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Updated July 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best loungewear for women

You have a day off and intend to spend it at home just hanging out. Rather than wearing everyday clothes, you’d probably prefer to slip into something far more comfortable for relaxing. Soft, flexible, cozy loungewear is an ideal option. Your choices are many because women’s loungewear is a rather extensive category that includes classic pajama sets, yoga pants, and oversize lounge shirts, just to name a few.

Comfort is key when it comes to loungewear, which is why these pieces are made of soft materials like cotton or satin. Fit plays a role in choosing the right loungewear as well. Most sets or pieces have a relaxed, roomy fit to allow for unrestricted motion. So whether you like to curl up with a good book or take a snooze on the couch, loungewear is there to accommodate you.

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Many women choose to wear a lounge or sleep bra with their loungewear for added comfort.

Key considerations


While most women’s clothing follows standard even-numbered sizing, loungewear is usually sized according to small, medium, and large. Because the range isn’t exactly standardized, it’s common to be a small in one brand of loungewear, medium in another, and so forth.

As with any other types of clothing, it’s a good idea to try on more than one size to find the correct fit. Many wearers opt to size up from their normal clothing size for a baggier, roomier fit, too. This is also done to ensure that both the top and the bottom (of a set) fit correctly, since not all women wear the same size top and bottom.


It’s common to purchase loungewear according to the season. Warm-weather loungewear is made of lightweight, breathable materials like cotton. Cold-weather loungewear is made of thicker, warmer materials, such as fleece, which are more effective at holding in body heat. As for in between seasons, many women simply opt to layer their loungewear.

"All-cotton loungewear is comfortable, but it has a tendency to shrink. For that reason, it’s recommended that you buy at least one size larger than you normally wear."


Pajama sets: These are ideal for women who prefer a coordinated look. Generally speaking, the tops and bottoms have prints, patterns, or colors that complement one another. While the pieces look best when worn together, they’re usually versatile enough to wear with other tops or bottoms.

One pitfall of investing in a pajama set is that it doesn’t always work for women who wear different sizes of tops and bottoms. It’s also common for the bottoms to be too short or too long on many wearers.

Lounge shirts: Oversize lounge shirts are large enough to wear without bottoms since the hem usually falls close to the knees. These shirts are spacious and generously cut, especially in the sleeves and shoulders, to allow plenty of room for movement. Many oversize lounge shirts have side vents to ensure the hem doesn’t ride up when you walk.

Unfortunately, oversize lounge shirts are different lengths depending on the height of the wearer. For some women, a shirt can be too short to be worn comfortably without bottoms or shorts. For others, it’s far too long and the excess material can get in the way.

Yoga pants: These remain a perennial favorite when it comes to loungewear. Yoga pants are incredibly comfortable, especially since they have a wide, flexible waistband. Because the legs are flared, yoga pants have ample ventilation up and around the calf area to keep you cool.

On the downside, yoga pants can be very hit or miss when it comes to quality. Poorly constructed pants are thin and don’t pass the “squat test,” which is a deal breaker for some women. Few yoga pants are sold with a choice of inseam, so many wearers end up shortening the legs.

Lounge bottoms: For women who like pajama bottoms more than yoga pants, lounge bottoms are an ideal choice. They’re made with various different waistbands, including elastic and drawstring. Some have a relaxed, boxy fit like traditional bottoms, while others have sweatsuit-inspired ankle cuffs.

Like many pajama bottoms and yoga pants, lounge bottoms aren’t sold with inseam options, which means they are too short or too long on some wearers. Many also have pockets, but they’re usually too flimsy to be functional.

Adult onesies: While onesies are often considered a novelty purchase, they are genuine loungewear pieces in their own right. Onesies offer all-around warmth, and if they’re true feety pajamas, you can forgo wearing socks with them.

Finding a well-fitting onesie can be a challenge. The sizing isn’t always accurate, especially for unisex adult onesies. Many wearers say the onesies tend to be cut small and narrow by nature of their design, so sizing up is the only way to get a onesie that fits properly.


