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Best yoga blanket

Expertly reviewed by Judd Nesmith

Choosing the best yoga blanket for your practice

Before yoga mats became popular, traditional yogis used blankets, towels and rugs in their practices as a soft, supportive buffer against hard surfaces. Now, yoga blankets are typically used alongside a mat in practices.

A good yoga blanket provides support and cushioning to the joints and spine during asanas, but it also acts as a bolster or aid in more challenging poses. You can use a yoga blanket during restorative yoga or savasana (corpse pose) to keep you warm and grounded. Some people even use them for strength-building and mobility exercises.

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What to look for in a yoga blanket


Most yoga blankets are made from wool, cotton or a blend of cotton, polyester and acrylic.

Wool: Wool blankets are typically thicker and denser than the others, which makes them better for keeping you warm. They should not be used during high-intensity practices or when there’s a lot of sweating involved. Wool is fairly sustainable, but it’s not vegan-friendly. It may also pill more easily than cotton.

Cotton: The softest, most durable blankets are usually made from cotton. Organic cotton is especially sustainable, making it better for the environment than other options. Cotton blankets may shed fibers early on and are more susceptible to shrinking when you wash in hot water.

Blends: Many yoga blankets are made from 100% recyclable materials or blends. These blankets are often long-lasting and hold up well during asanas and after multiple washes. They are also often more affordable than cotton or wool blankets.


Yoga blanket sizes can accommodate nearly anyone. There are small, medium, large and extra-large size blankets. Larger blankets are typically better for full-body coverage during restorative yoga or savasana. Smaller blankets may be better for those who want a prop or aid during certain poses. Choose a size based on your body type and personal preference.


Some yoga blankets are thinner and lightweight, while others are thick and heavy. The best blankets for yoga are somewhere in-between – neither too thick nor too thin. What matters the most is if it meets your needs.

For instance, can it be folded into a pillow during savasana or used as a bolster for those poses you’re still learning? A thicker blanket may be better for asanas like camel pose or side forearm plank, but only if it folds easily.

The thickness and flexibility of your blanket also matter when it comes to other aspects of your yoga practice. It should be easy to roll into a bolster or fold for support for seated poses. It should also provide additional height or flexibility to help you with difficult poses.


Durability matters, especially if you intend to use a yoga blanket instead of a mat. Not only should the blanket provide a good foundation and support for challenging poses, but it should also be durable enough to not tear or unravel during use. This is especially true if you’re using the blanket for intermediate or more advanced asanas. When choosing a blanket, check for products that have repeated issues of snagging or unraveling.


The great thing about yoga blankets is they’re not just for yoga. Most yoga blankets can be used for other purposes, too, such as travel, beach trips, camping or car rides.


Yoga blankets come in diverse colors and patterns. For instance, handwoven Mexican blankets often use ethnic patterns and vivid colors, though there are solid Mexican blankets as well. These blankets may also have a fringe.

The best yoga blankets

Halfmoon Yoga Blanket

This cotton Indian yoga blanket comes in several simple, solid colors and is unique because it’s handwoven. Heavy enough to make you feel grounded but light enough to not be stifling, this blanket is a great addition to any yoga practice. It is versatile enough for meditation, camping, traveling and indoor or outdoor use.

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Benevolence LA Authentic Mexican Yoga Blanket

Woven from high-quality recycled materials, this yoga blanket is lightweight, ultra-soft and perfect for warmer areas or summer practice. It comes in cool patterns and color options like coral and mint, but it also comes in neutral tones. Also makes for a great blanket when huddling up by the fireside.

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El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

Handwoven by Mexican artisans and made from recycled materials, this sustainable yoga blanket is perfect for indoor or outdoor yoga practices. It’s soft enough to be used as a blanket, but it’s also durable and thick enough to act as a bolster and foundation for more challenging poses. Plus, the blanket holds up after multiple washes, keeps you warm without the risk of overheating and is large enough to cover you during final relaxation.

Sold by Amazon

Manduka Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket

Not only is this yoga blanket a great alternative to the yoga block, but it’s also a helpful accessory to any yoga practice. Made completely from recycled wool with a dense weave that’s durable and stretch-resistant, this blanket is foldable, stackable and provides great padding when doing yoga on a hard surface.

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Americanflat Authentic Mexican Yoga Blanket

Relatively lightweight but still warm, this blanket is supportive for the knees, hands and shoulders during challenging yoga poses. It’s made from polyester and cotton, so it’s breathable and warm but keeps you from sweating. This authentic Mexican blanket has a fringe on either side and comes in solid gray, black or striped blue and white.

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Open Road Goods Handmade Yoga Blanket

Designed in the southwestern style with vibrant color options, this yoga blanket is soft and non-scratchy, which makes it ideal for restorative yoga and relaxation. It can also be rolled into a bolster.

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Handcrafted Large Mexican Yoga Blanket

Made with eco-friendly, recycled materials, this handwoven authentic blanket is an essential accessory to any yoga practice done in cooler temperatures. Despite being warm, it’s also surprisingly lightweight. You can fold this blanket in several different ways, which makes it ideal if you need extra padding or a bolster.

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Other yoga essentials

Looking for something else to add to your yoga practice? Check out these essentials.

  • Yoga block to help you do more challenging or advanced poses.
  • Strap for stretch, flexibility and holding poses.
  • Yoga wheel to alleviate back pain and help with strength building.
  • Nonslip yoga towel for hot yoga or if you tend to perspire a lot while practicing.
  • Yoga mat bag or mat carrying strap to transport your mat.


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