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Best Video Baby Monitors

Updated January 2022
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Best of the Best
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video with Interchangeable Optical Lens
Infant Optics
DXR-8 Video with Interchangeable Optical Lens
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Hands down the best. Its state-of-the-art interchangeable lens and convenient features can't be topped by competitors.


Impressive features include 170° view, 10 hr. battery life, 2-way talk. and room temperature reading capability. Lenses are normal, zoom, and wide.


Pricey. After months of use, you might have to replace the battery.

Best Bang for the Buck
Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision
Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision
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This superb portable baby monitor offers room temperature tracking, LED indicators, and many other terrific features.


Comes with a 2.4-inch color LCD display that delivers crisp, clear images. Provides high and low room temperature alerts. Automatically detects dim light, enabling you to track your child in both bright and dark settings. Easy to place the monitor on a tabletop or mount it to a wall.


Sometimes emits white noise. Less durable than many comparable monitors.

Cocoon Cam Baby Monitor with Breathing Monitor
Cocoon Cam
Baby Monitor with Breathing Monitor
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This video monitor not only gives you clear video and 2-way audio but it also monitors your baby's breathing and notifies you of changes.


Monitor offers night vision HD video, 2-way audio, and monitors breathing in real time. Notifications alert you if breathing changes or baby cries or wakes. No subscription needed. Relays image through WiFi to your phone.


Not good for travel, since camera must be mounted to the wall.

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor
Hello Baby
Wireless Video Baby Monitor
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Although this is a lower-priced monitor, there are others out there with more features for less money.


Streamlined, lightweight design and 4-camera capability. Has 8 lullabies programmed into the system. Low price.


Signal tends to drop. Video quality is less vivid than some other contenders.

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS
Philips AVENT
SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS
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Be sure your video connection is absolutely private thanks to secure FHSS technology from Philips AVENT.


The 3.5" color monitor features FHSS technology, giving you a secure, private connection. Video camera is wall mountable and designed for automatic infrared night vision. 2-way talk-back feature helps you soothe baby with your voice. Also provides night light and lullabies. Voice-activation mode available.


Several reports of problems with charging ports over time.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best video baby monitors

A video baby monitor isn't just a nifty device that is fun to have because it makes life more convenient, it is an essential tool that parents can use to make sure their child is safe at all times. A video monitor allows you to be with your baby even when you’re in another room. Understandably, when you’re deciding which one is best, you don't want guesswork to be part of the equation.

This article walks you through the key considerations and features that are most desirable in a video baby monitor. It also gives you a quick rundown on what you can expect to pay and provides a number of tips to help keep your child safe in her crib.

Additionally, we offer a little insight on what to expect, so you realize that many of the frustrations you might be experiencing are perfectly normal.

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The ideal nap length for your baby is about two hours.

Key considerations

Although the prevailing sentiment is often "less is more," this is not the case when it comes to video baby monitors. Arguably, some of the following features are not absolutely essential – and you can definitely find a quality video baby monitor that isn't fully loaded – but having them all would not be considered overkill. Your child's safety is not where you want to cut corners.


A video baby monitor broadcasts a live feed of your child. Whatever technology it is using to send that signal, make sure it’s secure. You don’t want anyone else tapping in to that feed to watch your child sleeping. You also do not want hackers talking to your child in the middle of the night. Security should be your top priority.


These days, it's nearly impossible to find a baby monitor without audio, but because we’re covering all the bases, be sure the video baby monitor you’re considering has audio capabilities. You need to be able to see and hear what's going on in the room.

Audio notification

When you finally get the baby down, you can become so engrossed in tackling your neglected chores that you forget to do other important tasks, or you might just collapse from exhaustion. Because of this, some video baby monitors have an audio alarm setting that lets you program alerts so you don't forget to do (or sleep through) anything that needs to be done.

Battery indicator

Because you never want the monitor to run out of juice, the best models have an indicator light that lets you know when the power is running low.

Long-lasting battery

If you need to charge your monitor three or four times a day, there's a good chance you'll find yourself using it less and less, which isn’t a good thing. Some of the better batteries can last up to 8 hours before needing to be recharged, but a unit that has an eco mode might be effective for up to 12 hours.

Long range

No matter how your video baby monitor broadcasts a signal, you'll need it to be strong enough to reach from the baby's room to wherever you'll be. If the signal of a particular model can only travel a few feet through your house, there's little point in investing in that monitor.

