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Best Hair Removal Creams for Women

Updated January 2023
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Neomen Hair Remover Cream
Hair Remover Cream
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Portable Convenience
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Fast-acting formula that works without burning or stripping layers of skin.


Contains aloe vera, vitamin E, and baby oil to soothe skin during and after application. Suitable for underarms, bikini area, and limbs. Effective for thick growth. Dermatologist-tested and excellent customer service that is happy to issue refunds if you’re displeased.


Can’t be used on the face and is somewhat expensive considering how thick the application has to be.

Best Bang for the Buck
REJOPES Hair Removal Cream
Hair Removal Cream
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Customer Favorite
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Simply apply this to smooth the surface without damaging the skin left behind.


Use the curved spatula in order to apply and even out the product. Works in as little as 5 minutes after application. Combination of mint, vitamin E, and baby oil reduces the amount of harm to skin when using the product. Can apply to a variety of surfaces.


May cause ingrown hairs after the first few applications.

Surgi-Cream Facial Hair Remover Cream
Facial Hair Remover Cream
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Soothing Scents
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Reliable, irritation-free formula that is ideal for sensitive skin; application is simple and works in less than 8 minutes.


Gentle formula specifically designed for upper lip, cheek, and chin. Contains aloe vera as a calming agent to cut down on irritation. Scent is mild and pleasant, and is free from characteristic depilatory smell.


Some people could be allergic to certain ingredients in the formula and reported some burning and peeling after use.

Nad's Facial Hair Removal Cream
Facial Hair Removal Cream
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Easiest to Use
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Designed for facial purposes, this product quickly removes for special occasions or everyday purposes.


Product comes with an angled brush to effectively apply it, as well as moisturizing formula to soften the skin afterwards. Offers days of smooth skin, reducing the amount of time users will have to add the product.


May not be the best choice for thick growth or sensitive skin.

Avon Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Moisturizing Skin Hair Removal Cream
Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Moisturizing Skin Hair Removal Cream
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Gentle & Effective
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The fast-acting Avon Skin So Soft hair removal cream has a delicious cherry blossom scent and features aloe and meadowfoam oil for an irritation-free experience.


Removes hair from your legs or body in just 2.5 minutes. Doesn't cause skin irritation or burning. Gentle and effective. Great price point.


Not for use on the face.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best hair removal creams for women

Are you tired of being caught up with regular shaving or turned off by the pain of waxing? It can be exhausting to manage unwanted hair growth, especially if you’re self-conscious about it. Women’s hair removal creams get rid of hair gently and effortlessly.

Hair removal creams target hair regrowth, breaking it down in a chemical reaction. They do the hard work while you sit and relax, then you can wipe them away within minutes. Not all creams are the same — there are specialized formulas for your face, body, and bikini areas. If you’re concerned about your sensitive skin, there are plenty of creams available to keep reactions and irritations at bay. Best of all, hair removal creams for women are infused with vitamins and ingredients that keep your skin smooth, healthy, and glowing after each application.

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While women’s hair removal creams are intended to be convenient, don’t rush application. If you don’t apply enough cream or miss spots, you won’t be able to reapply safely for 48 to 72 hours.

Key considerations

How hair removal creams work

Hair removal creams contain alkaline chemicals that break down keratins, which are the proteins that make up hair. Once you apply the cream to the intended area, it takes between three and ten minutes for the chemical reaction to take place. During that time, the chemicals travel down the hair into the follicle, dissolving it along the way. Once the time’s up, you simply wipe away the cream and the unwanted hair. You’re left with smooth skin without breaking the surface layer, which often happens with shaving and waxing.

Hair removal creams vs. shaving or waxing

In terms of how long they last, hair removal creams fall right in between shaving and waxing. You can enjoy smooth skin for five to seven days before any signs of regrowth. With that said, these creams affect hair follicles long-term, so as you continue to use them, you may notice hair grows back finer and more slowly. As a result, you’re able to enjoy more time between applications.

Using hair removal creams safely

Because hair removal creams are made up of chemicals, apply them as safely as possible. For one, it’s of the utmost importance to leave the cream on for the designated time. If it stays on any longer, you may have irritated skin. Setting a timer is a good way to keep track of time, and you may wish to tackle certain areas in smaller pieces to make sure application time is even all around.

It’s also important to pay attention to your skin. Never apply a cream over scars, moles, broken skin, or acne, as it may cause scarring. Sunburned skin is also a no-no, as the cream can cause your skin to peel more, scar, or become infected. If you go tanning, it’s important to steer clear of tanning beds within 24 hours of cream application, as it can make any reactions much worse with additional UV exposure.

