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    Shopping Guide for Best Electric Razors

    Whether you are simply looking to ward off that five o’clock shadow or to make an impression on that special someone, it’s imperative to have an electric razor you can trust. The marketplace is filled with razors of varying price points, blade styles, charging capacity, and more.

    Sure, electric razors are more expensive than traditional razors, but people prefer them for a variety of reasons.

    Electric razors don’t need replacement blades. They provide a comfortable shave, and often have accessories and attachments to enable functions other than simply shaving one’s face. Because they don’t require water and shaving cream, you can use an electric razor virtually anywhere.

    The best way to select an electric razor you trust is to evaluate each contender with a common set of criteria, which we’ve outlined here.

    The BestReviews team has worked diligently to study razors and purchase products for field and expert research. We don’t accept free samples from manufacturers; we purchase our test subjects from the same stores where you shop. Our independent approach ensures that our reviews are fair and unbiased.

    Our findings follow for ensuring that your face’s topological condition is in top shape. If you’d like to know more about evaluating and selecting electric razors, read through our shopping guide, below. Or, if you’re ready to purchase, check out our recommendations in the product matrix, above.

    Typical Features of Electric Razors

    Electric razors vary greatly, from providing just a basic shave to offering significant bells and whistles. Along with quality of manufacture and durability, the features included with an electric razor drive the price and value.



    The key component of any electric razor, the blades actually remove the hair from your face. There are two common types of electric razor blades: foil and rotary. Foil razors use straight blades under a thin, but strong, metal sheet. Rotary shavers employ rotating cutting heads topped by mesh disks. Foil razors generally perform better, particularly for people with thick facial hair. They’re also more expensive, and the cutting head is more delicate, requiring better protection if carried in your luggage or gym bag.

    Product in Depth

    Product in Depth

    Braun Series 7 Smart Electric Shaver with Cleaning Center


    Braun’s Series 7 smart electric shaver is a top-of-the-line foil shaver. The included charging and cleaning station uses an alcohol-based system that charges, cleans, and lubricates the razor all at the same time. It offers multiple shaving modes to accommodate different skin sensitivities. It’s 100% waterproof, allowing for use in the shower.


    Wet vs. Dry

    Not all electric razors are waterproof, and it’s important to choose based on how you intend to use the device. Some shavers are made for use in the shower, others are not. Wet shavers can usually be cleaned simply by rinsing, while dry shavers require some disassembly and brushing.



    Each razor is equipped with a handle, often a combination of metal and plastic, for controlling the movement of the device across the skin. Although traditional razors tend to have a pencil-thin handle topped by a blade, electric razors normally have a thick handle. You can choose more ergonomic handles, designed to fit the shape of your palm, or handles with a uniform thickness from top to bottom that provide plenty of surface area for gripping.

    Foil razors tend to provide a better shave than rotary head razors, especially if you have thicker facial hair.


    Some razors come with a charging station, while others are outfitted with a simpler cord that plugs directly into an outlet.

    Charge life is an important consideration because some razors can last for hours on a single charge, while others require a recharge after just 30 minutes.

    Evaluate whether the charger is bulky or portable, and whether the razor has a quick-charge option for convenient use on the go.

    Experience is everything. Consider the noise level you prefer with your razor, and also evaluate the level of smoothness you like. Check reviews of our top product picks to determine how those models stack up against your expectations.



    Razors come with an array of bonus features to evaluate. Consider whether it would be helpful to have a model with an extra blade for trimming of facial hair and sideburns, or components that collect cut hair so it doesn’t spill onto surrounding surfaces.

    Simpler models consist of the razor and a charger, while more advanced razors also come with grooming kits, including brushes that can be used for cleaning and maintenance of the razor after each shave.

    Carrying cases vary widely. There are plastic pouches that snap closed, simple bags with zippers and even higher-end cases with specialized protection for the delicate foil of expensive foil razors.

    Product in Depth

    Product in Depth

    Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100


    Customers rate the Philips Norelco Shaver 6100 very highly. Many reviews call out the ease of cleaning as a top feature, including internal cleaning. The shaver’s head pops off and the rotary mechanism can be soaked in a water before rinsing. Customers are also highly satisfied with the quality of the shave, mentioning frequently that the Shaver 6100 does an excellent job even on tough beard or neck hair. Many reviews mention the excellent battery life, with some mentioning a once-per-week charging frequency.

    How Electric Razors Work

    Most razors are charged with an electrical cord. (A few models are powered by replaceable batteries, but these are rather rare.) When the razor is turned on, the blades spin at a preset rate; unlike your woodworking tools or food processor, electric razors don’t allow manual control of blade speed. As you move the blades over the surface of the skin, the rapid movement of the blades cuts the hairs close to the skin, leaving it smooth.

    You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself with an electric razor. They’re very safe to use, as long as the cutting mechanism isn’t damaged or broken. Read the owner’s manual to understand whether specific skin conditions affect the way you use an electric razor.

