Updated July 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Charlie G Bags The New Yorker Bag
Charlie G Bags
The New Yorker Bag
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One of the best premium breast pump bags that combines useful organization and storage with a more elegant style.


Interior main compartment is large enough to fit virtually any type of portable pump with some room to spare. High quality zippers run up and down smoothly without snagging. Shoulder strap is comfortable to wear. Fits all portable pumps. Resistant to water and spills.


Some found the bag to be so big, it tips over easily.

Best Bang for the Buck
Flybold Breast Pump Tote
Breast Pump Tote
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A good budget breast pump tote bag option made with some premium materials and a subtle design pattern.


Comes with a convenient staging mat to keep everything organized when using a portable pump. The interior compartment includes a couple of divider pockets so you can store smaller items along with the main equipment. Padded shoulder straps add comfort.


Interior lining can start to tear around the stitching after some time. Some found it to be too big and bulky.

Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag
Premium Breast Pump Bag
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A premium bag that provides plenty of space for a lot of small items and equipment without feeling bulky.


Smooth fabric finish hides surface blemishes well. Two separated and insulated compartments for pump and bottles. Primary storage compartment is easy to access when you need to get something out quickly. Side pockets are big enough for toys and devices.


Lacks a comfortable shoulder strap to use for longer durations.

J.L. Childress Breast Pump Bag
J.L. Childress
Breast Pump Bag
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Comes as a complete set for additional storage and organization.


Six-piece set includes carrying bag, cooler, wet bag, dry cloth, accessories pouch, and motivational handbook. Included cooler will keep bottles and storage bags at the right temperature for consumption. Cooler bag fits four milk bottles or 6 to 8 storage bags.


Difficult to fit all of the additional bags with some larger portable pumps.

Medela Breast Pump Carry Bag
Breast Pump Carry Bag
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One budget alternative breast pump bag to consider if you want a more straightforward design and layout.


Easy-to-adjust strap securely attaches to the bag. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time. A single main compartment with front zipper pockets and one mesh pocket provide ample space for small items. Features power adapter access port for charging.


Some found it too small to fit the pump.


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Buying guide for best breast pump bags

With all the benefits of breast milk, it's natural that you'd want to nurse your baby for as long as you can. But whether it’s time to return to work or you simply want to enjoy a few baby-free hours to yourself, you’ll need to use your breast pump whenever and wherever you can.

Enter the breast pump bag. These lifesavers for busy moms often resemble fashionable totes, allowing you to discreetly carry your equipment on the go. You’ll want to choose a model that's large enough to fit your pump, several bottles, and any extras you may need, like breast pads or washcloths. An insulated area to keep milk fresh is a real boon, too, especially if you won't have access to a fridge at work or you're going out for an extended period.

We've gathered all the information you’ll need to find a quality breast pump bag, so read on to learn more. If you’re ready to buy, consider one of our recommended models.

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A breast pump bag is more discreet than the case that came with your pump, which can be a huge advantage when returning to work if you don't want everyone to know that you're pumping.

Key considerations

Bag style

  • Tote bag: The most popular choice is the breast pump tote bag, which typically looks just like a regular oversized tote, so you don't need to sacrifice style. They tend to have a wide range of compartments for everything you might need and often have optional shoulder straps, so you can carry them messenger-bag style. The only thing they're not great for is a whole day or walking and carrying, as they can start to feel heavy or bulky after a while.

  • Backpack: If you'll be on the go with your breast pump bag, consider backpack-style models. They might not be quite as fashion forward as totes, but they're highly practical and comfortable to carry.

  • Compact purse: Then you have the small purse options, which are only large enough for the bare essentials — your pump and a few bottles. These aren't extremely practical, but they're great for people who don't need to carry much or who want the most compact option possible.


To determine how big of a bag you’ll need, first consider what you want to carry. Breast pumps can be quite bulky. Then you've got to factor in all the necessary extras, such as bottles and breast pads. Plus, there are the items that are nice to have — snacks and a book, for instance — and all the regular stuff you need, such as your wallet and keys. Add all that together, and it's clear you'll need a fairly large breast pump bag. Although you can get some more compact options just for bare-bones pumping, the majority should be large enough to fit all the gear you'll need and more.


