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Best Heated Razors

Updated April 2024
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Gillette Heated Razor Travel Kit
Heated Razor Travel Kit
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For Constant Travelers
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This travel kit solves the problem of your razor running out of juice while you travel.


We love that this travel kit includes everything that’s in the starter kit (the heated handle, two razor cartridges, a charging cable and a charging base) plus a travel case that doubles as a charger.


This kit is more expensive than the starter kit, making it best only for those who travel consistently.

Best Bang for the Buck
Gillette Heated Razor Starter Kit
Heated Razor Starter Kit
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To Get You Started
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This starter kit includes everything you need to experience shaving with a heated razor.


We love that this starter kit includes a heated razor handle, two Gillette Labs razor cartridges, a charging cable, and a magnetic charging dock that holds the razor upright. The heated razor handle has an adjustable temperature, allowing us to customize our experience.


It’s expensive. It can only heat up to six shaves on a single charge, making travel difficult.

Gillette Heated Razor Bugatti Edition
Heated Razor Bugatti Edition
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Special Edition
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This is another heated razor starter kit from Gillette, but it has a special color scheme and a Bugatti logo.


We think the vibrant blue on black is far more aesthetically pleasing than the standard Gillette heated razor's plain silver on black. We also love that it includes not only everything in the standard starter kit but also a Gillette-and-Bugatti-branded cleaning cloth.


This edition costs $20 more than the starter kit despite only having a color change and a cleaning cloth.

Gillette Gillette Labs Razor Cartridges
Gillette Labs Razor Cartridges
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Necessary Refills
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Gillette heated razors are part of its Gillette Labs line of products, so they need Gillette Labs razor refills.


This refill comes with six cartridges which, on average, gets us a full month’s worth of shaves for each cartridge. We like that we can also buy a four-blade refill that comes with Gillette Labs’ other special exfoliating handle.


Like the rest of Gillette’s Gillette Labs products, these are expensive. They don’t fit other Gillette handles.

Enerfort Razer Travel Case
Razer Travel Case
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For Occasional Travelers
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This case has just enough room if you need to do some occasional traveling.


There’s space inside to keep the razor handle with or without an attached razor on one side, and some razor refills on the other. It’s water-resistant and comes in black or blue.


There’s no extra space to keep the charging cable and the charging base inside.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best Heated Razors

The Heated Razor from Gillette includes a heating element in the blade cartridge that allows you to duplicate the feeling of getting a hot-towel shave at the barbershop. The stainless steel warming bar on the cartridge head imparts a soothing, warm feeling on the skin, which mimics the effects of a barber’s hot towel: the pores on the skin open and the skin and hair become softer, allowing for a closer shave. Many people think a heated shave is more relaxing and simply feels better than a regular shave.

Heated Razors include a rechargeable battery, which means you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way as you shave. And Gillette sells the razors in several different kits, so you can find the one with the accessories you need. A good buying guide can take you through the options as well as offer some tips for taking care of your Heated Razor.

a man shaving in front of a mirror
Gillette is one of the best-known brand names worldwide for razors.

How to buy the best Heated Razor

Heated Razor kits

You can find Heated Razors in a few different kit configurations.

Starter kit: This kit includes a silver-and-black razor, black charging station, and a couple of replacement blade cartridges. This is the least expensive kit.

Deluxe kit: This kit includes everything in the starter kit as well as a travel case for storing all the components.

Holiday kit: Gillette sometimes offers a holiday kit, which includes everything in the starter kit, plus more than a dozen replacement blade cartridges. This often is the most expensive kit.

Limited edition kit: Gillette offers a Bugatti limited edition kit that includes a blue-and-black razor and a blue charging station along with a cleaning cloth.

Cartridge configuration

The Heated Razor cartridge head contains five blades and connects to the handle. Because the heating bar and the blades are part of the cartridge, they always remain perfectly aligned. The heating bar touches the skin just before the blades do.

Battery and charger

All new Heated Razors come with a round charging station with a power cord that plugs into a standard wall outlet. The razor uses wireless magnetic charging technology. The bottom of the handle fits in a hole on the charging station to charge the battery. The charging base holds the razor upright while it charges.

