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Best Extra Wide Baby Gates

Updated February 2024
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Regalo Extra Wide Steel Frame Baby Gate
Extra Wide Steel Frame Baby Gate
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A very sturdy baby gate with a latch that is complicated for kids to figure out; earns our baby expert's approval.


You can add extensions for extra-wide openings. Comes with 3 sizes of "spacers" to adjust to your opening. Tricky latch that will take older kids a while to figure out. Doesn't fall if leaned on or someone tries to crawl over. Strong. Easy to open with one hand. The company makes this gate in several widths.


The doorway on this baby gate is a bit narrow and only swings one way.

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Evenflo Expansion Swing Extra Wide Hardware Mount Gate
Expansion Swing Extra Wide Hardware Mount Gate
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Our expert notes that accordion styles are a good option for babies who can’t climb up the gate because they're less sturdy.


Lightweight and simple. When not in use, this gate can compress completely back against the wall. Less intrusive than some other gates because of its ability to compress. Keeps dogs away from babies or within certain areas effectively. Very easy installation. A good gate to also use on a deck opening.


Very functional, but not as sturdy as other gates on the market. Must be screwed into the wall.

Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal Gate
Summer Infant
Decorative Wood & Metal Gate
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A good-looking, pressure-mounted gate that is sturdy and does not damage your walls; earns our expert's praise.


Extensions can be offset so the gate doesn't sit in the middle of the opening. Expansion sections fit well. More stylish than many others. Easy to put together. Nice wood finish. Swings in both directions. Easy to set up. Holds sturdy with its tension mounts. Includes a "lock." Holds up well over lots of usage.


This wide gate can extend to 60", which is not quite as wide or as versatile as some others on the market.

Perma Child Safety Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate
Perma Child Safety
Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate
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Resembling a screen more than a gate, this gate has a retractable design that can be operated one-handed.


Not only is the retractable screen design elegant and easy to use, but it also means you can install the gate components without making any adjustments for width. Included templates further streamline installation. The result is an unconventional design that is nearly unnoticeable when retracted.


If you let go of the gate while it isn’t anchored, it can whip around as it retracts.

Cumbor Extra Wide Baby Gate for Stairs
Extra Wide Baby Gate for Stairs
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For staircases, entryways, and more, this is a friendly and sturdy gate popular among parents and our baby expert.


Tall with an adjustable width, which makes it easy to customize for each location. Middle swings open so adults can easily walk through. Automatically shuts behind you. Simple frame keeps your walls safe and blends in with most decor. An excellent choice for those searching for a more permanent boundary.


May require a bit of pressure and extra handling to properly secure.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best extra-wide baby gates

Modern home design often includes wide entrances or transition spaces between rooms. As homes have grown in scale, so too have hallways, staircases, and room thresholds. If your home has entryways that are wider than standard, an extra-wide baby gate may be exactly what you need to keep your little one safe.

An extra-wide baby gate may double as a play yard or barrier, giving you some extra configuration options. These wider gates range from the simple, such as a single mesh panel, to the sophisticated, such as an arched gate with decorative slats.

Whether you need to keep your baby contained inside or out, rest assured there's a gate out there with the width and extension capabilities to keep up with your home's layout.

A baby reaches their arm through a baby gate at the top of the stairs in an attempt to reach a yellow ball.
Baby gates can prevent your baby from falling down a flight of stairs or from entering rooms that may be dangerous for them, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Types of extra-wide baby gates


Pressure-mounted baby gates remain secure by applying pressure to a wall or door frame. The pressure mechanism may be spring-loaded or require manual adjustment with a screw. With an extra-wide baby gate, a pressure-mounted model may have a panel on either side of the gate that swings open. Or, it may have two sliding panels with a pressure release mechanism on one side.

If you’re worried about leaving holes in the wall, you may appreciate the fact that these models leave walls unmarked. However, pressure-mounted gates are easier to knock over than wall-mounted models. Therefore, pressure-mounted baby gates should only be used in areas where there's no danger of falling down stairs.

Expert tip
Make sure that the distance between slats is not too wide for small babies.
BestReviews Baby and Child Expert


If you're looking for a sturdy, semi-permanent solution to your baby safety and containment issues, a wall-mounted model is probably the best choice for you. These gates are screwed directly into a door frame or wall studs, so there's a much lower risk of them falling over. This is the type of gate you want at the top of the stairs.

On the downside, the mounting hardware will leave holes in your wall after you have taken the gate down. (Of course, holes can be fixed.) Also, a wall-mounted gate is not the right option if you want a gate that can be moved from room to room.

Length and height

Extra-wide baby gates generally start at five feet in length, but there are models that reach as much as 12 feet. If your family is on the tall side — or your goal is to contain animals, too — there are extra-wide and tall models with a maximum height of between 36 and 39 inches.

