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Best lacrosse goal

Which lacrosse goal is best?

If you’re tired of your kids practicing their lacrosse shots against the side of your garage or house, purchasing a lacrosse goal for practice at home is a smart move.

A lacrosse goal kit consists of a frame and a net. Some offer a few add-ons. Attaching the net to the frame is an easy process, so it will be ready to use in no time. The frame will be freestanding, allowing you to set it up anywhere.

Our favorite unit is the Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal, thanks to its sturdy design that’s made for use in any weather.

What to know before you buy a lacrosse goal

When shopping for a lacrosse goal, start by thinking about how you want to use it.

Game vs. practice quality

A game-quality lacrosse goal will be extremely durable and sturdy, but it also costs more than a practice goal. The practice goal often will fold down for portability.

Indoor vs. outdoor

An outdoor lacrosse goal, also called a field goal, typically is a regulation-sized goal with a frame that measures 6’ x 6’.

An indoor lacrosse goal, also called a box goal, often will measure 4’ x 4’. It’s made for the indoor version of the game. Some players use the box goal to practice for the outdoor game, as they prefer to practice shooting at the smaller target.

What to look for in a quality lacrosse goal

After you’ve decided on the basic considerations for your lacrosse goal purchase, you can further differentiate between products by focusing on these features.

Frame quality

A lacrosse goal with a steel frame is going to give you maximum durability and quality. Manufacturers use a gauge to measure the frame thickness, and lower gauge numbers signify thicker steel.

Cheaper goals may use fiberglass or plastic frames. These are lightweight for portability, but they are not all that durable.

Net quality

A good quality lacrosse net should consist of materials that are UV protected to avoid deterioration in sunlight. Nylon, cotton, and polyester are common materials used with the net.

Some lacrosse goals ship with a rebound net that you can attach. When you use a rebound net, the ball bounces off the net back to you, rather than sticking in the net. This simplifies practicing by yourself.

Fold-down design

Because lacrosse goals are large in size, you may want a type of frame that collapses and folds down for storage or for portability. However, a fold-down design will not be as durable as a solid frame design.


Some lacrosse goals may ship with a target that you can hang from the frame or attach to the net in the back. This target gives you a precise area to aim for, allowing you to sharpen your shooting skills.

Another popular add-on is a backstop. This is a solid piece that surrounds the net on the outside. If you shoot errantly while practicing and miss the net, the backstop prevents the ball from getting too far away.

How much you can expect to spend on a lacrosse goal

A lacrosse goal with a lightweight frame that’s made for practice will cost between $15-$150. Heavier frames that provide extra durability may cost $150-$350, but they provide the quality needed for gameplay.

Lacrosse goal FAQ

Do I want a regulation-size lacrosse goal for practice?

A. Most people prefer the regulation goal for practice. Others, though, may want a smaller goal, so they can sharpen their accuracy when shooting.

Why aren’t fold-down lacrosse goals as durable as steel post goals?

A. A fold-down frame will be fine for practice, but it may collapse in strong wind. During gameplay, when players may bump or crash into the goal, a fold-down frame could break.

What's the best lacrosse goal to buy?

Top lacrosse goal

Franklin Sports’ Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Our take: When you need a lacrosse net that will last, this unit has a sturdy frame and an all-weather polyester net.

What we like: Includes a high-quality net for excellent durability. Powder-coated steel frame will resist rusting.

What we dislike: Not a portable goal, as it does not fold down to a small size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top lacrosse goal for the money

Rukket Sports’ Rip It Portable Lacrosse Goal

Our take: It’s a regulation-size goal, but it also folds down to a small size for practice anywhere.

What we like: Lightweight frame is nice for portability. Net material has a good level of durability.

What we dislike: This fiberglass frame is not as strong as a steel frame. It may blow over in strong winds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

EZGoal’s Lacrosse Folding Goal

Our take: Even though it’s a portable and foldable design, it makes use of a steel frame for extra durability.

What we like: Net material contains UV protection, so it will last, even if you leave it outside. Regulation-size goal.

What we dislike: This steel frame is not as thick or durable as some other steel frame goals.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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