In addition to the Heated Razor, Gillette offers other razors that use five blades, including the Fusion5, the SkinGuard, and the ProGlide.


Features of Heated Razors

Warming bar

The warming bar is the key element that sets the Heated Razor apart from other Gillette razors. It is in the same place as the lubricating strip on standard razors. Four heat sensors inside the razor constantly measure the temperature of the warming bar to make sure it remains safe to place against your skin.

Pressing a power button on the handle heats the warming bar to your desired temperature in a second, so you can begin shaving immediately. You can select one of two temperatures for the warming bar: 109°F or 122°F. A light on the handle indicates the temperature with yellow for the lower temperature and red for the higher temperature.

FlexDisc technology

The Heated Razor makes use of Gillette’s patented FlexDisc technology, which enables the cartridge to move to match the contours of your face. This ensures that the warming bar is always in contact with your skin as you shave.


The Heated Razor contains a battery and a warming bar, but it remains safe to use around water. You can use this razor in the shower or rinse the blades in the sink. You can also use shaving cream or shaving gel with the razor as desired.


The aluminum zinc handle contains the power button and the indicator lights. It is longer than the handles found on some other Gillette razors, which makes the blades a little easier to control.

a man shaving in front of a mirror
King C. Gillette invented the disposable razor blade around 1900. The Gillette company produced the first twin-blade shaving system and the first razor with a lubricating strip.

Accessories for Heated Razors

Shaving cream

According to Gillette, you can use any pre-shave and aftershave products that you would use with other razors. Shaving cream or shaving gel can help you get the closest possible shave, while aftershave moisturizer or balm can help keep skin soft and healthy.

Bodywash for men

After your heated shave in the shower, get the full home-spa experience with an invigorating body wash. There are plenty to choose from with scents ranging from bourbon to eucalyptus. Some body washes double as shampoos too.

Towel warmer

Complete your morning bathing ritual by drying off with a towel heated on a towel warmer, an especially welcome luxury on chilly winter mornings.

How much do Heated Razors cost?


Travel cases for Heated Razors cost $15 to $30. Depending on the model, they include space for the razor, blade refills, and charger.


Blade cartridge refills cost about $50 for eight. You can sign up with Gillette to have blade refills automatically sent to you every three to six months.


Heated Razor kits cost $110 to $250. The most basic kit contains a razor, a couple of extra cartridges, a charger, and a charging cable. Kits that include several extra cartridges and a travel case are more expensive.

GilletteLabs introduced the Heated Razor in 2019, when it won a Men’s Health Grooming Award for innovation and an Engadget People’s Choice Award.



  • Charge the razor before using it for the first time. Charge the razor for at least an hour. It can take up to six hours to be fully charged.
  • Use the included charger cord. Only use the charger cord that comes with the Heated Razor’s charging station or you run the risk of damaging the unit.
  • Don’t try to replace the battery. If the battery stops working, place the razor on the charger for at least an hour. Do not try to remove the battery.
  • Use the right blades. The Heated Razor only accepts specially designed cartridges that contain the warming bar and the blades made for it. Other Gillette razor head cartridges won’t fit this razor properly.
  • Clean the blades regularly. Shaving cream and hair can clog the blades, reducing the effectiveness of the razor. If rinsing the blades in water doesn’t loosen the clog, carefully clean the area by hand with liquid soap.
  • Don’t use brushes or tools on the razor. Do not use tweezers or a stiff-bristled brush to try to clean the blades. This could affect the alignment of the blades.
a man shaving in front of a mirror
Gillette showcased the Heated Razor at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas before making it available to the general public.


Q. How long does a Heated Razor last?

A. The razor should last for at least a few years before the battery no longer holds a charge. However, you have to replace the blades on a regular basis. Blade cartridges should last a week to a month before they need replacement, depending on the thickness of your facial hair. The charged battery should last through four to six shaves.

Q. Can I subscribe to a razor blade delivery service?

A. Yes. You can use the Gillette On Demand system to have new razor blade cartridges shipped to you on a regular basis. You can choose how often you receive the shipments, and you can cancel your service at any time.

Q. Can I use the Heated Razor in the shower?

A. Yes, Gillette developed this razor to be completely waterproof. You can use it in the shower or over a sink filled with water without worrying about damaging the electronics inside.