchangeable sets. Some mini Mr. Potato Head sets feature four small Potato Heads with interchangeable pieces instead of a single large one. These sets are usually themed. Marvel and Sesame Street are two popular examples.

  • Check if parts are easily replaceable. It's possible to buy accessory packs that contain extra body parts to increase the fun (or to replace parts that have gone missing).

Be sure to supervise young children playing with Mr. Potato Head since some small parts could pose a choking hazard.


Q. What is the recommended age group for Mr. Potato Head toys?

A. Most Mr. Potato Heads are recommended for children of either age two and up or age three and up, depending on the model. This can vary, however, so alway check the specs of the product you've chosen before purchasing. While there's no maximum age limit for Mr. Potato Heads, they're generally geared toward kids of preschool age.

Q. What kinds of special-edition Mr. Potato Heads are available?

A. You can find a wide range of special-edition Mr. Potato Heads, though some are available for limited periods, so the current availability may vary. Star Wars-themed Mr. Potato Heads are very popular, with characters such as "Luke Fry Walker," "Darth Tater," and "Mashter Yoda.” Characters from the Marvel universe, such as "Tony Starch" and "Spider Spud," are also well-loved. Past special editions have included characters from Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more.

Q. Is Mr. Potato Head easy for young children to use?

A. Children as young as two or three can enjoy playing with Mr. Potato Head. Since playing with these toys simply involves poking body parts and accessories into the relevant holes, it really only requires basic fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. What's more, playing with Mr. Potato head is a fun way to improve both of these functions.

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