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Everything you need to play kickball

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What do I need to play kickball?

Kickball is a fun, adaptable game playable by both kids and adults. It incorporates running, kicking, catching and throwing and is a good way to add a little exercise to your day. Additionally, kickball is good for your cardiovascular system. It helps develop gross motor skills, reduces stress and improves your mood. It also teaches sportsmanship and healthy social interaction.

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A brief history of kickball

Kickball began as Kick Baseball in Ohio around 1917. Nicholas C. Seuss, a Cincinnati Park Playground supervisor, invented the game for play on baseball fields throughout the city. Eventually, the game was embraced by physical education teachers and became popular in schools around the country.

Why are there so many variations of kickball?

The World Kickball Association has outlined a set of official rules for regulation games, but the bulk of kickball games are not official. Time limits, skill levels and age ranges vary. Details of the game change from situation to situation to better accommodate the players.

How big is a kickball field?

Originally, kickball was played on a baseball field, so the dimensions are similar. The field is a diamond shape with three bases and a home plate. There should be 60 feet between each base.

If you have no way of measuring, 20 paces between bases will do. The pitcher should be roughly 42 feet or 14 paces away from home plate. Alternatively, you could think of the pitcher as standing in the center of the diamond. If you do not have a foul line marker, you can use traffic cones to help delineate the foul line.

What are the rules of kickball?

  • Objective: Score the most runs by the end of the game. A run is scored each time a player rounds the bases and crosses home plate.
  • Gameplay: A regulation game lasts seven innings or 55 minutes but schoolyard games are typically only six innings. An away team bats first and a home team bats second. After each team has a chance to bat, the inning is over.
  • Number of players: According to the WKA, each team must have a minimum of eight but not more than 10 players on the field. If you are playing for fun and have less than the required number of players, create two teams of equal numbers utilizing all available players.
  • Pitching: The pitcher stands at the pitching rubber and throws the ball underhand toward home plate. The ball cannot bounce more than two or three times. In most situations, a roll with no spin or excessive speed is agreed upon. If you are using WKA rules, there are no restrictions on pitching style.
  • Strikes: Any pitch that crosses within one foot of home plate and is not kicked is a strike. This can mean the ball crosses to the right, left or above home plate. Additionally, a strike is any attempted but missed kick. According to WKA rules, three strikes count as an out. If you are playing a schoolyard game, two strikes may be an out.
  • Balls: Any pitch that does not fit within the parameters of a strike is a ball. According to WKA rules, four balls allow the batter to take a base. If you are playing a schoolyard game, three balls allow the batter to take a base.
  • Fouls: A kicked ball that first lands in foul territory or moves into foul territory before crossing first or third base is a foul. According to WKA rules, three fouls count as an out. If you are playing a schoolyard game, two fouls may be an out.
  • Outs: Each batting team gets three outs. An out happens whenever a batter strikes out or fouls out. An out also happens in three other ways. First, when a kicked ball is caught before it touches the ground. Secondly, when a runner is tagged out while not on a base. You can throw the ball at a runner as long as it stays below the shoulders. Lastly, when a fielder steps on a base with the ball in hand before the runner arrives.

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