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Best Crocs

Which Crocs are best?

Known for prioritizing comfort over style, Crocs have earned a place in the hearts and on the shoe racks of buyers worldwide. Although the classic clogs are Crocs' most iconic piece of footwear, the line makes a wide range of styles. 

If you're looking for Crocs, you'll need to decide what color and style you want or if you'd like a limited edition pair. The Crocs Classic Tie-Dye Clog is a great choice for fans of the '90s aesthetic.

What to know before you buy Crocs

Types of Crocs

You'll find Crocs in a range of types or styles. Which you prefer is probably the first thing to decide when looking for your new footwear. These are some of the most common styles. 

  • Classic clogs: When you think of Crocs, this style is probably what you picture. These shoes are lightweight and come in a range of colors. 
  • Platform clogs: These look like the classic clogs but have a platform sole. The platform is usually no more than 1-2 inches, but some limited edition versions had platforms over 4 inches high. 
  • Sandals: This company makes a variety of sandals, including flip flops, sliders and strappy sandals, all of which are great for warm weather wear. 
  • Work shoes: Shaped similarly to the classic clog but without ventilation holes and with a full molded heel rather than a heel strap, these are suitable for all-day use.  
  • Sneakers: With a classic sneaker top but a sole made from comfortable Croslite, these are great for people who want light, comfortable sneakers. 


You'll find Crocs in a range of adult sizes, as well as Crocs for kids in toddler, little kid and big kid sizes. Since many are unisex, you'll see both the women's size and the equivalent men's size listed.

Classic Crocs clogs have a roomy fit, so you should order a size down in most cases. In other cases, the fit varies so check before buying to find out if you should buy your regular size or size down. 

What to look for in quality Crocs


Crocs are made from a proprietary material called Croslite. It's a type of closed-cell resin that's light yet durable, easy to clean and doesn't absorb odors. Some styles are made from other materials in addition to Croslite. For instance, some sneakers have mesh fabric tops and Croslite soles.

Colors and prints

In addition to a wide range of solid colors, these shoes come in a variety of prints. You can find everything from tie dye to floral prints to camo to leopard print, so there's an option available to suit most preferences. 


Shoes made entirely from Croslite are water-friendly, so they're great for wearing in the ocean, lakes or rivers if the bed isn't suitable for going barefoot. Those made with other materials may not be water-friendly. 


Crocs has made shoes in collaboration with musicians (such as Post Malone and Bad Bunny) and fashion designers and brands (including Balenciaga), as well as a range of other artists and celebrities. These collaborations are limited editions and usually sell quickly. 

How much you can expect to spend on Crocs

Simple sandals cost around $20-$30, while classic clogs cost around $50-$60. Special collaborations and limited editions usually cost more — sometimes as much as $500. 

Crocs FAQ

Are Crocs bad for your feet? 

A. They might be comfortable, but are they good for your feet? Most styles don't offer much support for your heel, which causes wearers to grip with the toes while they walk. This can lead to a range of foot problems, including tendonitis, heel pain and calluses. That said, they do offer good arch support and plenty of cushioning. As such, they're fine for light use but not for wearing all day, every day. 

Some versions, such as Crocs sneakers and work shoes, offer full heel support, so these are fine for all day wear. 

Is it OK to wear socks with Crocs? 

A. You absolutely can wear socks with Crocs if you're more comfortable wearing socks or your shoes rub without them. Whether it's a wise fashion choice is another matter altogether. However, the fact is that most people wear these shoes for comfort, not style, so don't worry about what anyone else thinks – if you like wearing socks with clogs or sandals, go ahead.

What are the best Crocs to buy?

Top Crocs

Crocs Classic Tie Dye Clog

What you need to know: These classic unisex clogs come in a range of tie dye prints. 

What you’ll love: They're lightweight and comfortable with a roomy fit. Since they're water-friendly, they're great for trips to the beach or lake, and the tie dye print is on trend. 

What you should consider: Due to the generous fit, you may need to size down. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl's

Top Crocs for the money

Crocs Unisex Classic Slide Sandals

What you need to know: Your feet will stay nice and cool in these slider sandals, so they're great for summer vacations and warm days. 

What you’ll love: You can choose from a variety of solid colors and prints, including black, electric pink and marble tie dye. They're light, comfortable and water-friendly, with holes for ventilation or to add charms.

What you should consider: They aren't quite as well-padded as classic Crocs clogs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl's

Worth checking out

Crocs Crocband Platform Clog

What you need to know: Buyers looking for a more stylish take on the classic clog might like this version with a small platform. 

What you’ll love: They're almost as light as classic clogs and just as comfortable to wear. You can choose from six colors, including sunshine yellow and blossom pink. 

What you should consider: Despite being unisex, the sizes don't go up beyond a women's size eight/men's size six.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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