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Popular US breeds that have never won the Westminster Dog Show

Which dog training tools are best?


The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the preeminent authority on what makes a good dog. There have been 115 winners so far. Of those winners, none have come from the three most popular breeds in America: French bulldog, Labrador retriever or golden retriever. Widening the popularity to the top 20 breeds sees only eight with a trophy, including bulldogs and beagles. If you want to be the one to break the streak, you need the right tools and the right rewards for your future Best in Show.

State of the Show

That isn’t to say there isn’t much hope for the top three dog breeds. In fact, a French bulldog named Winston was the runner-up last year. Afterward, he took the top prize at the National Dog Show. According to NewsNation, Winston is among the most-awarded show dogs. He’s even a favorite to take home Best in Show this year.

Best dog training whistles

Acme Plastic Dog Whistle

This expert-recommended whistle has a quiet, high-pitched sound that works for both close- and long-distance training. It has a ring so you can attach it to your keys to prevent loss.

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Markwort Acme Silent Dog Whistle

This beautiful silver whistle includes a cap to protect it so dirt and grime can’t infiltrate while in your pocket or bag. It has an adjustable frequency for tailoring to your dog.

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SportDog Hunting Dog Training Whistle

This budget whistle is perfect for new trainers. They can introduce themselves to the trials of dog training without having to commit to more expensive alternatives. It comes with a key ring.

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Best dog agility poles

Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles

These six poles use supports that let you set up simple straight lines for basic weaving or chaotic lines for teaching more impressive routines. The line can be all one piece, or you can set up three sets of two poles.

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Pawise Agility Weave Poles

These twelve poles use stakes for backyard training in any orientation that you wish without dealing damage to your yard. They come with a storage and transportation bag if you want to train in the park instead.

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Best dog agility tunnel

Pacific Play Tents Tunnel

This durable tunnel has entrances 22 inches in diameter, and it stretches up to 9 feet long. There’s extra padding around the steel wiring used for holding its shape to avoid injuring your dog.

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