Breast pump bags need to be sturdy and easy to clean, so the majority are made from strong synthetics, such as ripstop nylon. Though you can find some models made from cotton canvas. Whatever material you choose, we'd recommend that it's waterproof or water-resistant so that any spills are easy to contain.


It might seem like the nursing stage goes on forever, but, realistically, you'll probably only need your breast pump bag for a year or two. Decent breast pump bags aren't cheap, either, so you may end up paying a significant amount for little use. As such, we'd recommend buying a breast pump bag that's versatile, so you can use it in other ways (for example, as a beach bag, swimming bag, or simply for day-to-day use).



Breast pump bags come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you're bound to find something that fits with your aesthetic. Black is always a classic option and will go with anything, but if you prefer something bolder, you can find bags in bright colors, nautical stripes, and various other patterns.


A breast pump bag with plenty of compartments is practical. You'll need a large compartment to fit the pump itself, then compartments for full and empty bottles. Some models feature handy insulated pockets to help keep milk fresh. You can also find options with laptop compartments — great news if your breast pump bag is doubling as a work bag. We also like models with plenty of zippered pockets on the outside for items you'll want easy access to, such as your phone and wallet.


Breast pump bags that come with standard tote handles sometimes feature optional long shoulder straps to carry your bag more easily on one shoulder or across the body. Some even feature a couple of backstraps so that they can convert into a backpack.

Extra accessories

You'll find some breast pump bags that include extra accessories, such as changing mats, wet bags, pouches, and insulated bottle bags. You may or may not find these accessories useful, so think about whether you really need them before you let them sway you.

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Did you know?
Your pumped breast milk is safe at room temperature for up to six hours (if out of direct sunlight), in the refrigerator for up to four days, or in the freezer for up to 12 months.

Breast pump bag prices

Inexpensive: Basic breast pump bags start at around $20 to $40. In this price range, you're unlikely to find the most durable bags, and they might not have some useful basic features, such as insulated pockets. But they'll do fine for occasional use.

Mid-range: Mid-range breast pump bags cost roughly $40 to $80. They should be sturdy and have all the basic features you would want, such as convenient storage pockets and comfortable carry straps. However, they might not be exceptionally stylish.

Expensive: High-end breast pump bags are priced between $80 and $150. These bags combine style and practicality. They should be strong, feature-rich, and look great, too.


  • Choose a lightweight breast pump bag. Pumps can be heavy, not to mention all the other gear you'll need to carry around, so a lightweight bag cuts down on any extra heft.

  • Check that your breast pump will fit in your chosen bag. Breast pump bags aren't universal, so they won't necessarily fit your pump, especially if it's particularly large or irregularly shaped.

  • Pick a breast pump bag that's comfortable to carry. This is particularly important if you're likely to be walking long distances with it, rather than just from the car to the office and back again.

  • Consider how durable your chosen breast pump bag is. Some models have weak stitching or poor-quality zippers and ultimately won't last long.
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Some breast pump bags feature a power access port, so you can charge your pump without removing it from the bag.


Q. What should I pack in my breast pump bag?
It goes without saying that you'll need your pump of choice, but make sure it's either fully charged or you've packed the charger. Don't forget any of the parts, such as the tubing, connectors, or membranes. You'll also need some compatible bottles that are sterilized and ready to use — the number you need will depend on how long you'll be out and how much milk you tend to produce. You should also pack extra breast pads and some wet wipes or a washcloth to deal with any spills. Optional extras include a snack, a book (or something to entertain yourself), breastmilk storage bags, and a Sharpie for labeling.

Q. Are breast pump bags machine-washable?
Yes, the vast majority of breast pump bags are machine-washable. However, some are spot-clean only. If you choose the latter, it should be made from nonporous material that's easy to wipe clean.

Q. Do I need to add ice packs to the insulated compartments?
Without ice, an insulated compartment in your breast pump bag will simply keep your pumped milk at the temperature at which you put it in there, which is likely to be lukewarm, unless you refrigerated it first. If you'll be returning home within a few hours, there's no need for ice, but if you won't be using or refrigerating the milk for longer than four hours, it's safer to add ice packs to be certain the milk will stay fresh.

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