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What is the best weighted workout bar?

Which weighted workout bar is best?

Staying in shape at home or working out when traveling presents some challenges. Space can be limited, and any piece of equipment needs to be versatile enough to provide a comprehensive workout. A weighted workout bar provides a primary tool for toning your muscles, as well as being a useful accessory for a variety of cardiovascular fitness routines.

These lengthy padded bars may be used to strengthen your arms, back and core and can be wielded during exercises targeting the lower body. Our top pick, the Yes4All Total Body Workout Weighted Bar, is durable, comfortable and comes in a variety of sizes. 

What to know before buying a weighted workout bar


Weighted workout bars are particularly useful for those who want or need to exercise at home. They don’t take up lots of space but can diversify fitness routines for anyone looking to shape and tone. Weighted workout bars also force the arms to be used together so that you’re more stable if you have a weaker side.


A weighted workout bar integrates easily into a variety of exercises, including curls, squats and lunges. The direction you lift the bar, how long you hold it and how many reps you perform all influence the effectiveness of the exercises. You may also perform crunches with the bar across your chest or core or position it on your hips to perform thrusts or twists.


Weighted workout bars are offered in a range of weights, with the lightest typically being 4 or 5 pounds. While the most common options are between 10 and 20 pounds, you may find some up to 35. Find a weight that challenges you but not so much that you struggle and become discouraged. Holding positions for a long period of time, moving slowly and increasing sets and reps are all ways to maximize the effectiveness of the weight you’re using.


Most weighted workout bars are four feet in length, but if you’re opting for a heavier model, it may be closer to five. Keep that length in mind when considering where you’ll be working out, watching out for walls, ceilings and furniture.

What to look for in a quality a weighted workout bar


Most weighted workout bars come with some color on the ends. Colors typically denote various weights, but since there’s no standard color-coding system, each brand has its own designations.


You can purchase more than one workout bar together, which could be useful depending on the exercises you're performing. You may want a lighter bar for certain routines and a heavier one for others.

How much you can expect to spend on a weighted workout bar

Most weighted workout bars range from $25 to $50, with prices increasing alongside weight.

Weighted workout bar FAQ

How safe are weighted workout bars?

A. As with any exercise equipment, a proper understanding of how they’re used is important to your safety. Be sure to stretch before use and utilize proper form so you don’t strain or pull a muscle. You can also moisturize your hands afterward to avoid potential blistering.

What other exercise equipment can I use with a weighted workout bar?

A. If you have a step platform, you can use a workout bar in conjunction with that, exercising your upper body alongside your lower. The bars are not meant to be used with resistance bands, however, as they can slip off and potentially cause injury.

What's the best weighted workout bar to buy?

Top weighted workout bar

Yes4All Total Body Workout Weighted Bar

What you need to know: This versatile and comfortable workout bar allows for a variety of effective exercises.

What you'll love: This bar is made from high-quality steel and covered in padded foam for easy use and control. It's 4 feet long and is offered in weights from 5 to 25 pounds.

What you should consider: Some people said this weight bar was too easily damaged or marred.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top weighted workout bar for the money

Bintiva Body Bar Fitness Bar

What you need to know: Solid construction and color-coded weights make these workout bars useful tools in any fitness routine.

What you'll love: These bars are offered in eight weights from 5 pounds up to 30. Purchase a single bar or a set of three. They last a long time and are a great value.

What you should consider: The 30-pound bar is 5 feet long.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fitness Republic Sculpting Body Balance Bar

Our take: This high-end bar is made to stand up to repeated use by serious trainers.

What we like: This set of two lightweight bars provides versatility in workouts. The 2-inch diameter is easy to grip, and the padding is slip-resistant. The bars are both durable and stable.

What we dislike: They're a bit pricey, and the rounded ends allow the bar to roll away.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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