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Amazon Outlet has incredible deals on toys right now

Little Live Pets/Fisher-Price

You won’t believe some of these discounts

Amazon is well-known for frequently throwing major sales, such as Amazon Prime Day over the summer. It also offers excellent discounts on many overstocked goods between these events through its Amazon Outlet page. Toys are a popular target for such discounts, with some being listed for more than 50% off. Right now, several great toys for the youngest of kids, such as collections of miniatures and art supplies, are steeply discounted. It’s a perfect time to shop ahead for birthdays or to stash away rewards for future good behavior.

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BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer joins Jessica Wills to share BestReviews’ picks for the top toddler must-haves for your little ones.

Having a toddler comes with a whole new set of challenges like making sure you have the best products to keep them happy and healthy.

What is Amazon Outlet?

Amazon Outlet is a search option on Amazon that shows discounted items because of overstocking. You can find all kinds of items for all ranges of discounts, including rare items discounted by more than 70 percent. A similar search option, Amazon Warehouse, offers discounts on open box, refurbished and returned items.

Best toy deals on Amazon Outlet

Little Lives Pets Mama Surprise Guinea Pigs

Most children want pets, but that’s not a responsibility they may be ready for. This collection, which includes a full-size pig and three miniature ones, is a great way to introduce the concept of caring for a pet so they can get ready. 

Melissa & Doug Pilot Dashboard

This pilot dashboard is packed with interactive elements, including 22 sounds that make it easy for a child to believe they’re flying a real plane. It also includes a preflight checklist just like real pilots use and even a headset to wear. It’s 28% off.

Holyfun Play Food Toy Set

This huge 34-piece collection of plastic food and kitchen gear is great for multiple kids wanting to play the same make-believe games together. It also comes with a collapsible storage bag, which is perfect for travelling. The plastic is nontoxic in case a child forgets it’s fake.

MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Food Diner Series Two Pastry Shop Bundle

Each of the four little balls in this set contains a collection of pieces that let a child make some kind of meal. One ball could contain cake-making items, for example, and a display stand for once they put everything together. What’s actually inside each ball is a mystery. It’s 27% off.

MagHub Magnetic Tiles

This collection of brightly colored magnetic tiles is perfect for kids who love Legos and other toys that let them build whatever they can imagine. The set includes 100 total pieces, 94 of which are tiles in various shapes, such as squares and triangles. 

Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Set

This materials set includes everything needed for a child to unleash their next great work of art. That includes pens, paper and several plastic wheels and rings that help make fascinating shapes. It also comes with a carrying case for art on the go. It’s 40% off.

Fisher-Price Little People Toddler Playset

Fisher-Price toys are beloved for teaching kids without them realizing they’re learning while playing. This car wash set is no different because it helps with counting and their ABCs. Two kids can play and learn together since it comes with two figurines. It’s 35% off.

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Monster High characters are popular these days, so be the hero of your home by grabbing a doll set for your child. This one comes with several accessories, such as fake balloons and a half dozen plastic donuts. It’s 40% off. There are three other characters available at different discounts. 

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

The Xylophone is a popular way to introduce children to music, or at least to making noises. This fun take on the instrument is partly a color-matching ball toy. When the child hits the ball through the hole with a mallet, it makes music as it hits and rolls down the xylophone underneath. It’s 49% off.

Disney Doorables "Encanto" Collection

This collection of miniatures includes most of the main cast of “Encanto,” including the lead character Mirabel and someone we don’t talk about. Each figure is 1.5 inches tall and covered in glitter to make playtime a little more sparkly. It’s 70% off.

Funko Pop! Marvel: Ms. Marvel

This Funko doll represents the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the popular character Ms. Marvel, played to wonderful effect by Iman Vellani. She’s standing on hard light platforms created by her powers, which makes the Funko a little more dynamic. It’s an Amazon exclusive.

Peppa Pig Toys Peppa’s Carry-Along Friends Toy Set

This collection of miniature Peppa Pig characters is a great gift for Peppa Pig fans. There is a blue case version and an orange case version, with each case including four different characters. The blue case is 32% off while the orange case of 61% off.

Leapfrog Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart

This cute toy food cart is a great way to introduce the concept of working and money to young kids. You can make it special if you order a real pizza based on the one your child makes with the cart’s ingredients. It’s 54% off.

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