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The Barbie x Crocs collab has arrived just in time


The day is finally here. Unless you've been living somewhere other than Planet Earth, you probably know that Greta Gerwig's highly anticipated "Barbie" movie premieres today — and with it, we reach the peak of one of the most highly coordinated marketing campaigns of all time.

For months, everyone's been talking about Barbie, and now we can finally head to the theater to see what all the fuss is about — and we can do it in head-to-toe Barbie style, thanks to about a million brand partnerships (but more on that in a minute).

Why all the hype about 'Barbie'?

Best Pink Crocs with Bike

The "Barbie" movie has been a long time coming. The live-action version cycled through several different writers and scripts before finally landing in the (very capable) hands of writing duo-slash-indie darlings Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach. With Gerwig also attached to direct, the film landed Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as stars, and from there, the hype pretty much generated itself. 

It also helped that everyone involved with the film has kept the plot tightly under wraps, but early on in production, photos leaked of Robbie and Gosling rollerblading in Santa Monica as Barbie and Ken, and their looks were iconic enough to go instantly viral.

OK, but why are so many brands talking about it?

Enter one of the most genius marketing campaigns of this century, if not all time. The powers behind the Barbie movie have been constantly feeding the hype machine — making sure no one can escape Barbie mania — by partnering with dozens and dozens of brands, from French fashion house Balmain and jewelry maker Kendra Scott to pool float company Funboy and even Airbnb. And of course, a new line of dolls for the movie has been released. 

No matter where you turn lately, Barbie is there. 

But are you going to wear your designer Balmain duds to the theater? A place to get cozy while you take in the hottest movie of the year? Of course not — so what you really need for the premiere of "Barbie" is the Crocs collab, and it dropped just in time.

Crocs has never missed a chance for a collab, whether with a celebrity or a huge pop culture moment like "Barbie." But the other thing everyone loves about Crocs is that they're super versatile — and super comfortable. And while you may only think of the classic clog style when you think "Crocs," the brand has branched out and now has tons of styles that can be dressed up or down.

Every 'Barbie' x Crocs product you need for opening night

Barbie Classic Clog

For the Barbie fan who wants a classic look, these clogs come in Barbie pink adorned with eight Barbie-themed Jibbitz

Sold by Crocs

Barbie Crush Clog

For extra stylish Barbies with an edgier style, these platform clogs are pink on the inside, and black with an '80s-inspired pink print on the outside and come with seven Barbie-themed Jibbitz.

Sold by Crocs

Kids' Barbie Cutie Crush Clog

For the younger Barbie lover, this pinky lavender clog features a graphic pattern with Barbie's classic silhouette — plus eight collectible Barbie-themed Jibbitz.

Sold by Crocs

Barbie Cozzzy Sandal

Even Barbie would rather be cozy than wear her stilettos sometimes (we think). These plush pink sandals are perfect for the cozy Barbie lover and include six collectible Barbie Jibbitz.

Sold by Crocs

Barbie Jibbitz Charm

If your current favorite Crocs just need a Barbie makeover, this Jibbitz charm is for you. With subtle sparkles and the instantly recognizable, classic Barbie logo, it will share your love of Barbie with every step.

Sold by Crocs

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