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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best graco jogging strollers

Becoming a parent changes your life completely, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy activities you took part in before you had kids. With the help of a Graco jogging stroller, you can reap the physical and psychological benefits of exercise regardless of whether you get any time to yourself. The bonus is that many kids enjoy being pushed around at speed, and many find it soothing enough to drift off to sleep. 

Graco jogging strollers have all the features you might want from a jogging stroller, such as air-filled tires and swivel front wheels that lock for safety. They have plenty of storage, making them great for running errands as well as just plain running. This guide contains all the information you need about Graco jogging strollers so you can find your perfect model. Keep reading for more details, and don’t forget to check out our top selection of Graco jogging strollers.

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Jogging strollers tend to be slightly wider than standards strollers. The width gives them extra stability when turning at speed.

Key considerations

Air-filled tires

The majority of Graco jogging strollers feature air-filled tires rather than the solid rubber tires found on standard strollers. Although air-filled tires could get punctured and deflate, they provide a much smoother ride, which makes all the difference at a jogging or running pace. Graco is focused on quality, so you'll find these tires are made from tough materials that don't puncture easily. There's also a valve in each tire so you can easily pump it up if it starts to deflate. 

A few Graco jogging strollers come with never-flat solid rubber tires. Notably, these models feature suspension systems that absorb shock so the tires don't have to.

Wheel size

Check the overall size of the wheels on any Graco jogging stroller you consider. Larger wheels roll smoother over rough terrain so your baby won't have a bumpy ride. For the most part, larger tires make for a smoother ride, but a handful of exceptions exist. High-end Graco jogging strollers incorporate suspension systems; therefore, large wheels aren't required for shock absorption. A jogging stroller with small wheels and a suspension system is likely to feel smoother than a jogging stroller with large wheels but no suspension system.

Swivel front wheel

When jogging with your child, the front wheel on the stroller must be locked in a forward-facing position. This makes it easier to turn at a quick pace and less likely that you'll lose control of the stroller, which is easy to do with a front wheel that moves side to side. Some jogging strollers feature completely fixed front wheels, but this makes them difficult to maneuver when you're not jogging. 

Graco jogging strollers feature swivel front wheels that you can lock into position before you start running. This makes them quite versatile, since they're just as useful for a trip around the mall as they are for running trails


Graco jogging strollers tend to feature foot brakes only, like the ones found on standard strollers, rather than handlebar brakes, which are found on some jogging strollers from other brands. We don't mind this fact, however, since most people who use jogging strollers find the handlebar brakes of little use. The main exception is when you’re jogging in a significantly hilly area. In this case, handlebar brakes give you more control when jogging downhill. If you're likely to encounter multiple hills on an average jog, a foot brake alone may be insufficient. 


Travel system

Some Graco jogging strollers are sold as travel system packages. With a travel system, you receive both a stroller and an infant car seat. The car seat is compatible with the stroller, so you can lift it from the car, secure it to the frame, and go about your business. 

You may find that your chosen Graco jogging stroller isn't suitable for young babies unless combined with an infant car seat. In this case, it makes sense to buy a travel system, as it usually costs less than buying a stroller and car seat separately. Of course, if you already own an infant car seat or you're buying a stroller for a toddler, a travel system wouldn’t be of much use to you. 


Don't underestimate the convenience of a jogging stroller that's quick and easy to fold. When you're trying to set up or pack away your stroller with a baby in one arm, you don't want to be stuck with a model that feels like you need an advanced degree in engineering to unfold. Some Graco jogging strollers have quick-fold or one-hand fold features that make the process a breeze.

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Did you know?
Graco jogging strollers are lightweight to make them easier to push when jogging or running.


Storage space is important in jogging strollers, since you'll still need to bring your diaper bag packed with everything your child might need. Graco jogging strollers have a significant amount of underseat storage. Some also have cup holders, phone pouches, and similar accommodations.


The UV-protective canopy on a Graco jogging stroller helps shield your little passenger from the sun. Some models feature canopies with peekaboo windows, allowing you to look through the canopy to check your kid. 

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For your safety
All Graco jogging strollers are JPMA certified to give you some peace of mind about safety.

Graco jogging stroller prices

Inexpensive: Inexpensive Graco jogging strollers cost between $140 and $200. Although they have some great features, they generally can't accommodate young babies unless paired with a Graco infant car seat (sold separately).

Mid-range: Mid-range Graco jogging strollers are priced from $200 to $300. These strollers generally accommodate babies of all ages in a range of positions. You'll also find some travel systems in this price bracket. 

Expensive: High-end Graco jogging strollers cost as much as $300 to $450. You'll find a variety of jogging stroller travel systems here. The strollers themselves have top-notch features, such as one-hand foldability and adjustable rear-wheel suspension. 

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Did you know?
Graco jogging strollers feature removable and machine washable padding. You’ll appreciate this after a diaper leak or unfortunate snack incident.


  • Check the type of harness on your chosen Graco jogging stroller. The majority give you the option of using the harness in five-point or three-point modes. A five-point harness is more secure for a baby, but a toddler may be more comfortable with a three-point harness. 

  • Find out how far you can recline the seat. Ideally, you should be able to make it completely flat, with a range of other recline positions between flat and upright. 

  • Consider color options. Most Graco jogging strollers come in fairly muted colors, such as black and gray, but you can find options with brightly colored piping or simple geometric patterns. 

  • Learn how to properly use your Graco jogging stroller before your first outing. Check how to lock and unlock the swivel front wheel, apply the brakes, and adjust the harness to make sure your baby is safe. 

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The majority of Graco jogging strollers feature toddler trays with cup holders, which are ideal for snack time. You can also remove them, and most parents appreciate having the option to do so.


Q. Are Graco jogging strollers suitable from birth? 
A. Realistically, you aren't going to want to go jogging when you've just given birth and have a newborn to look after. However, most Graco jogging strollers are suitable for infants as well as older babies and toddlers. Check carefully, however, because some models come with all the parts you need to accommodate an infant, whereas others involve the use of a compatible infant car seat, which is sold separately (expect in the case of travel systems). 

Q. Are Graco jogging strollers suited to general use as well as jogging? 
A. Jogging strollers are designed specifically for jogging. They turn quickly and easily at speed and are balanced just right for this kind of activity. While you could use a Graco jogging stroller for general strolling — at the store or the park, for example — they're less maneuverable and balanced at a walking pace than standard four-wheeled strollers.

If you're willing to put up with some quirks, you can absolutely employ your Graco jogging stroller for general use, but many parents like to have a standard stroller in addition to a jogging stroller. 

Q. Is it safe to jog with my baby? 
A. Yes, it is safe to jog with your baby, as long as you use the proper stroller for the job and exercise caution and common sense. Make sure the front wheel is locked in position before starting your jog or run, as it's easy to lose control with the front wheel in swivel position. We recommend jogging on smooth trails or at the park rather than on the sidewalk because, if you were to lose control of the stroller, an accident is much more likely to occur near a road. Always make sure your child is properly secured by the safety harness. 

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