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10 things you'll need to stay safe during a winter storm

The winter season lends itself to holidays, pristine snowfalls, hot chocolate and evenings spent by the fireplace. However, this time of the year also carries the risk of stormy weather, dangerously low temperatures and power outages.

A blizzard can leave you stuck indoors, unable to safely leave your home for days at a time. To keep safe during winter storms, it's important to have an easily accessible supply of the following emergency items.

In this article: Be Smart Get Prepared 326-Piece First-Aid Kit, Emergency Crank Weather Radio and Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160.

Health essentials

In the event of a storm, getting medical attention can prove to be impossible. Because of this, no emergency supply is complete without a first-aid kit. Keep it stocked with bandages, tools, gauze and antibacterial ointment that can help prevent infection. Discard and replace any expired or opened items.

You also need to have enough prescription medication available to last you a week. It's a good idea to keep your medication next to, or even in, your first-aid kit so that it's easy to grab all of your medical supplies at the same time.


The inability to run your furnace during a winter power outage can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. To keep warm, invest in a kerosene or propane space heater that is safe for indoor use. Gas-powered heaters don't need electricity and can make an enclosed room more comfortable in a short amount of time. Keep extra gas containers filled and readily available, as these appliances burn through it quickly.

Your emergency kit should also contain thermal blankets. These sheets are made out of a metallic, flexible material called Mylar. While thin, they reflect your body's heat and help you maintain your core temperature when worn properly.


An injury from a fall during a blizzard should be avoided at all costs. Keep a reliable flashlight on hand in case things go dark. Select flashlights that are bright, weatherproof and easy to carry. Homes with multiple occupants should have a flashlight for each person. Battery-powered lanterns are also great for lighting up a room, as they can be set on a table or hung.


You’ll need a radio to keep up with news and instructions in a power outage. Emergency radios that are designed specifically for survival are recommended. Choose one that features a built-in flashlight that can run on batteries or be charged using a manual crank.

Food considerations

Stock up on nonperishable canned food items, and purchase a can opener to keep in the same location. Emergency, freeze-dried foods are also highly recommended. These come in large containers meant to last for long periods and only require the addition of water to make them edible.

Batteries and power supplies

A supply of fresh batteries is a winter safety necessity. You'll need them to power your flashlights and radio. Investing in power banks or a power station is also a good idea. If bad weather is approaching, you can charge these up and use them to keep your smart devices or other electronics functional.

Best winter storm supplies

Be Smart Get Prepared 326-piece First-Aid Kit 

This first-aid kit comes in a tough plastic case with dividers to help you keep its 326 included supplies organized. It can be mounted on a wall or carried where needed with its built-in handle.

Sold by Amazon

Emergency Crank Weather Radio 

You can run this emergency radio via batteries, DC power, its built-in solar panel or its hand crank. It features a flashlight, an alarm and a motion-activated reading light to prevent you from stumbling in the dark.

Sold by Amazon

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160 

Charge this power station up in preparation for bad weather, and rest assured that you will have hours of energy for your electronics. You can run up to five devices via its USB and AC power outlets, and it can be charged with an optional solar panel.

Sold by Amazon

Augason Farms 30-day Emergency Food Supply 

This emergency food supply contains a variety of meals designed to last one person up to 30 days. The food is easily prepared by adding hot or cold water, and both breakfast and dinner options are included.

Sold by Amazon

Good Cook Safe Cut Manual Can Opener 

This can opener won't leave you with any potentially hazardous sharp edges. It has a stainless steel cutting blade and is small enough to slip into a survival bag or pocket.

Sold by Amazon

Everlit Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket 

This pack includes four emergency blankets in either silver or gold. When used properly, they can help you retain up to 90% of your body heat.

Sold by Amazon

 GearLight LED Flashlight Pack 

These two flashlights are bright, water- and drop-resistant and small enough to slip around your wrist or into a pocket. Each can be powered with a single AAA battery, and the set includes a pair of carrying holsters.

Sold by Amazon

Razbag Portable, Lockable Prescription Medicine Bag 

You can keep your prescriptions accessible, secure and portable with this medicine bag. It has loops for holding bottles and also includes interior pockets for storing important medication information or instructions.

Sold by Amazon

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Indoor-Safe Propane Heater 

Simple to use and able to heat large interior spaces, this heater can be attached to two 1-pound propane canisters or a 20-pound tank if you purchase an additional hose attachment. It features a battery-powered fan to keep the warm air moving.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Folding Emergency Snow Shovel 

This snow shovel folds up for storage in your car or with the rest of your emergency supplies. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it ideal for situations where you have to dig yourself out of your doorway or remove snow and ice from around your tires.

Sold by Amazon


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