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Updated April 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best firewood racks

On a chilly day, nothing is cozier than sitting by a warm fire. But you don't want to just plunk a bundle of firewood — splinters, dirt, and all — down on the living room floor or leave it heaped up on the ground outside where it can soak up moisture. That's where a firewood rack comes in handy.

Firewood racks are available in both indoor and outdoor configurations, and they’re a useful way to organize logs and kindling. While sizes, shapes, and materials vary, most consist of a metal frame that holds the stacked wood in place.

Generally, their configuration reflects whether they’re intended for use inside or outside, but there is a lot of variance within these two broad categories. They can be simple and streamlined, or ornate and decorative — their designs are often a matter of your personal preference.

If you’re considering purchasing a new firewood rack, read on to find out what considerations you need to decide between, as well as some features you might want in a firewood rack. Then, check out our top picks.

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Wear thick gloves when transporting your firewood to and from your firewood rack.

Key considerations


Capacity might be the most important factor you’ll need to consider when choosing a firewood rack, as this will determine the size as well as where it will be kept. If you only build a fire a few times a year, then you probably won’t need a huge rack. On the other hand, if you use your fireplace or fire pit often, then you’ll want a rack that can hold enough wood for at least a few days.

Shape and design will affect the wood capacity of your firewood rack, so take note of this if you’re interested in something beyond the standard rectangular rack.

Indoor vs. outdoor rack

Most substantial firewood storage occurs outdoors; however, it can be convenient to have a smaller firewood rack inside for easy access to firewood during the winter. Wood needs to be dry to ignite and stay lit, so storing out of moist, damp conditions is important.

When you think about your desired wood capacity and ease of access, you may decide you need a small, decorative rack to live beside your fireplace that can be replenished as needed from a larger, more industrial firewood rack outdoors. If you don’t keep too much wood on hand but enjoy the occasional fire, an indoor rack alone might suit your needs.

Available floor/ground space

As with your required wood capacity, the space you have available inside or outside of  your home for a rack is important in choosing the right one. If you only have a small surface area with which to work but you need a lot of wood, consider getting a firewood rack with a smaller footprint that stands tall in order to store more wood in a small space. Take exact measurements of your available space to ensure that the rack you order will fit before you buy.


You may want to store your firewood in a place that’s visible. If so, then you should think about how the wood will look stacked on the rack. Whether your rack will be inside or outside your home, how it looks is important if it’s in the line of sight. Many firewood racks now come with ornate designs in the iron bars that make up the exterior of the rack, and one of these can create an attractive and functional piece of furniture for your home or yard.


Firewood tools

Some firewood racks come with useful tools for handling your firewood. From brooms and shovels to pokers and tongs, extra tools can help you manage your firewood from rack to fireplace. If you think you may have a regular need for such tools, consider getting a firewood rack that either comes with them included or at least comes equipped with hooks to store your own.

Rack cover

The last thing you want is wet firewood. A waterproof cover for your rack is especially helpful in wetter climates if you’ll be storing your rack outside. They’re also useful in keeping your wood piles secure from shifting and falling due to weather conditions, mischievous animals, or simple expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Some firewood racks have covers that keep your wood out of the elements and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Kindling holder

If you plan to store kindling along with your firewood, then having a dedicated area of your firewood rack for kindling is helpful. Look for a rack with a built-in kindling holder if you want quick access to smaller pieces of kindling. This is more common on indoor racks, although kindling holders can be found on a few outdoor firewood racks as well.

Rack wheels

Less common — though convenient — features on some firewood racks are casters or wheels. This helps when you have your rack stored on an area of even ground and you want to have mobility. Keep in mind that wheels are susceptible to malfunctions when kept outside for long periods of time in the cold and rain.


Firewood racks from $25 to $75 tend to be indoor racks or outdoor racks on the smaller side, usually roughly eight feet wide at this price point.

If you spend between $75 and $150, you can get a larger outdoor rack that usually comes with a waterproof cover and the occasional additional feature like fireplace tool hooks.

Firewood racks between $150 to $225 is where you’ll find the top-of-the-line racks. Most of these are the largest available, with some of them reaching up to 12 feet wide.


  • When stacking firewood in your rack, make sure there is enough space between the logs for some air to blow through. This will prevent the whole stack from blowing over in heavy winds.
  • Don’t place your firewood rack in an area where falling firewood could be a hazard to people, animals, or vehicles.
  • Wood will expand and contract in different weather conditions, so make sure your firewood is secure enough to stand solidly for months at a time.
  • A cord of firewood is the unit of measure in which it is usually sold. A cord, when stacked, will be approximately 128 cubic feet. Use this measurement when deciding how much firewood to buy to fill your rack.
  • Some of the best woods to use in a fireplace are apple, beech, and black locust. That’s because these are slow burning woods that you won’t need to constantly re-stoke.
  • Try to store outdoor firewood away from shaded areas. You will want the wood exposed to sunlight so that it dries out after wet conditions.
  • Some states allow residents to remove wood from state property to use as firewood. This is usually offered for those who pay a permit fee. Check your state to find out if you might have access to free firewood on state-owned land.
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Don’t throw wood onto your rack. Doing so can damage the rack and cause your woodpile to collapse due to instability.


Q. Can I just stack my firewood on the ground without spending money on a firewood rack?
Although you can stack wood without a rack, it is less secure to do so. Wood can shrink and shift in storage, and if you don’t have a rack to hold large amounts, it could be susceptible to falling down and creating a mess.

Q. Will my firewood be unusable if it is rained on?
. No. Although it’s a good idea to cover your firewood, it will dry out after a rain and still be usable in your fireplace.

Q. Can I buy firewood already pre-cut?

A. Yes, there are many places that sell pre-cut firewood in a variety of quantities, including convenience stores, grocers, hardware stores, and parks. Many homeowners and farmers give away extra bundles of firewood for free, so long as you can haul it off their property.

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