Updated May 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Forever Lazy Footed Adult Onesies
Forever Lazy
Footed Adult Onesies
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Versatile Comfort
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One of the more popular onesies available, this option is a great choice for those wanting non-themed pajamas.


Available in a variety of colors and designs. Made with remarkably soft, anti-pill fleece and an oversized design for comfort. Detachable zippered feet, built-in pockets, and a rear zipper drop seat make this incredibly functional.


The bottom of the feet are extremely slippery on wooden flooring.

Best Bang for the Buck
Silver Lilly Reptile One-Piece Pajama
Silver Lilly
Reptile One-Piece Pajama
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Cozy and Flexible
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Customers looking to save a few dollars should check out this popular dinosaur onesie from Silver Lilly.


Includes dinosaur tail, spikes, teeth, and face. Available in either green or pink. Oversized style to fit most body types. Non-footed design. Button-down.


Onesie tends to run large. A few customers complained that the ankle area rode up their legs.

WOTOGOLD Narwhal Unisex Adult Pajamas
Narwhal Unisex Adult Pajamas
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Cute Costume
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This non-footed option recognized for its adorable narwhal design and cute accessories.


Summer option with shorter sleeves available for purchase. Built-in narwhal horn, eyes, and flippers. Machine washable. Hood can be cinched. Button-up front. Footless design.


Can shrink if not put in the correct washing cycle. Pockets are too small.

WOTOGOLD Sportswear Hooded Unisex Jumpsuit
Sportswear Hooded Unisex Jumpsuit
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Sporty and Casual
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A neutral onesie in an attractive sportswear design that makes lounging in comfort effortless.


Practical design with a fully lined hood, two front pockets, and footless legs. Comes in a variety of attractive colors. Broad spectrum of sizes to choose from. Warm, soft fleece interior.


Some wish it were a bit thicker.

Silver Lilly Plush One Piece Cosplay Kangaroo Animal Costume
Silver Lilly
Plush One Piece Cosplay Kangaroo Animal Costume
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Clever Design
Bottom Line

This highly rated onesie is a must-have for expectant couples and kangaroo-obsessed friends.


Comes with ears, a tail, a pouch, and an included mini-kangaroo for snuggling or carrying. Fits loose for supreme comfort. Non-footed design for easy shoe wear.


Included pockets cannot hold many items. Legs are shorter than some preferred.


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Buying guide for Best adult onesies

If you’re in the market for new loungewear, it’s easy to pick up sweatpants or pajamas. However, if you’re looking for something a little cozier and more fun, consider choosing an adult onesie instead. With their relaxed, loose fit and ultra-soft materials, adult onesies are ideal for lounging and relaxing. All things considered, they are the quintessential snuggle wear.

Cuteness and coziness aside, it’s important to examine adult onesies to make sure they’re well made. Details like flatlock seams and patterns that line up are key indicators of a good-quality adult onesie. Some people are interested in convenience features when they purchase these garments too. A drop-seat panel makes trips to the bathroom infinitely easier, and a hood offers an extra layer of warmth.

If you need a costume in a pinch, reach for an adult onesie and say you're dressed as a baby. Or opt for a creature onesie and be your favorite animal. You’ll get more bang for your buck with the garment, plus you’ll have the most comfortable getup at the party.

Key considerations


Finding the right size in an adult onesie can be a bit tricky. Some come in men’s and women’s sizes, but it’s rare to find men’s big and tall sizes, and it’s fairly challenging to come across petite or plus-size women’s onesies. Other adult onesies are available in unisex sizes for which the manufacturer creates its own size chart based on measurements. There are also adult onesies that are only available in one size or one size fits all.

Popular varieties

Fortunately for loungewear enthusiasts, adult onesies are available in countless varieties. To keep things simple, we’ve grouped them into three categories: classic, themed, and creature.

Classic: These onesies can be worn year-round because their patterns and colors are fairly neutral. Solid-color onesies or those featuring tie-dye or stripes are considered classic onesies.

Themed: These onesies are fun and trendy. They often have superheroes, funny patterns, or holiday prints. Many of the onesies that feature famous movie or comic book characters are licensed, so they are a bit more expensive. 

Creature: Creature onesies can have ears, tail, teeth, spikes, or even a unicorn horn. These 3D plush details are often filled to maintain their shape. Some styles have detachable details, like a tail, to make sitting more comfortable.

Adult onesies are ideal to wear when you’re styling your hair or putting on makeup. Rather than slipping off a top over your head, you can simply unzip and step out of the garment to keep your hairdo and makeup intact.



Footed vs. footless

Adult onesies fall into two categories: those with feet and those without.

Footed (footie) onesies have attached feet that resemble socks. These styles are ideal for wearers who would like to forgo socks and slippers. However, some wearers note that the feet on footed onesies can be unusually large or make their feet sweat.

Footless onesies, as the name suggests, lack attached feet. These are popular with wearers who prefer wearing socks or slippers. One of their pitfalls, however, is that they have ribbed hems at the ankle that may feel too snug to some wearers.

