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Best beard growth kits

Updated March 2024
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Grow Alpha Beard Beard Growth Kit
Grow Alpha Beard
Beard Growth Kit
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A Large Assortment
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This is among the largest collection of beard-growing products you can find for a great price.


This kit contains a two-sided comb, a brush, a straight razor, beard oil, beard shampoo, beard softening conditioner, beard balm, scissors, a beard straightener and a book. The straightener reaches up to 440 degrees.


Some customers had issues using the beard straightener without getting burned. Others found the scissors to be dull.

Best Bang for the Buck
Naland Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
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Lots of Quality Products For the Price
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You get a lot of quality products for the price. It comes with a beard growth oil, beard balm, dual teeth comb, derm roller and storage bag.


Beard oil does not clog pores like some other beard oils. The derm roller is easy for us to use and is gentle on skin.


We have to buy the whole kit again if we run out of something. Components are not sold individually.

Crafted Beards Beard Growth Kit
Crafted Beards
Beard Growth Kit
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This small kit’s selling point is its serum that the manufacturer claims is 10 times stronger than most others.


Included in the kit is a derma roller and one bottle of serum, though the manufacturer offers two free serum refills with purchase. Proper use of the product should lead to increased growth in four to six weeks or your money back.


The price is high compared to similar-sized kits. Some of us found the serum’s scent too strong.

Zennutt Beard Growth Kit
Beard Growth Kit
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A Great Gift
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This is another large kit for those who want the fullest beard possible.


We love how much is included. Inside the kit is a derma roller, a double-sided comb, a pair of scissors, a brush, a can of beard balm, two bottles of beard growth oil, one bottle of beard growth serum, a bottle of beard wash, an e-book and a storage bag.


Some people reported receiving combs with damaged teeth. Others reported their kit did not include the e-book.

The Beard Club Beard Growth Kit
The Beard Club
Beard Growth Kit
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Trial Box
Bottom Line

This growth kit comes from a popular monthly beard health service, but this is a one-time purchase.


This kit contains a bottle of beard growth vitamins in three forms: pills, oil and a spray. It also includes a beard brush, a derma roller and a bottle of beard shampoo.


It’s expensive. The kit lacks instructions on how or in what order to use its items.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best beard growth kits

Some people will tell you that all you have to do to grow a beard is not shave, but there are several tools and treatments that can produce better (and sometimes faster) results.

Beard growth kits include several items that not only promote facial hair growth but also help you groom, style, and clean your beard. A kit may include a single tool and a topical oil, or it may include a handful of items for every step of your facial hair morning routine. Just as with the hair on your head, facial hair and the skin underneath it must be properly cleaned and cared for.

There is evidence that microneedling and the application of topical oils can promote hair growth, so beard growth kits have a basis in research. However, growing healthy facial hair is about more than just how fast it comes in. Washing and trimming are just as important throughout the process, as is caring for your skin.

The variety of beard growth kits on the market today gives you many choices, from minimalist travel kits to elaborate, multi-step sets.

beard grooming and growth kit
When growing a beard, some people avoid trimming and let their beard fill in before they shape it. Others trim along the way, which results in a tidier overall look but requires a longer morning routine.

Can beard growth kits actually increase growth?

Microneedling with a derma roller can promote hair growth by increasing the flow of nutrients to hair follicles through the blood. If performed regularly, this can fill in patches and may yield results within a few weeks. Additionally, peppermint oil and minoxidil have both been shown to increase hair follicles.

Most tools in a beard growth kit focus on grooming and trimming, both of which can help your beard grow faster by keeping your skin clean and preventing split ends.

Just because your facial hair is patchy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grow a beard. As your hair grows, patches will become less noticeable, and some products can cause hair to grow in patches.


How long is your beard?

While beard care can begin at the first sign of stubble, beard length informs which tools and products you need for proper care.

Short beards

For stubble and short beards, focus on keeping your skin moist and your beard oiled. Skincare is always important when sporting a beard, but with short facial hair, any irritation or dry skin is even more obvious. Microneedling can lead to denser hair growth, filling in patches.

Medium-length beards

At this length, you need styling tools to keep your beard from going fluffy or wiry. A small beard comb can train your hair, especially your mustache, to grow in the right direction. Balm or wax can tackle particularly unruly areas or create distinctive styles. In addition to moisturizing your beard and skin, you should exfoliate regularly to prevent dandruff (or beardruff) and keep your skin and beard free of grime. Cleaning your facial hair with a beard wash is also essential.

Long beards

When you’ve finally achieved the long, luscious beard you’ve dreamed of, your daily beard routine will take up a good amount of time. Beyond skin care products, oils, and beard washes, you will need to comb and trim your beard often to eliminate split ends and maintain a desired shape.

Choosing a beard growth kit for your goals

Just as no two beards are the same, neither are any two beard care routines. In addition to the length of your beard, a kit should cater to your facial hair aspirations and needs depending on your hair and skin type and the length you’re aiming for.

