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The best cheap baseball bat

Baseball bats for every budget

Fans of all ages have enjoyed baseball for more than a century, but finding the right equipment for your playing style isn’t always easy. The league you’re playing in will determine the type of bat. Youth leagues, high school and college teams, professional leagues and adult recreational leagues will usually require bats that meet different criteria. 

To help you find a baseball bat that won’t cost an arm and a leg, we’ve narrowed down our selection into the three main bat categories so everyone can find the perfect model, even those just looking to play a quick game at home or in the park. 

Types of baseball bats

The three main styles of bats are wood, aluminum and composite. Each has benefits as well as restrictions that make it precisely designed for specific situations. Besides the material, you’ll also want to consider bat length and the “drop weight.” The drop weight is the total length of the bat minus the total weight. 


When you watch a Major League Baseball game, you’ll notice that all of the players use wooden bats, which has been the tradition since the sport’s invention. Wooden bats tend to be significantly heavier than metal bats and usually have a more narrow barrel. If you’re looking for a less expensive classic bat that can still hit for power, check out our selections below. 

Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat

If you’ve ever coached a baseball team, you’re probably familiar with the Fungo bat. Built with a foam core, these ash wood bats are made more for hitting practice fly balls or grounders but can also be fun when used in casual games with friends. 

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Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat

This bat from Mizuno is available in four different lengths and weights so that you can choose the best size for you. The solid construction is a bit pricier but enables you to achieve a balanced swing, while the slightly larger barrel makes for a more pronounced sweet spot.

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Louisville Slugger Series 3 Ash Mix Baseball Bat

The Louisville Slugger name has been synonymous with quality baseball equipment for many years. This bat’s low price point means that it may not last for multiple seasons, but as far as budget bats go, this model with a -3 ounce drop weight is an excellent option for beginners or recreational players.

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Rawlings 325 Hard Maple Pro Bat 

The maple wood used for this bat provides added durability and extra pop. You’ll also notice more even weight distribution so you can perfect your swing and hit with incredible exit velocity.

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Louisville Slugger Maple Y125 Youth Bat

Available in lengths ranging from 27-31 inches, this bat is great for younger players and those making the switch from metal to wooden bats. Considering all wooden bats will break eventually, this low-cost model is a great value option.

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Louisville Slugger Legacy Series 5 Unfinished Bat

This bat’s rough, unfinished wood gives it a unique and appealing style that looks just as nice on the field as it does on display. With a balanced weight, you can be confident your swing is even and consistent, whether you’re taking batting practice or up at the plate in the bottom of the ninth.

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Aluminum alloy is the most common bat material for youth leagues, high school, college and many adult leagues. In general, aluminum bats are more expensive than wooden bats but are lightweight and offer more consistent performance. 

Louisville Slugger Solo 619

Great for Little League and approved for Babe Ruth baseball, this affordable bat features a comfortable grip and a ton of pop for its minimal weight.

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Easton Project 3 Elevate BBCOR Bat

With a -3 drop, this bat is certified for use in high school and college games. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the military-grade aluminum alloy that gives this bat the feel and performance of more expensive models.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Another durable aluminum alloy bat for under $100, this model from Rawlings is a top budget option utilizing a single-piece design. The large sweet spot and BBCOR approval make this an excellent tool for smoking line drives up the middle or hitting one out of the park.

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Rawlings Raptor and Remix Youth Bats

If you’re in search of a youth bat that offers excellent performance at a low price, look no further than the Rawlings Raptor and Remix bats. Designed for young players in T-ball and other Little League divisions, these colorful bats vary in size and are great for learning the ropes and beginning a baseball career.

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Axe Bat Origin

When tested, this BBCOR-approved bat helped improve launch angle, add distance and increase exit velocity. The secret of this bat’s success is the unique ax handle that absorbs shocks and allows for more barrel control.

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These lighter bats are constructed from a mix of carbon fiber polymer, graphite, fiberglass and other sturdy materials. They require a break-in period and are significantly more expensive than wood and aluminum options. Though typically longer-lasting than wooden bats, composite bats can sometimes break after extended use.

Rawlings Threat Youth Bat

Ideal for kids and younger teens, the Threat model from Rawlings has a large sweet spot and lightweight design so you can catch up to even the fastest pitches.

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Easton ADV1 Youth Bat

It can be challenging to find a composite bat that doesn’t max out your budget. This composite youth bat is excellent for youngsters who want to add more pop and power to their swings.

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Mizuno MZMC271 Maple Composite Bat Elite BBCOR Bat

A lightweight wooden bat with carbon reinforcements, this adult composite bat has better overall durability and strength than standard wooden bats. Available in 31-, 32-, 33- and 34-inch lengths, you can choose your preferred size.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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