    When the battery begins to lose its charge, a flashing light or another indicator alerts you that the device needs to be recharged once again.

    If the razor has a separate blade for trimming, the blade can be extended away from the razor or otherwise engaged to ensure only that component is in motion. When trimming is complete, you simply fold the component back into the razor to return the razor to its regular motion.


    If your razor isn’t working as well as it used to, simple troubleshooting can work wonders. Try recharging it fully and greasing or replacing the blades. Your razor will be back in working condition in no time.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    Electric Razor Lifespan

    A good razor should last several years. With greater use, the odds are greater the blades will need to be replaced or sharpened, but this can be done at a substantial cost savings compared to purchasing an entirely new razor.

    Many razors come with oil or grease that can help lubricate the blades for maximum movement.

    If your electric razor includes a component that collects loose hairs, empty it frequently to avoid gumming up the moving parts.


    Never take an electric razor into the shower if it’s rated for dry use only.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    Electric Razor Price Ranges

    The cost of electric razors varies widely. More expensive razors typically include additional features or accessories not found in cheaper models.


    Under $30

    Low-cost razors are perfect for a quick shave, or as a travel razor if you’d like to leave a more expensive version at home. These will almost always be rotary razors.

    Product in Depth

    Product in Depth

    Braun Series 7 Smart Electric Shaver with Cleaning Center


    Braun’s sonic technology actually warrants the title, “Smart Shaver.” It detects the thickness of beard hair and increases the power to the blades as the hair thickens, ensuring that the same quality cut despite denser spots in your facial hair. Add four-element shaving head and contour adaptation setting, and each shave requires fewer strokes. The result is a close shave with less chance of skin irritation.


    $30 to $99

    The next step up from a budget electric razor, these razors tend to have quick charge times with battery life lasting for a couple of hours.

    Many even have LED displays and charging stations.


    Brush the stray clippings out of your electric razor housing frequently to keep the moving parts from becoming clogged.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    $100 to $250

    These razors feature much greater flexibility in the way the head of the razor moves across the contours of your face.

    Special features include anti-friction coatings, specialized technology that makes a wet or drive shave more comfortable, longer-lasting blades, and multi-year warranties.

    A dry electric shave can be among the most environmentally friendly shaves around because it doesn’t require any heating of water, nor does it cycle through disposable blades routinely.

    $250 and higher

    Higher-end razor models have specialized features, such as the ability to add more power to shave thicker hair at key points during the shave.

    Other components include charging stations that lubricate and sanitize razor blades between each shave.


    More expensive electric razors include high-end features such as pivoting blades, variable power for maximum cutting through thick facial hair, and ultra-modern charging stations.

    Getting the Most From an Electric Razor

    Maximize your investment in an electric razor with routine maintenance. Here are some tips that can help.

    Tips and Tricks

    Keep it charged

    Razors tend to provide a closer and more thorough shave when they are fully charged. If hair remains scruffy after a shave, try recharging or simply plugging the razor into the wall and shaving this way, if your model permits.


    Headed out of town for a short trip? Charge your razor in advance and leave the charger at home. You’ll save a little space and weight in your luggage.

    Staff  | BestReviews
    Tips and Tricks

    Replace blades as needed

    Many razors come with blades that should last one year or more.

    Consistently dull shaves suggest a blade needs to be replaced, particularly if the charging trick has failed. This can be done affordably, without the need to replace the entire razor.

    Product in Depth

    Product in Depth

    Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Nanotech Blades


    The Panasonic Arc3 cuts closely with three independent foils, which pivot at 30° angles to conform to skin contour. The entire head also pivots, allowing the blades even more precise contact with your face. It can used with shaving gel or foam, or as a totally dry shaver. The sonic vibration mode assists with cleaning; the blades turn at an extremely high frequency as you rinse the shaving head, ensuring that the foils are clean as possible. The 10-stage LCD tells you exactly how much charge is left in the battery.

    Tips and Tricks

    Ensure it is clean

    Hair can quickly build up in the cracks and crevices of an electric razor. Use the brush that comes with the razor, or even an unused toothbrush, to gently sweep out any unwanted hairs.

    Tips and Tricks

    Lubricate the razor as needed

    More expensive razors have self-lubricating charging stations. Some come with oil you can use to ensure the blades function properly.

    It never hurts to have two razors. Keep a nicer model to provide ultimate comfort at home, and have a second, cheaper version for quick and efficient shaves on the road.


    Q: How long can electric razors run without needing a charge?

    A: It depends entirely on the model. Some operate smoothly for more than seven hours, while others last an hour or so. Typically, the more expensive the razor, the longer its charge will last.

    Q: What’s the most important factor to consider when purchasing a razor?

    A: Your decision really ties back to how you intend to use the razor. If you travel frequently and simply want a reliable model for your shower bag, a less expensive model with minimalist features should do just fine. But if you savor the shaving experience, appreciate today’s many shaving amenities, or simply have really thick facial hair, an especially durable (and generally pricier) model is likely the best buy.

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