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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Shopping Guide for Best Hot Air Brushes

    With a hot air brush, you can dry and style your hair at the same time. Forget having to fiddle with a blow dryer and a round brush. A hot air brush does the work of both, making the job of getting ready in the morning a lot simpler.

    However, finding the right hot air brush for your hair is not so easy. With so many of these handy beauty tools on the market, how do you find the best hot air brush for you?

    Start with us. At BestReviews, we simplify shopping by doing the legwork for you. We research, buy and test products, ask the experts, and gather feedback from existing owners. Our reviews are always unbiased and honest because we never accept free products from manufacturers. And when we’re done compiling our shopping guides, we donate the gently used products to organizations helping those in need.

    If you’re ready to purchase a hot air brush, check out the matrix above for our five favorites. If you want to know more, like what to look for when choosing a hot air brush and our styling tips, just keep reading.

    A hot air brush can be used to dry, curl, or straighten hair. It’s a three-in-one styling tool.

    What to Look for When Buying a Hot Air Brush


    Hair Type

    Your hair type is the number one factor to consider when buying a hot air brush. The shape, temperature capacity, and barrel of the best hot air brush for you depends on your type of hair.

    • Thin or Heavily Damaged Hair: Those with thin or heavily damaged hair should stay away from styling tools that heat up to very high temperatures. Look for a hot air brush that allows you to change the temperature via a dial or LCD screen to ensure that you don’t accidentally burn your hair.

    • Frizzy Hair: If your hair easily frizzes, opt for a hot air brush with ion technology to help achieve a smooth, frizz-free look.

    • Thick Hair: Those with thick hair should look for hot air brushes with tough bristles and tangle-free safety features. Thick hair also requires higher temperatures for quicker drying and styling.

    Look for a hot air brush with tangle-free bristles if you have curly or thick hair.



    Hot air brushes come in various shapes, but the most common are round brushes. Round hot air brushes are great for multiple styles and offer the most versatility. Paddle hot air brushes and comb hot air brushes don’t necessarily blow out hot air. Some only heat up and act more like hair straighteners.



    Some hot air brushes offer only high or low temperature options. If you want control over your hot air brush’s temperature, choose a model with a heat dial. Some hot air brushes come with options for cold air, too.


    Those with thicker manes should opt for a hot air brush that heats up to high temps.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    Barrel and Bristles

    Hot air brush barrels are most commonly made of ceramic, tourmaline, or chrome. Ceramic and tourmaline are excellent choices for smoothing hair, but they are usually more expensive than hot air brushes with chrome barrels.

    Pay attention, too, to the bristle material. Higher-quality bristles made of sturdy materials won’t break off as quickly over time, and they’ll make the brushing process a lot smoother.



    A rotating barrel makes styling and adding volume to your hair a lot easier. A rotating hot air brush automatically twirls around your hair to add body. If you want to create a lot of volume with your hot air brush, look for a model that rotates in different directions, which will give a more natural finish. For the most versatility, choose a hot air brush that allows you to shut off the spin function.


    Choose an ionic hot air brush for a smoother finish.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    Barrel Length

    If you have long hair, a long barrel is the way to go. A hot air brush with an extended barrel makes it easier to reach all sides of your head and can accommodate more hair.


    Swivel Cord

    Is your hot air brush comfortable to hold and maneuver? This is especially important for users with long, thick manes, which take longer to style. Look for extended swivel cords to ensure you can work all around your head easily.


    Opt for a hot air brush with a long cord that swivels for the most maneuverability.

    Staff  | BestReviews


    Make sure your hot air brush is lightweight enough to hold for the time it takes to style your hair. Fatigue can set in quickly when styling with a heavy tool.


    Wet Styling

    Watch out. Not all hot air brushes are capable of drying hair. For the most convenient styling, choose a hot air brush that can dry wet or damp hair. Using a hot air brush that’s not made for wet styling can damage your hair and the brush.


    Caution: Not all hot air brushes can dry hair. For quick styling, look for a hot air brush that can be used on damp or wet hair.


    Safety Features

    As with any hot styling tool, it’s important to consider the safety features. If you’re often in a hurry when you get ready in the morning, consider a hot air brush with auto shut-off. Most hot air brushes also come with heat-resistant bristle tips to make brushing your hair and handling the brush safer. Some rotating hot air brushes can sense if your hair gets tangled and will help you out with a curl-release function.



    Hot air brushes range in price from $25 to over $100. Budget models will be less durable and usually aren’t powerful enough to dry damp or wet hair. However, inexpensive hot air brushes are often smaller and a good choice for travel. Pricier models will have more features and produce smoother looks. High-end hot air brushes are more durable and produce enough heat to dry damp or wet hair.

    Not ready for co-washing? Find dry shampoo gross? Use a hot air brush for a refresh until you next wash your hair.

    Tips for Using a Hot Air Brush

    • Don’t try to style tangled hair. While high-quality hot air brushes have solid bristles that can help detangle hair, always brush out your hair before you use your hot air brush.

    • Some hot air brushes reach very high temperatures. It’s harder to burn your hair with a hot air brush than it is with a flat iron or a curling iron because the heat is not as direct, but it’s still worth being cautious. Careful not to burn yourself either!

    • Make sure to use a heat-protective serum or spray on your hair to prevent heat damage. Even more expensive hot air brushes with ion technology aren’t damage-proof. Protect your hair before you use a hot air brush.


    Wait for your hot air brush to heat up before you use it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with half a head of hair with less volume.

    Staff  | BestReviews


    Q. What’s the advantage of a hot air brush over a straightener or a curling iron?
    Hot air brushes are great for infusing volume, and they can dry hair, unlike a hair straightener or a curling iron. They also apply heat less directly, so it’s harder to burn your hair with a hot air brush.

    Q. I'm worried about damaging my hair. Is a hot air brush for me?
    Hot air brushes are gentler on hair than other hot styling tools since the heat is not as direct. But always use a protective serum or spray first to keep your hair from getting damaged by the heat.

    Some hot air brushes come with a cool dry feature.

    Q. Do I need to clean my hot air brush?
    Yes. Product build-up can occur and, of course, hair will get stuck. Use a special cleaner to remove build-up, and pull out hair from your brush when necessary. You can find special cleaners wherever you purchased your hot air brush or at a salon.

    Q. I want to curl my hair. Is a hot air brush a good option for me?
    With a hot air brush, you wrap sections of hair around the brush and hot air blows out to create volume. You can achieve a soft curl look with a hot air brush, but you can’t get tight, well-defined curls with this styling tool.

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