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Did you know?
A label from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association indicates that the gate meets required safety regulations. The gate should also have a permanent sticker with manufacturer contact information.


Latch design and lock indicators

There are a variety of latch designs on the market today. Dual-action latches, for example, require you to apply pressure to the latch and push the gate to open it. Others have a compression mechanism, which requires you to squeeze portions of the latch together to release the gate. Pressure-release handles that require you to lift the latch to open the gates are also common. Some models even give you hands-free access with a foot pedal that opens the latch. Look for a latch that will be easy for you and other adults in your household to open.

The security of the latch is imperative to keeping your baby safe and contained. Most latches have some kind of audible or visual safety indicator that lets you know when it's fully locked. Those with an audible indicator give a reassuring click as the latch locks into place. Models with a visual safety indicator typically have a bar that changes from green to red when the gate is open. With a quick glance, you can see whether or not you've completely closed the gate before walking away. However, nothing beats a gentle shake to make sure the gate is secure.

Panel/slat design and spacing

Vertical slats that are less than three inches apart are the most common design, as they prevent climbing and heads from squeezing through the gate. However, there are diamond grids and mesh panels, too. If you’ve got a climber, try to avoid gates with a bottom rail or any kind of handhold, as your little one might knock the gate down in their attempt to reach new heights.

Expert Tip
Never use a pressure gate at the top of the stairs.
BestReviews Baby and Child Expert

Configuration and installation flexibility

Some gates have more configuration flexibility than others. Designs that can be expanded with extension panels, for example, can often be used to create barriers in an open floor plan. The configuration isn't the only place you might need some flexibility. You may need to mount the gates on a stair baluster or an area where there's no stud in the wall. Some manufacturers offer extra installation kits to handle these unusual installation needs.


Baby gates can be made of plastic, mesh, metal, wood, or a combination of these materials.

  • Wood models should have a smooth, even finish with rounded edges for safety.

  • Metal gates are typically made of aluminum tubing or enameled-coated steel. These models may be suitable for outdoor use, but only as indicated by the manufacturer.

  • Plastic is almost always combined with other materials like wood or metal. It can be sturdy and durable but may break down if exposed to continuous sunlight.

  • Mesh gates are lightweight. There may be several panels with a gate and threshold or a single, long panel. The single-panel design may retract from one side or release from the pressure-mount mechanism.
Expert tip
Don’t install your baby gate too high as this may create an entrapment hazard if they try to crawl underneath.
BestReviews Baby and Child Expert

Extra-wide baby gate prices

Extra-wide baby gates start around $40. At this entry-level price, you're looking at pressure-mounted gates with two sliding panels rather than a threshold.

The majority of extra-wide baby gates fall in the $40 to $100 range. These gates may be pressure- or wall-mounted and made of plastic, metal, wood, mesh, or a combination of these materials. Extension panels are usually available for these models, as are latch lock indicators, one-hand opening, and flexible installation and configuration options.


  • A baby gate extending through your home isn't always the most attractive piece of home décor. However, there are some models designed with aesthetics in mind. The opening panel may have an arch or scrollwork in the slat design. While a gate is still a gate, these models do add a touch of sophistication.

  • To reduce the risk of falling down stairs, configure a wall-mounted baby gate so the gate swings toward the landing rather than the stairs. That way, even if your baby manages to sneak through or open the gate, they won’t immediately fall down the stairs.

  • Do you like the safety of a wall-mounted gate but not the permanence? Some wall-mounted gates are designed to slide out of the wall mounting. After your baby goes to bed or if you're entertaining, you can remove the gate, but the mountings stay in place.
Expert tip
Always keep gates closed and latched.
BestReviews Baby and Child Expert
A baby gate closing access to a staircase
Once your child reaches 30 pounds or grows taller than 36 inches, a baby gate isn't a reliable way to protect and contain them. At this point, your baby's weight and height make it far too easy for them to knock the gate down.


Q. Can a wall-mounted baby gate be used in a home with baseboards?

A. With some designs, your only option is to cut the baseboard, making a notch where the gate can mount. With others, you may have to mount the gate above the baseboard, which could create a dangerous crawling space for a determined baby or pet. A few manufacturers have addressed this issue by using an adjustable mount on the bottom of the gate so it can be narrower than the top.

Expert tip
Resist the temptation to climb over the baby gate. Babies are always watching and getting ideas. If they see you climb over, they will want to climb over too.
BestReviews Baby and Child Expert

Q. Can an extra-wide baby gate be used outdoors?

A. There are models that can be used indoors or out. Keep in mind that water and sun can break down materials and compromise their strength in designs that aren't meant for use outside. For that reason, we recommend only using gates that have been approved by the manufacturer for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q. Do extra-wide baby gates also have an extra-wide door?

A. The majority of baby gates have a standard opening of about 22 inches. However, if you want to be able to carry a car seat or groceries through the gate, there are models with extra-wide openings of up to 26 inches wide.

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