Popular materials

Fleece continues to be the preferred material for adult onesies. Soft and cozy, many wearers liken it to wearing a fitted blanket. Fleece is incredibly warm, making it ideal for cold weather wear. With that said, some wearers may find themselves sweating in a fleece onesie.

Other onesies are made of cotton blends, flannel, microfiber, or polyester blends. Cotton and flannel are breathable and lightweight, though they’re known to shrink or fade with repeated washing. Microfiber and polyester blends are considered the most durable options, yet they remain a soft choice. However, they may pill or thin after a few washes, especially in high-friction areas.


Hood: It’s common for adult onsies to have a hood. According to many wearers, it adds to the overall warmth and coziness of a onesie. Some hoods are oversize to be more accommodating, while others have a drawstring to provide a snug fit. Note that one of the pitfalls of a hood is that it adds considerable bulk to the upper part of the garment.

A few adult onesies have a removable hood with a snap or zipper attachment. This is considered a highly desirable feature in a onesie, especially since many wearers complain that a bulky, lumpy hood makes it difficult to get comfortable when reclining.

Drop-seat panel: Yes, adult onesies are more difficult to remove than other garments. However, many manufacturers have recently embraced a classic detail seen in long underwear of yesteryear: the drop-seat or rear panel. This convenient feature is simply a panel located at the back of the onesie to make trips to the bathroom easier. Styles feature buttons, snaps, or zippers for easy access. As expected, a drop-seat panel is considered to be a premium feature, making these adult onesies more expensive than others.

Nonslip feet: Many adult onesies with feet have nonslip details to improve traction on linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors. They’re in the form of little silicone or rubber nubs that are often in fun patterns. Unfortunately, the nonslip nubs deteriorate over time, and it’s not unusual for them to eventually wear off completely.

Check the pockets of your adult onesie before putting it in the wash to avoid any mishaps like water-damaged electronics or shredded tissues.

Adult onesie prices

Adult onesies range in price from $25 to $100. The quality of the craftsmanship and materials affects price the most, though some adult onesies simply cost more because they’re made by certain loungewear manufacturers.

Inexpensive: Basic adult onesies cost $25 to $40, though the quality here is hit or miss. Many styles in this category are made of cotton blends or flannel, and only some are made with fleece. Some adult onesies in this price range have a hood.

Mid-range: These adult onesies cost between $45 and $70. They include a wide variety of well-made onesies made of fleece and other premium material blends. There are many novelty onesies in this bracket as well.

Expensive: The most expensive adult onesies cost $75 to $100 and mostly include styles made by premium loungewear brands. While they’re generally well made, they aren’t significantly better quality than some mid-range options.

Some adult onesies are available in babies’ and kids’ sizes as well, making them a solid choice for a family photo op.



  • Hang up the onesie to dry. While many adult onesies are safe to put in the dryer, even tumbling dry on low can damage some materials. Whenever possible, hang your adult onesie to dry.
  • Give a onesie as a comfort gift. Adult onesies are easy to put on and wear, making one an ideal comfort gift for someone undergoing medical treatment or recovering from surgery.
  • Buy one for travel. If you’re staying in a hotel that offers a free breakfast, there’s no need to get dressed to grab your waffles. An adult onesie is the perfect piece of loungewear to travel between your hotel room and the lobby breakfast station.
  • Check for flatlock seams. If you have sensitive skin, invest in an adult onesie with flatlock seams. They’re much smoother than regular seams, so they’re less likely to chafe the skin.
  • Measure the inseam. Sizing isn’t exactly standard in adult onesies. To make sure you buy one with a relaxed, comfortable fit, check the inseam length. If it’s too short, the seat of the onesie may sag and inhibit walking. If it’s too long, the crotch seam may dig into your body when you sit down.
  • Keep removable pieces in your pajama drawer. If your adult onesie has a detachable hood or feet, keep them inside your pajama drawer when you’re not wearing them. Otherwise, it’s easy for them to get lost in the laundry or other drawers.
To preserve the color of an adult onesie, wash it inside out. It’s also a good idea to only wash it with gentle, bleach-free detergent and fabric softener.


Q. Is a footed or footless adult onesie the better option?

A. You can get the best of both worlds by investing in a footed adult onesie with detachable feet. They’re normally attached with zippers, snaps, or hook-and-eye closures. These styles often have elastic at the ankles to ensure the hems don’t drag on the floor when you wear the onesie without the feet.

Q. Do adult onesies have pockets?

A. Most mid-range and expensive adult onesies have pockets, usually located at the sides or hips. Most of these pockets are spacious and have plenty of room to hold a phone and other essentials. A few adult onesies also have an oversize kangaroo pocket, such as those seen on hoodies.

Q. Should I size up with adult onesies?

A. It’s not necessary unless you have doubts about whether the adult onesie is true to size. However, it’s often recommended that wearers between sizes opt for the larger size to ensure a comfortable, relaxed fit.

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