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Updated October 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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DRYBAR Full Pint Medium Round Brush
Full Pint Medium Round Brush
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Top Performer & Brand
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A quality round brush by a top name in hair care. Useful for creating numerous styles and smooth, shiny locks.


Smooths hair and shortens drying times, thanks to the barrel and bristles that are constructed using nanolonic technology. 2.5-inch barrel works well for straightening medium to long hair without getting tangled. Can also be used to produce soft waves and body. Suitable for thick hair.


Barrel gets hot to the touch when using it with a blow dryer. Doesn't work well for very short or very thin hair.

Best Bang for the Buck
Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Round Brush
Boar Bristle Round Brush
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Most Versatile
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Not only does this well-made round brush style different lengths with ease, but the size and natural boar bristles are perfect for almost any hair texture, from straight strands to tight curls.


This brush features a 25mm barrel that works well for various lengths. Genuine ash wood handle stands up to heat. Natural boar bristles make hair soft and shiny and may reduce frizz on some textures. Ceramic barrel is effective at distributing heat evenly.


Bristles occasionally shed, which could be frustrating for some consumers.

SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic, 1.3"
Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic, 1.3"
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For Short & Medium Hair
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Choose it if you need a round brush for short to medium-length hair; otherwise, competitors are stronger and are less likely to get stuck in long hair.


Earns praise for delivering similar results to larger nano thermal round brushes, but at 1.3 inches in circumference, it's a great choice for shorter lengths. Has natural boar bristles and a slim handle that is easy to grip.


If you have thin or long, coarse hair, you may have a difficult time getting all of your hair unwound from the barrel. Some complaints of the barrel breaking off the handle.

Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Round Tool, Large
Tangle Teezer
Blow-Styling Round Tool, Large
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Faster Drying Times
Bottom Line

Choose this round brush if you prefer stiffer bristles, as they are structured to provide control during styling and to help hair dry faster. However, not all users are fans.


Features a unique bristle system that's designed to work in wet hair by significantly reducing the time it takes for tresses to dry. Recipient of Allure magazine's Best of Beauty award.


Stiff bristles have a tendency to tangle in very curly or fine hair. Challenging to maneuver at first, especially if you are used to boar bristles or other soft bristles.

Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Small Round Men's Hair Brush
Deluxe Quiff Small Round Men's Hair Brush
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Best for Short Styles
Bottom Line

It's not a practical choice for some users, but it does a good job for those with very short hair.


With its 1-inch barrel and slim design, it's a nice round brush for styling very short hair and a good pick for men's styles. The size and ball-tipped bristles are ideal for adding body and lift.


Gets tangled very easily in longer hair. A bit stiff, and bristles can fall out over time.


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Buying guide for Best round brushes

Having the right brush is key to banishing bad hair days. With a round brush, you can lift your hair at the roots, smooth out sections, and create texture while you’re blow-drying it — which means if you want to add volume, body, and even waves or curls to your hair, a round brush is the right tool.

A round brush is exactly what it sounds like: instead of having a flat, paddle-like shape, the head of the brush is round and features bristles all the way around. The design allows you to wrap your hair around the brush so you can add lift or soft curls as you dry your hair. It can also help hold your hair taut while you blow-dry it to help straighten and smooth it. Because they’re extremely effective at adding volume to hair, round brushes are especially helpful if you have fine or thin hair.

There are so many round brushes available that finding the right one can be tricky. It means choosing the right size, deciding between natural and synthetic bristles, determining the best barrel material, and choosing what other features would provide the most benefit to your hair.

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A round brush makes it easy to curl the ends of your hair under or give them a little flip outward.

Key considerations


Round brushes are available with barrels in a variety of sizes. The size for your styling needs typically depends on how long your hair is. Individuals with longer hair require a larger round brush than those with shorter hair.

  • For hair that’s chin-length or shorter, a one-inch round brush works well.
  • For hair that’s between chin length and shoulder length, a 1.3- to 1.7-inch round brush works best.
  • For hair that’s past your shoulder, choose a two- to three-inch round brush.

Natural vs. synthetic bristles

Like all hair brushes, a round brush can have either natural or synthetic bristles. When you’re choosing a brush, take your hair type into account to determine what type of bristles will work.

Natural bristles are made from animal hair. In most cases, they use boar bristles, which are extremely soft and gentle on the hair. A natural bristle round brush is extremely effective in pulling your hair’s natural oils down to the ends of your hair from the roots, so your locks look extremely shiny and smooth. Because they’re gentler on the hair, they don’t cause as much breakage, either. Natural bristle brushes are usually more expensive.

A round brush with natural bristles is ideal for individuals with straight, fine, wavy, curly, thick, and damaged hair because it reduces breakage and cuts down on frizz.

Synthetic bristles are typically made from nylon or plastic. They’re extremely effective for detangling your hair and usually don’t produce as much static as a natural bristle brush. They’re usually more affordable, though they aren’t as gentle on the hair and may cause damage.

