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Our fitness expert weighs in on this year's top fitness trends for spring

Expertly reviewed by Judd Nesmith

What are this spring’s fitness trends?

If you’re thinking of changing up your spring workout routine, you’re probably looking for new exercises — and equipment — to help you reach your fitness goals. 

BestReviews’ fitness expert Judd NeSmith, NASM-CPT, PES, founder of Serious Fitness, shared some of this season’s top fitness trends taking over parks, gyms and even living rooms. From outdoor exercise to dynamic home gyms, NeSmith explained that there’s something new for everyone this spring — no matter their age or fitness level. 

Most popular spring 2022 fitness trends

Health and fitness tracking

Tracking health and fitness through wearable technology has been on the rise in recent years, and this spring, it’s emerging as one of the most popular investments. In particular, many people are upgrading to new fitness trackers and smartwatches. NeSmith says the Apple Watch is best for people interested in sleep tracking and Fitbits are ideal for step counts. 

They’re not the only devices worth buying, though. “I’d recommend wearing a heart rate monitor," said NeSmith. “It’ll tell you your maximum heart rate and the effective heart rate zones that you should be in so you can track your exertion. 

Cardio training

Cardio equipment sales have skyrocketed in the past couple of months. And with the rise of cutting-edge consoles on these machines, NeSmith says that people are willing to pay premium prices for more stimulation during at-home workouts. 

“Having an interactive computer screen in front of you that offers a simulation of running a central park, or riding a bike in San Francisco on a certain trail — it makes the workouts that much more enjoyable,” said NeSmith.

NeSmith said that it’s not just Pelotons garnering major attention, either. High-end ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bikes from other big brands have become hot commodities this spring. Several popular models are currently on backorder, as well. 

Outdoor exercise 

While there has been a steady return to indoor exercise recently, NeSmith explained that commercial gyms have pivoted to accommodate a growing number of members drawn to outdoor workouts. 

“People prefer being outside,” said NeSmith. “It’s a little more peaceful and calming, whether you’re doing an exercise class or following an exercise program of your own.”

Certain gyms and studios have launched outdoor boot camps and clinics this spring, while others bring spin bikes outside for pop-up cycle classes. And with warmer spring weather on the horizon, more fitness centers have begun offering outdoor yoga and mat Pilates classes. 

Bodyweight exercises

Strength training has become more accessible than ever before with the availability and affordability of online tutorials and personal training apps. Not only are people learning how to exercise effectively, says NeSmith, but they’re reaping the benefits of exercising efficiently with the basics: a handful of bodyweight movements.

  • Squats: According to NeSmith, squats “recruit your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. It’s a really great way to strengthen the lower body.” 
  • Push-up alternatives: These engage the chest muscles, triceps, deltoids and front part of the shoulder, while the prone cobra position targets the middle-upper back.
  • Prone cobra: When you lay facedown on the floor and press up with your chin tucked, you target the middle-upper back.

Nesmith says just three days a week is enough to see and feel a difference in your body. And between strength training days, light cardio and rest days are recommended. 

Other spring fitness trends

NeSmith says that more and more people are “starting to discover how inexpensive it can be to outfit your gym with some really good equipment.” Some of the most commonly-purchased equipment this season includes dumbbell sets, squat racks, medicine balls and benches.

Other people are gravitating toward the convenience of online personal training. According to NeSmith, the fitness industry is “seeing that explode right now.” NeSmith is witnessing the trend firsthand, considering he’s based in Boulder, Colorado and provides one-on-one training to clients around the county. 

Another spring fitness trend worth trying, according to NeSmith, is high-intensity interval training. Also referred to as HIIT, it’s becoming one of the most popular workout classes at commercial gyms, and NeSmith said, “I endorse it 100%.”

Trending spring fitness products

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

This studio-quality NordicTrack treadmill has a 14-inch touchscreen that streams live and on-demand workouts with iFit. 

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Fitbit Luxe

One of Fitbit’s latest and best-selling designs, the Luxe has a sleek design and comes with a six-month subscription to Fitbit Premium. 

Sold by Amazon, Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat

Not only is this yoga mat ideal for floor-based strength training, but it’s also made with non-toxic materials and comes with a carrier sling. 

Sold by Amazon

Fitness Reality Squat Rack

If you’re thinking of building a home gym, this squat rack is a great starter option that is easily customized with dip bars, J hooks and other attachments. 

Sold by Amazon

BalanceForm Foam Plyometric Box

A top choice for jump training, this three-in-one plyometric box offers stable, safe landings with its nonslip surface. 

Sold by Walmart

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

The six-position bench, designed for dynamic, full-body workouts, accommodates flat, incline, decline and military exercises. 

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