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Upgrade your bike and ride safely this summer with these items

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Bike riding is an outdoor activity that is fun and provides an excellent workout. However, it can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper gear. It’s crucial to ensure you wear a helmet while riding, but there are a few other items you can consider to boost safety.

You can also purchase several upgrades to make your cycling experience even better. For example, a bike trailer for your kids or sports sunglasses that allow you to listen to music without limiting your awareness.

​​BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer joins Olivia Horton to share BestReviews’ picks for upgrading your bike and staying safe on rides all summer.

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Burley Bee Kids’ Bike Trailer

Taking your kids with you on bike rides is a great way to spend time outdoors. However, a trailer is necessary if they’re not old enough to pedal alongside you on their own bike. This one has a comfy hammock-style seat, plenty of rear cargo space and a compact design that can fold when not in use.

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Proviz Men’s Reflect360 Cycling Vest

Maximizing safety is crucial when cycling, especially if you’re going out when light conditions aren’t optimal. Thanks to millions of reflective beads, this vest lets cars and other cyclists see you from afar. It has perforated back paneling for improved airflow and two side zipper pockets.

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Bose Frames Tempo Sports Sunglasses 

Keeping the sun out of your eyes while cycling lets you stay focused at all times, making these sports sunglasses an excellent buy. They have an ultraviolet protection coating and Bluetooth connectivity for listening to your favorite tunes and taking calls. Plus, the battery lasts up to eight hours.

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Hoto Tire Inflator

This electric air pump can inflate a car tire in under nine minutes or a flat mountain bike tire in just over two minutes. Safety features include high-precision digital pressure measuring and auto-stop. It also has five modes for inflating different objects, such as tires and balls.

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Nite Ize Squeeze Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount

If you want to follow a mapped route on your smartphone during your cycling sessions, you’ll need a mount to do so safely. This mount rotates 360 degrees, has a simple mechanism for opening the clamps and is compatible with most smartphones, including large ones like the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike

This bike is excellent for traversing all terrain, including rugged surfaces and urban streets. It has a 750-watt electric motor and an advanced suspension system, and you’ll get up to 45 miles of distance on a full charge. It also offers a tailored inseam for a customized fit depending on each rider’s height.

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