If you know what style of loungewear you prefer, the next consideration is the material. It goes deeper than just choosing a fabric that’s soft and cozy. Each one has a unique set of benefits, care instructions, and drawbacks. Here’s how they stack up against one another:

Cotton: Cotton and cotton blends remain a top choice for loungewear. They’re soft, lightweight, and breathable and generally hold up well in the wash without excessive thinning. Unfortunately, cotton is prone to pilling and shrinking, which affects the texture and fit of the loungewear.

Polyester: This is a popular choice because of its flexibility, not to mention that it’s colorfast and won’t shrink. For the most part, polyester loungewear holds up better in the wash than cotton. However, one of the downsides of polyester is that it’s not as breathable. This may cause some women to feel unusually warm or sweaty.

Flannel: Classic winter pajama sets or bottoms are made of thick and soft flannel, which is well known for its warmth and breathability. While it’s generally well made, flannel is prone to shrinking when washed in warm water or dried in high heat.

Polar fleece: A newer arrival to loungewear in the past couple decades is polar fleece. With a fluffy, blanket-like feel, it’s considered the plushest option for loungewear. On the downside, unlike other materials, polar fleece deteriorates rather quickly. Eventually, polar fleece ends up thinning or matting, especially if it’s dried in a dryer.

Silk: Silk is an expensive yet luxurious option for loungewear. It’s lightweight and feels smooth against skin and is especially good for warm weather. Besides its high price, silk loungewear is the costliest material to maintain. Silk is a delicate material that stains easily. It’s generally recommended that it be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner as opposed to hand washed.

Satin: Like silk, shiny, smooth satin is a luxurious choice for loungewear material. Satin is also less expensive than it looks, especially when it’s blended with inexpensive materials, which is fairly common. Unfortunately, satin can make wearers slip and slide across furniture.

Women’s loungewear prices

Loungewear for women costs from $15 to $150. Materials and quality affect the price the most, but sometimes you’re only paying a premium for a name brand.

Inexpensive: Simple cotton loungewear pieces and sets cost $15 to $30. These are usually soft and feature charming prints, but the quality isn’t always the best. While they’re often made with 100% cotton, it’s a lower grade, and these pieces are prone to shrinking and warping.

Mid-range: These loungewear pieces and sets cost $40 to $80. They include well-made sets and pieces in all materials except silk. If you’re in the market for yoga pants, this is the range where you’ll find many quality pairs.

Expensive: To invest in the most luxurious loungewear, including those made of silk as well as designer pieces, you’ll spend from $90 to $150. Some loungewear sets in this bracket come with more than one top or bottom in the set.


  • Invest in sets from the same collection. If you like to mix and match loungewear pieces, invest in multiple sets from the same collection.
  • Use color-safe detergent. To keep colors from running, especially with repeated washes, use color-safe detergent for your loungewear.
  • Wash drawstring bottoms in a laundry bag. Drawstrings are notorious for getting caught around the agitator in the washing machine, which is why it’s recommended that you wash bottoms with drawstrings inside a laundry bag or pillowcase.
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Loungewear is a popular choice in clothing for people who work from home. Some sets even have more formal tops, such as those with sleeves and detailed collars, that are appropriate to wear in video calls.


Q. What’s the main difference between petite sizes versus regular sizes of loungewear?
Petite sizing is geared toward women 64 inches tall and shorter, so in essence, these garments are only slightly smaller than regular sizes. These loungewear sets typically have shorter hems on the tops and bottoms. The shoulders of some loungewear tops also tend to be slightly narrower, though the width of the tops and bottoms tends to be pretty close to that of regular sizes.

Q.  I’m not a big fan of wearing an oversize lounge top without a bottom, so what are my options?
Boxer shorts are often worn with oversize lounge tops, as are leggings and yoga pants. Some women also enjoy wearing denim or cargo shorts with these tops, depending on how comfortable and soft they are.

Q. I keep hearing the term “flatlock” seams with loungewear. What are they?
Flatlock seams are sewn in such a way that they lie flat against the garment. They’re appealing to individuals with sensitive skin because they eliminate friction and chafing. This type of construction is usually more involved, which is why these sets and pieces of loungewear tend to be more expensive than others.

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