Nighttime mode

Since your baby will be sleeping most of the time, the room is going to be dark, so you'll need a camera that offers some kind of infrared or night-time mode.

Video baby monitor features

Visual notification

If for any reason you need to silence the audio on your video baby monitor, you can do that without worry if your model has visual notifications. When the baby cries out while the sound is muted, a series of LED lights will start flashing to alert you that your baby is awake.

Eco mode

Constantly running a video is the biggest power drain on your video baby monitor. An eco mode typically shuts the screen off until sound is detected, thus prolonging the life of the battery.

Screen size

Because it’s impossible to tell how large something is if there's nothing to compare it to, always check the specs to see the actual screen size. Some monitors might appear to be adequate, but when you open the box, you could discover the screen is actually much smaller than a credit card.

Talk back

Talk back means your video baby monitor has two-way communication. In other words, you will have the option of comforting your baby with your voice.

Temperature monitor

Studies have shown that the ideal temperature for a baby's room is between 68°F and 72°F. Most video baby monitors are now equipped with temperature monitoring to make sure your baby is comfortable and safe. Some higher-end models also have an alert to let you know when the temperature is not within the safe range.

Tilt, pan, and zoom

Although you might need to consider a video baby monitor that is $100 or more to get these features, tilt, pan, and zoom are all camera functions that can come in handy when you want to have a better idea of what is making your baby so fussy.


This is one of the few completely optional features. Some models are equipped with a selection of lullabies to help your baby drift off to slumberland. If this sounds like something you'd find useful, make sure the monitor you’re considering has this capability.

Multiple lenses

This is another optional feature. Some of the higher-end video baby monitors offer a variety of lenses so you can either have a wide-angle, normal, or close-up view of your baby while he sleeps. If this is appealing, you'll likely need to look at models that cost over $100.

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Did you know?
It can take up to 20 minutes for your baby to reach deep sleep. Be particularly aware of any disturbance you may be creating that could disrupt his sleep before he reaches that crucial stage.

Video baby monitor prices

The cost of video baby monitors ranges from $30 to over $200.


If you're looking in the $30 to $50 range, be vigilant because it's hit or miss. You might find something reliable, but you have a better chance of purchasing something that won't make you happy.


Between $50 and $100, the quality is more consistent. It is a good area to research if you want some useful features at a price that isn't too dear.


From $100 to $200 and up is where you find larger viewing screens, cameras with tilt and pan capabilities, and other higher-end features.


  • Do not place the baby monitor in the crib.

  • Do not place your monitor in an area where it could get wet or damp.

  • Use strong passwords. Baby monitors that connect via the internet can be hacked.

  • Remember, a baby monitor does not protect your baby. It just allows you to watch your child from another location. Be vigilant.

  • The safest position for your baby to sleep is on the back.

  • Never cover your sleeping baby's face or head.

  • Remove all pillows, stuffed toys, and other soft products from the crib.

Other products we considered

Technology is always advancing. It is also becoming more and more affordable and more and more integrated into our daily lives. Because of this, there is a wealth of products available when it comes to video baby monitors. So many, in fact, that we wanted to provide two more options for you to consider. The Babebay Baby Monitor is another solid choice. It offers long-range connectivity, night vision, two-way audio, eco mode, and lullabies. On the high end of the scale, there's the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor that mounts to your wall and provides a crystal-clear overhead view of the crib. Additionally, you can subscribe to Nanit Insights to track how restful your baby's sleep is.

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Sleeping through the night can't be forced. Routines and sleep training may help, but patience is often the best approach.


Q. How do I know when my baby is getting tired?

A. If he starts getting fussy, rubs his eyes, or frequently yawns, these are all signs that it's time for a nap or to go to bed, depending on the time of day.

Q. I'm trying to establish a sleep routine, but I can't get my baby to go into sleep mode. Do you have any tips?

A. One of the best ways to relax is to slow your breathing. Long, deep breaths will not only calm you down, lower your heart-rate, and possibly even lower your blood pressure, but it will send a calming signal to your baby that will help her to fall asleep.

Q. Should I allow my baby to sleep with a pacifier?

A. The answer to this question is something you need to discuss with your pediatrician because there are persuasive pros and cons when it comes to allowing your baby to sleep with a pacifier. On the negative side, it can lead to increased ear infections and abnormal tooth development. On the plus side, studies are now starting to reveal that using a pacifier during naps or nighttime sleep can lower the risk of SIDS.