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Best cheap lacrosse sticks

Cheap lacrosse sticks

Lacrosse is a team-oriented, fast-paced game of skill, strength, coordination and speed. Lacrosse players must work together as a team to master scooping, passing, catching, cradling and shooting. To do so, they must ensure that they have a reliable stick that suits their needs as players.

The type of stick you require to play lacrosse depends on your position in the game. It also depends on your preference, skill level and budget. Luckily, there are options available for players of any age and skill level at reasonable prices. If you need help determining which options will best suit you, read this list of products, as well as considerations to make prior to purchasing.

Things to consider before you purchase a cheap lacrosse stick

A lacrosse stick consists of two parts: a head (the netted scoop) and a shaft (this is what you hold onto). Some lacrosse sticks are detachable, meaning the head and shaft aren’t connected, while others come in one solid piece.

When deciding on the cheapest lacrosse stick to purchase, you should know the differences between sticks on the market as they relate to your personal preferences as a player.


The length of your stick depends on what position you play. There are different lengths for goalies, attack, midfield and defense. 

  • Attack/midfield lacrosse sticks: 40-42 inches
  • Long stick middie lacrosse sticks: 52-72 inches
  • Defense lacrosse sticks: 52-72 inches 
  • Goalie lacrosse sticks: 40-72 inches (goalie sticks can vary based on preference and comfort)


  • Aluminum: Aluminum sticks are known for being relatively inexpensive and lightweight, making them ideal for beginners. 
  • Alloy: Alloy lacrosse sticks are made from mixed metals and are good options for offensive players or attackers who want a lightweight stick they can put their weight into. 
  • Scandium: Scandium sticks offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for any type of player. 
  • Composite: Composite sticks are good for velocity and are solid options for attack/midfield players since you can shoot harder.

You can also find lacrosse sticks made from plastics, wood and fiberglass. When picking the best cheap lacrosse stick, try to choose a lightweight option so it’s easy to maneuver, no matter what position you’re playing.

Pocket depth

Consider the depth of the pocket. A deeper pocket allows for more control, whereas a shallow pocket allows for a quicker release. For an all-around option or if you’re just starting out, choose a mid-pocket. 

Five good cheap lacrosse sticks

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick

This stick is great for casual use if you’re looking to practice your fundamental stick skills and familiarize yourself with the sport. It’s made out of durable plastic and is the appropriate length for attack and midfield players.

Sold by Amazon

STX Stallion 200 on 6000 Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick

For casual/beginner use, this stick’s comfortable grip allows for excellent handling and the high pocket placement is great for perfecting your control and cradling. This is a longer stick that works well for defensive and LSM positions.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick

Also by STX and highly rated, this option is suited for junior players since the head features softer materials. The shaft is thinner to allow for easy handling for young, entry-level players.

Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft & Head

This lacrosse stick measures 41 inches when fully assembled. The head features a durable mesh and the shaft is made of aluminum, providing a lightweight feel and professional quality at an affordable price.

Sold by Amazon

Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

Designed specifically for technique development, this durable stick is highly rated for beginners/youth players and handles well in any weather conditions.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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