Types of creams

Facial cream

Facial cream has a unique formula adapted for the skin on your face, which is much more delicate than the rest of your body. While the most commonly targeted areas are the upper lip and chin, it’s also safe to use on the neck and jawline. Some people use it around the eyebrow area, but be careful when doing this — if you apply a cream in the wrong spot, you’ll lose your eyebrows. These kits are usually the smallest as you’re only using a little product at a time.

Bikini cream

There are some specialized creams for the bikini area which have the gentleness of facial cream and the effectiveness of body cream. These formulas are designed to reduce unsightly irritation that’s common in the bikini area. They’re also formulated to be safe on sensitive parts of the body, so they contain a wealth of skin-calming ingredients to avoid burning these areas. Bikini creams come in bottles, though they’re on the smaller side as they’re limited to a specific area.

Body cream

Popular with women who are sick of shaving their legs, body cream is an easy way to remove hair from a large area. Body creams usually come in bigger bottles or pump bottles since you’re using a decent amount of product during each application. In addition to the legs, they’re recommended for use on arms, backs, and underarms. These formulas are noticeably harsher than bikini and facial formulas, so never apply them to either of those areas.



Active ingredients in women’s hair removal creams include chemicals that break down proteins of the hair to dissolve them. Most formulas contain sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, barium sulfide, and sodium thioglycolate. That’s why the required application time is so specific — these formulas have been through rigorous testing to determine how long the reaction takes.

Some hair removal creams also contain ingredients that reduce irritation, redness, and itchiness, which are all common reactions. Vitamin E, aloe vera, argan oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter are often included in the formula, particularly in facial hair removal kits and sensitive skin varieties. These ingredients have natural, pleasant scents, which help tone down the recognizable depilatory smell of creams.

Application tools

Some hair removal creams come with special application tools. These are typically small spatulas, plastic wedges, and mock razors. Certain tools are used to apply the cream more evenly, whereas others are designed to help remove cream in a clean, mess-free manner. The tools are entirely optional, as you can apply and remove the cream with your hands, tissues, or towels.

Coordinating products

Hair removal creams for women are usually part of a larger product line. Care both before and after use is recommended to keep skin healthy, moisturized, and as irritation-free as possible. Before-care products can include pretreatment lotions that coat the skin to prepare it for the cream’s chemicals. Aftercare products include lotions or oils infused with skin-calming ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal that keep post-application breakouts at bay. 

Women’s hair removal cream prices

Hair removal creams for women cost between $5 and $90, depending on the formula and bottle size.


There are budget-friendly hair removal creams priced between $5 and $10. These creams are usually for the body in full-size bottles between seven and 12 ounces or are smaller packages for facial hair removal.


If you’re looking for an improved, more effective formula, expect to spend between $10 and $30. These creams are either specialty formulas from mid-range beauty brands or come with multiple bottles in multi-packs.


Premium hair removal creams cost between $40 and $90 and often include salon-quality creams. These are some of the most effective formulas available and include expensive, high-quality ingredients that cut down on skin irritation and redness.


  • Try new creams before beach season. If you’re trying out a new hair removal cream, give yourself ample time before a trip to the beach where your skin will be exposed. You want to know how your skin reacts to it instead of being stuck trying to cover up embarrassing irritation on your body.
  • Avoid touching your face and eyes. Never touch your face or eyes while you’re using hair removal creams.
  • Tie your hair back during application. To make sure the hair removal cream doesn’t accidentally remove hair it shouldn’t, tie yours back in a secure ponytail during application.
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Avoid body wash and abrasive soaps for 24 hours after using hair removal cream. It can be too rough for sensitive skin, which takes time to heal after application.


Q. Can I use hair removal cream on other parts of my body besides the areas listed on the packaging?

A. You can, but they are not as effective as creams dedicated to those areas. When a hair removal cream specifies the area for intended use, it’s because a different type of hair growth is targeted with the formula. Your skin could have a reaction as well, as certain formulas for legs or arms are usually too harsh to use on your face.

Q. Will hair removal cream bleach my skin or cause discoloration?

A. No, hair removal creams are formulated only to remove hair. Their formulas are free from bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. They don’t contain any dyes that affect your skin’s pigmentation, although temporary redness is common with use. In fact, some users prefer hair removal creams because they’re a gentler alternative to bleaching creams or waxing.

Q. How quickly can I apply makeup if I just used facial hair remover cream?

A. Wait as long as possible to avoid compounding skin irritations or clogging pores. If you intend to apply makeup soon after application, make sure you thoroughly wash your face with soap and water. Leave a moisturizer on for ten minutes, letting the skin soak it up. You can apply makeup on top of it, though there’s no guarantee you’ll be free of irritation that soon after application.

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