A synthetic bristle round brush is best for thick, coarse hair that’s prone to knots and requires frequent detangling. It can also help add more bounce to curly and textured hair when you’re blow-drying it.

You can find some round brushes that feature a combination of natural and synthetic bristles. These models are less expensive than natural bristle brushes but more expensive than synthetic options. However, they’re able to provide smooth, shiny hair like a natural bristle brush while detangling with ease like a synthetic brush.

Natural/synthetic combination round brushes work for nearly any hair type but are especially effective for grooming long or fine hair.

Barrel material

A round brush’s barrel material plays a significant role in how effective it is for heat styling. All materials are heat-resistant, but some retain heat better than others to really lock in your hairstyle. You can choose from several different materials:

  • Wood barrel brushes can withstand the heat of a blow dryer, but they don’t retain heat as well as other materials. That’s why they’re not as effective for adding waves or curls, though they can help add volume and body.
  • Metal barrel brushes are usually made of aluminum and can easily withstand heat. However, they may retain heat a little too well, so they can dry your hair out and cause other heat damage.
  • Ceramic barrel brushes are an extremely common option. They retain heat well but provide a gentle, even amount that helps the styling and drying process without damaging your hair.
  • Tourmaline barrel brushes also provide gentle heat and can help cut down on static when you’re drying your hair. They are particularly useful for smoothing and straightening the hair.
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Expert Tip
Always apply a heat protectant to your hair before blow-drying with a round brush.


Ionic technology

Like hair dryers, some round brushes feature ionic technology in their barrels. That means they’re able to add negative ions to your hair as you blow-dry to reduce frizz and static. As a result, your hair looks smoother and shinier — which can be particularly helpful if you have thick, coarse, or textured hair.

Round brushes with ionic technology can also cut down on your drying time. This allows you to get ready faster, and it reduces your hair’s exposure to heat (and possible damage).

Ergonomic grip

It’s easy for your hand to get tired when you’re blow-drying your hair with a round brush. Models with ergonomically designed handles are easier to hold and can help prevent hand fatigue. Opt for a brush with a contoured gel grip for the most comfortable handle.

Vented design

Some round brushes feature a vented design. This means their barrel has spaces or vents between the bristles that allow the air from your blow dryer to pass through. A vented brush can help cut down on drying time, but it doesn’t always provide the smoothest results, so it’s best if you only want a rough blow out.

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Expert Tip
After you curl a section of your hair with a round brush, use a clip to pin the curl in place against your head so it can cool in its shape while you finish the rest of your hair.

Round brush prices

Round brushes vary in price based on the type of bristles, barrel material, and size of the brush. Brushes range from $4 to $185.


The most affordable round brushes have synthetic bristles. Those with metal barrels usually range from $4 to $15, while those with wooden, ceramic, or tourmaline barrels typically cost between $15 and $38.


In this range, round brushes usually feature ionic technology in both the bristles and the barrel. These models range from $8 to $72.


The most expensive round brushes feature natural bristles. Those with metal barrels range from $10 to $30, while those with wooden, ceramic, or tourmaline barrels typically cost between $17 and $185.

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Expert Tip
When using a round brush to dry your hair, you may be more comfortable sitting down.


  • Using a round brush can tire your arm quickly, so it’s easier to use it on hair that’s already partially dry.
  • You’ll get the best results with a round brush if you work in small sections. Wrapping too much hair around the brush can cause tangles and knots, so keep sections to two inches or less.
  • If you’re using a round brush to add volume to your hair, start by applying a volumizing mousse to your roots to help boost the effect.
  • If you’re using a round brush to add waves or curl to your hair, run your blow dryer over it for about 10 seconds before wrapping your hair around it. Preheating the brush helps lock in the waves or curls.
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It’s easier to blow-dry your hair with a round brush if you have a concentrator nozzle for your hair dryer.


Q. How do I prevent my hair from getting tangled around a round brush?

A. If your hair gets tangled around your round brush frequently, it usually means you’re using the wrong size or you’re wrapping sections that are too large around it. Long hair can easily get tangled if you use a round brush that’s too small because you need to wrap your hair around it too many times. If you’re wrapping sections around the brush that are larger than two inches, you’re also more likely to experience tangles.

Q. What’s the best way to clean a round brush?

A. Use your fingers or a comb to remove the hair from your round brush after each use. If the hair is caught, use scissors to cut it free. Once every month, clean the brush of any oils, dirt, and product build-up with shampoo and warm water. You can scrub the barrel with a clean toothbrush to remove any trapped dirt. Be sure to rinse the brush well and allow it to air dry thoroughly afterward.

Q. What size round brush is best for curling your hair?

A. It really depends on the type of curls you want to create. If you prefer large, loose curls or waves, you’ll want a brush with a larger barrel. If you prefer tight, ringlet curls, you’ll want a brush with a smaller barrel. You may actually want to have round brushes in multiple sizes so you can change the look of your curls based on the style you’re creating.

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