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Updated June 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best bluetooth beanies

Just because you're out on the slopes, it doesn't mean you can't listen to your favorite playlist. It also doesn't mean you can't take that important call. If you wear a Bluetooth beanie, you can be stylish, keep your head warm, and stay connected to your smartphone. However, there is a wide variety of options available, so you want to be sure to get the Bluetooth beanie that's right for you.

You want a Bluetooth beanie that fits your style, is comfortable to wear, has decent stereo speakers, and can be washed. A quick recharge time coupled with a long battery life is ideal, and having a built-in microphone will be appreciated when a call comes in.

If you're ready to buy, we've provided some highly rated options. If you’d like a little more information on Bluetooth beanies or some styling tips, keep reading.

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In New Zealand and Australia,

Key considerations

When choosing a Bluetooth beanie, there are many features and options to consider, but three take priority: warmth, functionality, and style.


Unless you’re looking for a Bluetooth beanie for the warmer seasons, your overriding concern is finding one that will keep your head warm. This is most important for those with shorter hairstyles, but in the coldest days, even a thick mane could use some help. Fleece, cotton, wool, and cashmere are all good options. Acrylic is a lightweight choice for people who may be allergic to other fabrics, but it doesn't breathe as well, so it might make you sweat.


The whole reason for getting a Bluetooth beanie instead of a regular beanie is so you can have your technology on hand (on head) wherever you go. Having the latest version of Bluetooth on your beanie is ideal, but if your smartphone hasn't been upgraded in a decade, you might run into some communication issues. You also want decent speakers and, if you plan on taking calls, a quality microphone.


A beanie can be a fashion statement. How you wear one says just as much about you as the style you choose. Are you someone who prefers neutral shades, or do you prefer to express yourself in neon? Since you’ll be the one wearing it, you need to find a Bluetooth beanie that strikes your fancy but still keeps you warm and functions well with your smartphone.

Bluetooth beanie features

Now that you've made those all-important initial decisions, it's time to look at some of the differences you might find between Bluetooth beanies. If something in the following list is important to you, make sure that the beanie you choose has that feature.

Durability: You want a Bluetooth beanie that will last. If your beanie is of inferior craftsmanship and begins to come apart at the seams after wearing it only a few times, you won't be a satisfied customer.

One-touch control: Whether you want to skip to the next song or end a call, having one-touch control will come in handy for any user.

Conductive gloves: If you need to communicate with your beanie in a way that isn't possible with one-touch control, you will want a pair of conductive gloves to operate your smartphone so you don't have to go barehanded in the cold. Some Bluetooth beanie bundles include a pair of conductive gloves.

Charger: At some point you’ll need to charge your Bluetooth beanie. Some models you charge via a USB port while others you charge from an outlet. Some models even offer both options. If you have a preference, be sure the Bluetooth beanie you choose meets your expectations.

Battery life: If you're out on the slopes all day long, a Bluetooth beanie that loses its charge in 90 minutes won't be very useful. Look for a model with an extended battery life.

Speaker quality: This covers both comfort and sound quality. If the stereo speakers are uncomfortable or don’t sound good, you won't be using your new Bluetooth beanie for very long.

Built-in microphone: If you want to take calls while wearing your Bluetooth beanie, you'll need to purchase one with a built-in microphone.

Pairing range: If you plan on being more than a few feet from your smartphone while wearing your Bluetooth beanie, you'll want to consider the pairing distance. A range of 33 feet is at the higher end of the spectrum.

Removable electronics: A Bluetooth beanie with removable electronics can be cleaned more easily. Some beanies may even be machine washable once all the delicate parts have been removed.

Moisture wicking: It is possible to sweat in cold weather. Moisture wicking fabric draws that moisture off of your skin and transfers it to the outer layer of the fabric so you don't get chilled.

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Did you know?
In Canada, a knitted, beanie-like hat is called a tuque.

Bluetooth beanie prices

Bluetooth beanies come in a fairly narrow price range. Roughly $20 is all that separates the low end from the high end.


At $6 to $14 you have the bargain beanies. These may have all the features, but often the quality is what is lacking. These beanies may be slightly less comfortable and not offer the best sound quality.


From $15 to $25 is where you have the most options. Many beanies in this range are washable, most have a microphone, and they’re available in a wide variety of styles from reserved to outrageous. You might also find some included bonuses, such as conductive gloves.


After you move into the $30 and above range, many of the styles revert to a more neutral look and are crafted with better-quality materials.


  • Know when to say no to the beanie. Not every situation is beanie appropriate. Formal occasions, dinner out, and many workplaces won’t give you a big thumbs-up if you're wearing a beanie.

  • Stick with neutral colors in the warmer months. Switzerland got it right: if you wear your beanie year-round, neutral is best.

  • Wear it your way. Covering your forehead and ears is a classic beanie look. It's a safe fashion statement, and it helps you stay the warmest. If you opt for style over function, you can place the beanie on the back part of your head to make a hip statement. However, if this is your chosen style, not only will your ears get cold but you also won't be able to hear your Bluetooth speakers. For a subtle style, choose a beanie that matches your hair color. One trendy, fun option is to pull the top of the beanie up, so that only the rim is touching your head.

  • Go baggy. If you're blessed with an abundance of hair or it's particularly curly and full of body, look for a larger-size beanie so you can tuck that mane away.

  • Be smooth. A beanie made out of coarse material is one of the main causes of hat hair. Look for smoother fabrics, such as angora, if you want to keep your hair under control when the beanie comes off.

  • Try a dryer sheet to control static. Is static a problem? A dryer sheet works surprisingly well in a pinch.

  • Don't put on your beanie if your hair is damp. This will cause your hair to set as it dries beneath your beanie. Even better, dry and style your hair in something forgiving like a low ponytail before pulling that beanie overtop.

Other products we considered

With all the different styles, different features, and different fabrics available, there is a vast assortment of Bluetooth beanies on the market. Here are a few more options for highly rated tech caps. The Soundbot SB210 Beanie is a gray Bluetooth hat that offers hands-free calling, built in microphone, and a wireless range of 33 feet. If you'd like to sport a little more flair, the DigiHero Bluetooth Hat is an eye-catching pink knit cap featuring a multicolored tassel that is sure to invite a bevy of compliments. On the upper end of the price scale is the Rotibox Beanie, a visored, dual-layered acrylic sports cap.

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If you like to listen to music while sleeping, a Bluetooth beanie might be a more comfortable option than earbuds because the speakers won't dig into your ears when you roll onto your side.


Q. How comfortable is it to wear a Bluetooth beanie?

A. Most Bluetooth beanies have lightweight flat speakers located in the rim of the knit cap. Since there's nothing protruding, there's no additional pressure on your ears that might be caused by the elastic. In other words, with most Bluetooth beanies, you can't even feel the speakers, or if you can, you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing them because the hat feels roughly the same as a regular beanie.

Q. My Bluetooth beanie doesn't sound the same as my earbuds. Why is that?

A. Earbuds slip inside the ear canal and deliver sound more directly. Most Bluetooth beanies have little disk-shaped speakers that sit outside the ears. The effect is more akin to listening to ambient music, so you won't get as much of the bottom end for that booming sound, which isn't healthy for your ears anyway.

Q. Can I wash my Bluetooth beanie?

A. That depends. If you purchase a Bluetooth beanie that has removable electronic parts, then it will be safe for you to wash the beanie after you've removed them. However, you still have to be careful because some beanies can’t be machine washed. Always read the instructions to determine the best way to clean your Bluetooth beanie.

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