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Best Hair Clips

Updated November 2022
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Revlon Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips
Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips
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If you only want one set for multiple purposes, this is it.


These hair clips have enough holding power to keep your hair looking great all day long. They measure about 3.5 inches in length. Double teeth keep hair out of your face without any loose strands. These large clips won't damage your hair and won't create any tangles. Great for different hair textures and can open wide.


Less durable than other materials with lackluster design.

Best Bang for the Buck
VinBee 3-Pack Metal Hair Claw Clips
3-Pack Metal Hair Claw Clips
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A stylish option with a shiny metal finish.


These claw-style clips come in a pack of three. They are made of a tough metal alloy and will last for a long time. A simple, functional design that works with all types of outfits. These clips won't pull fine hair and they work well on thicker hair as well. Keep hair away while you wash your face or keep it in your preferred style while out and about. Good for thick, thin, curly, and straight hair too.


Big in size so not good for small sections of hair or a discreet look.

AIMIKE 12-Pack Pro Styling Hair Clips
12-Pack Pro Styling Hair Clips
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No competition when it comes to styling and sectioning.


With 12 clips in each pack these can handle any hairdressing job you can give them. These clips are made of metal and plastic. They feature a silicone band in each clip that keeps the clip firmly in place with no slipping. A strong spring closes the clips tightly. Great for styling. These clips measure 4.3 x .59 inches.


Not stylish enough for everyday wear. No color options offered.

Aileam Banana Tortoise Barrettes
Banana Tortoise Barrettes
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An elegant design fit for everyday use.


These pretty clips have a classic French design with a tortoiseshell pattern that goes with almost everything. These measure 3.5 x 2 inches and are made of acrylic resin and metal alloy. These clips are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Six interlocking teeth hold the hair securely. Fancy enough for formal occasions and good for everyday wear as well.


Limited color offerings. Not great for thin hair.

fani 20-Piece Assorted Hair Clips
20-Piece Assorted Hair Clips
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All the clips you need to accomplish many styles.


This assortment of hair clips includes a variety of colors and clip designs. The set contains solid color clips, some tortoiseshell, some in a gold metallic finish, and several with artificial pearls. Impressive variety for the price. Exact dimensions vary but these are roughly 2.7 x .98 inches. They have plenty of grip to hold your hair in place.


Not very good for actual styling.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best hair clips

Sometimes, less is more. An accessory like a hair clip can enhance any look in a subtle way, in addition to being quite useful. Hair clips have a long history, and today they’re found in a number of different designs, shapes, styles, and colors. With their relatively affordable price, hair clips are worthy accessories for glamming up a look or simply keeping hair out of your face.

Before you add hair clips to your cart, there are some factors to keep top of mind. How thick is your hair? Some hair clips are better suited for voluminous hair than others. You may also consider your hair color, your hair type, and your reasons for using hair clips. Hair clips as fashion accessories can be separate from hair clips for practical purposes. Regardless of your specific needs, at BestReviews, we’re pleased to help you decide.

hair clip
Hair clips can be strategically used to accessorize a short hairstyle like finger waves, or create a new one, like a tapered pixie cut.

How to buy the best hair clips

A brief history of the hair clip

Before hair clips, there were hair pins. In fact, hair pins have been unearthed at multiple archaeological sites for ancient societies. People in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, and Roman societies wore hairpins both for utility and as a status marker. Hairpins were made from a variety of materials, including wood, ivory, bronze, and metal.

The most popular modern-day pin is the bobby pin. Bobby pins became popular in the early twentieth century. Their name references the bob hairstyle that was popular at the time, as many bob-wearers used the pins to keep their hair in place. The U-shaped design of bobby pins was a predecessor for hair clips, also known as barrettes. Unlike hairpins, most hair clips have clasps. Once open, they slide into hair and hold it in place. Also unlike hair pins, hair clips are much less likely to fall out. Since the mid-twentieth century, hair clips have been worn around the world.

Types of hair clips

Bobby pins: Though technically a hairpin, the bobby pin is a predecessor to the modern hair clip. Like many hair clips, bobby pins are two-sided. They’re a cross between clasp hair clips and the hairpin, take up very little space, and can even be purchased to match your hair color.

Banana: Gaining popularity in the 1980s, the banana hair clip is a U-shaped clip. The two sides of the clip are linked by a row of teeth down the middle. Simply pull your hair through the middle of the banana clip and close it in place. The banana clip is an easy, sophisticated way to make a ponytail. It’s best suited for those with long hair.

Claw: Also known as a butterfly clip, the claw hair clip has been a staple since the 1990s. This hair clip has two sides bound by a spring-coil hinge. Each side of the clip has rows of teeth that clamp down on a bundle of hair to keep it in place. Claw clips are somewhat similar to the banana clip, except that hair is gathered in a bun-like mass rather than left cascading.

Hinged barrette: Hinged barrettes are flat, two-sided hair clips bound by a small hinge down the middle. Hinged barrettes are typically made from plastic or metal and are especially helpful for holding hair in place for certain hairstyles (e.g. braids or finger waves). If you’re going to be participating in physical activity, there are other hair clips that better hold hair in place.