A shorter beard needs fewer products and tools, and generally speaking, a longer beard needs all of the basic tools plus plenty of extras for grooming, styling, and trimming.

man grooming his beard
If you trim your cheek line too low, it will likely fill in in a matter of weeks.

What should a beard growth kit include?

The number of items in high-end beard growth kits can be intimidating, not to mention the long morning routine that comes with them. There are a variety of tools and products to give your facial hair a boost, and choosing the right set of items for your beard needs can save money and time.

Derma rollers

A microneedle derma roller does exactly what it looks like: it punctures your skin with hundreds of small needles. Though this process is usually painless, it causes small, shallow wounds that are invisible and increase blood flow, thereby bringing nutrients to your follicles. Needle lengths of .25 to .5 millimeters are typically the most effective at promoting hair growth.


Not only does beard oil give your hair a lustrous look, but it also hydrates your facial hair and skin. Most beard oils use primarily natural ingredients, though some have added fragrances. Oils with fewer ingredients, especially artificial ones, are less likely to irritate your skin.

Balms and waxes

Beard balms and waxes fill a similar role in styling and training your beard. Balms are typically less aggressive, while waxes have a tacky texture and can be used for extreme styles or for holding unruly hairs in place. Balms are often confused with oils, but they do not provide the same moisturizing benefits as oils.

Brushes and combs

These tools are both used to style your beard but work in different ways.

Brushes promote blood flow to the skin and distribute oil evenly throughout. They can also remove bits of dirt, food, and dandruff. Many high-quality brushes have boar bristles, which are naturally stiff and can reduce static and, therefore, fuzziness.

Combs do exactly what you would expect, though they have wider teeth to prevent painful snagging. Combing after brushing is a reliable way to remove tangles and shape your beard.

Washes and conditioners

No, you shouldn’t use traditional shampoo on your beard. A beard wash (or shampoo) is designed to be harsh enough to aid in exfoliation and cleaning without irritating your skin or drying out your hair.

Like regular conditioner, you should apply beard conditioner to soften your hair and add moisture that shampoo may have stripped away.


While a trimmer is fast and can produce reliably even hair length, scissors are the best tool for grooming your beard due to their precision and clean cuts. Unlike a trimmer, scissors cut your hair cleanly and reduce the chances of split ends forming quickly. Most beard scissors are around 5 inches long.

How much do beard growth kits cost?

The number of included items is the biggest factor in the price of beard growth kits, but the quality of the tools and ingredients plays a role as well.


For $15 to $25 are kits including anything from a couple of bottles of oil to a full kit with products for every stage of grooming. However, synthetic ingredients and low-quality tools are more common in this range.


Beard growth kits for $25 to $40 are more likely to include natural ingredients in their washes, balms, and oils, and they may include extras like a carrying bag or a razor.


Kits for $40 to $100 typically include a wide range of tools and products made with natural ingredients. Items like titanium derma rollers and electric trimmers are common.

If you’re dealing with mustache hairs curling into your mouth, you could either trim them to above your upper lip or train them to grow to the sides.


Daily beard grooming routine

Your ideal beard grooming routine depends on how long your beard is, but you can choose to omit or add some steps. The steps you should never skip are washing, applying oil, and combing.

  1. Trim. If you trim your hair when it’s wet, you may realize you went too short by the time it dries. Trimming when it’s dry allows you to shape your beard with more accuracy.
  2. Wash. Give your beard a vigorous scrub with a beard shampoo, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it with warm water. You should wash your beard about once a week.
  3. Condition. Apply beard conditioner, working it through your beard and letting it sit for several minutes before rinsing it out. Use conditioner every time you shower.
  4. . Gently dry your beard with a towel.Clean up your neckline and cheek line. If using a traditional razor, shave your neck and cheek line, if desired.Apply oil. Put a few drops of oil in your palm, and apply it to your beard, being sure it reaches the skin.Brush. Run a brush through your beard to distribute oil evenly and gently exfoliate your skin. Comb. Remove tangles by gently combing with the grain.Balm or wax. Shape your mustache and flatten stray hairs with a balm or wax.
beard grooming and growth kit
You may have a final length in mind, but you should still trim and care for your beard as it grows out.


Q. Can beard growth kits promote facial hair growth for transgender men?

A. Yes, especially if they include derma rollers or minoxidil. Once you have a significant amount of growth, you can use the other tools in beard growth kits.

Q. Are scissors better than trimmers?

A. Scissors are less likely to cause split ends, and they give you finer control over length. Electric trimmers make for quick work and are better for maintaining a short beard or stubble.

Q. What does it mean to train your beard?

A. Your facial hair can have a mind of its own. “Training” is the process of guiding your hair to grow in the right direction through brushing, combing, and applying wax or balm.