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Most popular yoga products you can buy online now

Expertly reviewed by Judd Nesmith

What do you need for yoga?

Yoga is a great way to help with physical and mental health for people of all ages. Through deep breathing and slow movements, yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance, increasing blood flow. It's a great way to relieve back pain and arthritis symptoms, and it alleviates stress, creating brighter energy and better moods.

Like many activities, yoga requires specific materials, the most important being a yoga mat. Yoga blocks and straps are perfect for beginners because they help with balance and stretching. Yoga bolsters are great for prenatal and meditation classes, providing extra comfort. Of course, yoga isn’t complete without a comfy and fashionable outfit.

This article was reviewed and approved by Judd NeSmith, the BestReviews Fitness Expert.

Popular yoga products you can purchase online now

Yoga mats

When practicing yoga, your hands often get sticky, so mats help provide traction. They also provide cushioning when on hardwood floors. Yoga mats range in price but usually cost $80-$120. You can find beginner mats for as little as $20, but quality likely will not be as good as a more expensive mat. Key aspects to consider are length, thickness, material, durability, comfort and traction.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are perfect for beginners and help with balance. Some yoga poses, such as half-moon, are advanced, so yoga blocks are a great way to help with posture and increasing strength when holding poses. Yoga blocks help keep the chest open and torso long. Along with different materials, yoga blocks come in three heights, making them versatile.

Yoga straps

Also called belts, yoga straps are great for holding poses where you can’t reach your feet. They’re also useful for other stretches, acting as an extender. If you don’t have a lot of flexibility in your shoulders to bind, straps are nice because they “connect” both hands in an untroubled way.

Yoga apparel

Yoga clothing should be breathable and comfortable. You can express your style with yoga attire and can never go wrong with pants or shorts. Shorts are especially good for hot yoga. If you prefer looser clothing, yoga joggers or harem-style pants are great alternatives. They’re stretchy, comfortable and provide extra room. Ankle elastic ensures they stay in place.

Yoga tops should be form-fitting so they don’t slide up. Clothing with wicking material is a good choice, especially for hot yoga and those who sweat a lot. While it’s preferred to do yoga barefoot, yoga socks are available. When purchasing, make sure they have grips to provide traction and keep feet covered.

Yoga mat bags/slings

If you plan on attending yoga classes on a regular basis, consider purchasing a yoga mat bag or sling.

  • Slings usually have hook-and-loop straps to wrap around the mat, which then are slung over your shoulder.
  • Bags typically come in two styles. Hook-and-loop bags are similar to those on yoga slings but the body is like a gym bag. The other version is designed with zippers or snaps to hold rolled yoga mats. Some yoga mat bags can hold extra items such as wallets, water bottles and cellphones.

Yoga bolsters

Yoga bolsters have many uses and are popular in prenatal and restorative classes. They can act as a stack of blankets or pillows to help with seated and forward-bending positions. When reclining, you can place one under your back to provide additional support or under your knees to use as a cushion.

Yoga bolsters are designed in two shapes: round and flat. Flat (more rectangular) bolsters are generally more convenient. Round bolsters are good when you want more support or a deeper stretch.

Yoga wheels

Relatively new to yoga, wheels are a great way to help deepen stretches and increase flexibility. They’re about 4 inches wide and 12 inches in diameter. On the other hand, wheels can challenge stability for advanced yogis.

What you need to buy for yoga

Top yoga mats

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

This pro yoga mat is ultra-supportive, measuring 6 millimeters thick. Its dense cushioning provides support, stability and joint protection. It's on the expensive side, but is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Sold by Amazon

Clever Yoga Nonslip Yoga Mat

At a great price, this yoga mat is well-made, providing comfortable padding and space. As a bonus feature, it comes with a carrying strap, making it easy to transport.

Sold by Amazon

Top yoga blocks

Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick

Made of natural cork, this yoga block is heavy-duty and will last for many years. It provides extra support for difficult poses and can be used under hands or feet, or as a seat. 

Sold by Amazon

Node Fitness Premium Yoga Block

These lightweight yoga blocks are designed to improve flexibility and alignment, deepening stretches. Made of durable and eco-friendly ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, it’s soft but allows for a firm, stable grip. 

Sold by Amazon

Top yoga straps

Reehut Yoga Strap With Adjustable D-Ring Buckle

Available in seven colors, these yoga straps are made in three lengths, providing the necessary support to keep you balanced. Made of strong polyester cotton, they protect hands from irritation and other injuries.

Sold by Amazon

Clever Yoga Strap

This eco-friendly cotton yoga strap is perfect for beginners, allowing for safe and secure poses.It helps tremendously to help improve posture and flexibility, and it’s machine-washable.

Sold by Amazon

Top yoga apparel

90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants

These high-waisted yoga pants are sold at a great price and are very comfortable. The fabric is breathable, making it easy to conquer any yoga pose.

Sold by Amazon

Toesox Women's Bellarina Half Toe Grip Non-Slip for Ballet, Yoga

The heel tabs help protect the Achilles tendon while arch bands give extra support. The nonslip grip sole makes them perfect for any yoga class and the five-toe design allows for ultimate breathability and mobility.

Sold by Amazon

Top yoga mat bag and sling

Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

Sold at an inexpensive price, this yoga mat bag has two pockets: one large pocket for yoga mats and one small pocket for items such as keys and cellphones. It's free of clasps, zippers and strings, making it easy to transport.

Sold by Amazon

Clever Yoga Adjustable Yoga Mat Strap Sling

This cotton yoga sling won’t dig into your shoulders when carrying your mat. Available in two lengths, it can also be used to help with stretching.

Sold by Amazon

Top yoga bolsters

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

While on the luxurious side, the upholstery-grade fabrics of this yoga bolster are durable and long lasting. Its firmness is great for any yoga pose and assists with maintaining posture, and it comes in seven colors.

Sold by Amazon

Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster

Perfect for restorative yoga, the round shape supplies soft support while the solid foam core is firm enough to reinforce difficult postures. Two side straps make it easy to carry.

Sold by Amazon

Top yoga wheels

UpCircleSeven Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

This yoga wheel resists sweat and is designed for those who suffer from back pain. Ideal for yoga, it opens the back and is an amazing help with stretching. Designed with thick foam padding, it provides maximum comfort when tackling the toughest of poses.

Sold by Amazon

Reehut Yoga Wheel Roller

Sold at a reasonable price, this yoga wheel is made to be long-lasting. Made of a hybrid thermoplastic elastomer that cushions, it supplies ultimate comfort to your hands, feet and back while improving resistance. Due to high-quality padding, it’s anti-slip, making it a great accessory for hot yoga.

Sold by Amazon

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