Snap: Snap clips, also known as clasp clips, are also among the most popular hair clip designs. Like hinged barrettes, snap clips are flat and open into two slides once snapped open. The open snap clip gathers hair and lies flat against the head. Snap clips are reliable for keeping hair in place. They come in many different colors, so they’re easy to accessorize and they’re a solid choice for both adults and children.

Comb: If you plan to use hair clips for embellishment, consider the comb clip. As the name suggests, this hair clip contains a row of teeth, typically with an ornate detail at the top such as a set of gems or a floral decal. The comb clip slides into your hair with the teeth keeping it in place. Comb clips aren’t recommended for high physical activity, but they’re a good choice for dressing up an outfit or a hairstyle.


Most (if not all) of the hair clips you’ll find are made from plastic, metal, or a blend of the two. Both materials are fairly affordable and easy to manipulate. Some upscale sellers may sell hair clips made from wood, jade, or even brass. Of course, hair clips made from materials other than plastic and metal cost more.

Hair thickness

Those with thick hair may be especially concerned with finding clips that are strong enough to hold it; claw clips and banana clips are good choices. For those with thick, short hair, try jumbo clasp clips.

Those with thinner hair will have less trouble finding clips to hold their hair, but if your hair texture is fine, frequent and repeated hair clip use can have lasting effects. If you plan to wear hair clips often — clasp clips in particular — make sure to pay attention to any hair loss, creases, or changes in texture.

Thin-haired folks may have trouble finding clips that stay in their hair. Those with thin hair should look for rubberized hair clips or clips with narrow teeth.


What features do hair clips have?


Hair clips are available in any color you can imagine. Some prefer natural-colored hair clips. These are meant to blend in with blonde, brown, or black hair. If you’re using hair clips for functionality and not style, it might be preferable to stick with organic colors. Otherwise, you can get a rainbow or hair clips, quite literally.


Next to color, embellishments are another area to have fun with hair clips, including studded rhinestones, glitter, and embossed designs. Some luxury brands have taken to featuring the brand’s name prominently along the slide.

Many simple clips, like bobby pins, include a decal on one side or small pearls down the middle. Some of these hair clips take inspiration from vintage hair clip designs, comb clips in particular. Embellished hair clips are worth investing in if you plan to wear them with formal wear.


A number of metal hair clips include a rubber coating. The rubber is helpful for securing the grip of the clip and preventing the metal from painfully snagging your hair. Often, snap clips, hinged barrettes, and bobby pins include a rubber coating.

hair clip
For a simple, timeless look, those with longer hair can part it to one side and place one or two clips on the other side.

How much do hair clips cost?


Hair clips are an incredibly affordable accessory. Even at under $10, you have plenty of options. Bobby pins, snap clips, and some hinged barrettes are readily available for under $5. Banana clips and clasp clips are available in sets of two or three. Many colors are available at this low price range.


If you have a bit more to spend, the $10 to $20 range offers more hair clips with embellished designs. With pearls, floral decals, and gems available, this range presents great options for hair clips to go with formal wear. As with the under $10 range, nearly all hair clips at this price are made from plastic or metal.


While you don’t need to spend over $20 on hair clips, perhaps you want to develop a fancy collection. Here, you’ll find hair clips made by luxury brands, hair clips made from wood, brass, or jade, and hair clips that are otherwise very unusual, such as a set of very large snap clips.

One specific kind of claw clip is the octopus clip. As the name suggests, the octopus clip has eight thick teeth that interlock. This grip is even stronger than a claw clip and is a great option for thick-haired people.



  • Keep your clips clean. If you wear hair clips frequently, they’ll eventually develop oil and residue from being in your hair all day. Wash the clips every so often with mild soap and warm water. If the clip is particularly ornate, use care so as not to dislodge any pieces.
  • Make a statement. If you want a statement piece, look for hair clips that spell out words, from the silly to the socially conscious.
  • Go for rubber. For the health of your hair, look for rubberized hair clips when possible, but be aware they may cost a little bit extra.
hair clip
Clasp clips and hinged barrettes come in a variety of colors, appealing to young kids — especially those who run away when it’s hair-styling time.


Q. Are hair clips bad for your hair?

A. Repeated, regular hair clip usage can cause a bit of damage to hair, but there are ways to avoid it. Don’t sleep with hair clips in your hair, and buy rubberized clips when possible. The soft rubber ends are gentler on hair than hard metal.

Q. Can I go through airport security with hair clips in my hair?

A. Unfortunately, you may need to take them out. Hair clips and hairpins can set off walk-through metal detectors. Get through security first, then you can put as many in your hair as you please.

Q. Can hair clips cause hair loss?

A. Hair clips alone won’t cause hair loss. Hair loss is caused by a number of things, such as genetics, tight hairstyles, and autoimmune disease. If you’re using hair clips to keep tight hairstyles in place, consider giving your tresses a break for a few weeks and see if you notice any changes.

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