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The 10 best birdcages

Choose the right cage for your bird

It’s important to give your pet bird ample time outside of its cage to exercise and play. You also need to make sure that your companion’s primary habitat is healthy, safe and fun.

Choosing the right birdcage requires consideration of your bird’s personality, its species, features that make caretaking easier and the room in your home where you plan to keep it.

What you need to know before you buy a birdcage

Your bird species

With so much diversity among birds, there is no single cage type appropriate for all of them. Research your bird to determine what cage size and shape best suits it.

Multiple birds

It's generally better to keep birds separated unless they are supervised. To house multiple birds in a single cage, choose one big enough to give each its own personal space. Birds are social animals, but keeping them in tight quarters can result in territorial fights and injuries.

Cage size

Finches, canaries and other small birds don’t have the same space requirements as larger, more intelligent birds such as parrots. However, all birds are busy creatures that explore vast territories in the wild. For your bird’s emotional and physical health, buy the largest cage that your space will allow. Avoid ornamental cages, as these prioritize looks over the room your pet needs to be comfortable.

Remember that items such as bowls, perches and ladders will also take up room in the cage.

Bars and bar spacing

Select a cage that has bars thick enough to prevent bending if chewed by a powerful beak. Horizontal bars make it easier for your bird to climb up and down the cage. The spaces between the bars should be small enough to keep little birds from squeezing through them or getting stuck trying to escape.


The shape and design of your birdcage is up to you. Most cages are rectangular, although some have rounded tops and accents, making them look more elegant. Cages designed to fit into the corner of a room save space.


Some cages are available in multiple colors. Select the one that best matches your interior design. White cages are more challenging to keep clean.

Included accessories

Cages that include food bowls, perches, toys, swings and other accessories are a great value. If you are a new bird owner, choose a cage that comes with some of what you need to furnish your pet’s home.

Some cages feature a playground on top of them with extra dishes and ladders. This keeps you from having to purchase an additional jungle gym for your bird’s time outside.

Easy access

Many cages have multiple doors. Some even open at the top so you can easily rearrange your pet’s accessories or give the cage a thorough scrubbing. Cages that are hard to reach into are challenging to maintain.


A cage with wheels on its legs makes it easy to move your pet from one room to another or roll the cage aside to sweep up dropped food, feathers or seeds.


Your birdcage should be made out of powder-coated aluminum or steel. These materials are resistant to rust and your pet’s abuse. Parrot owners should avoid painted cages, as paint chips can be stripped from the bars and swallowed.

Travel cages

If you want to take your bird on the go, you need a travel cage. Some travel cages are little more than small versions of traditional metal ones, while others are made from transparent acrylic. Some bird carriers can even be worn like a backpack.

Best birdcages

Top cages for small birds

Yaheetech Triple Roof Top Birdcage

Perfect for budgies and other small birds, this cage comes with an attractive stand and two stainless steel bowls. It's simple to assemble and its large front door makes it easy to interact with your pet.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Yaheetech Open Top Birdcage

Great for finches and canaries, this cage has thin metal bars and a plastic tray that make it light and easy to move or hang. It includes four plastic bowls, two large doors and a top that opens up to let your pet enjoy outside playtime.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top cages for medium birds

Super Deal Pro Large Birdcage with Rolling Stand

It includes a jungle gym on the top for convenient enrichment and comes with four stainless steel bowls, lockable doors, and removable seed guards to minimize messes.

Sold by Amazon

Vivohome Wrought Iron Birdcage with Rolling Stand

This cage is spacious enough for cockatiels, conures and other active birds. It includes four plastic food cups and a shelf on its rolling stand for storage.

Sold by Amazon

Top cages for large birds

King’s Cages Parrot Cage

Available in two colors, this cage is 72 inches tall and mounted on industrial casters to roll smoothly over flat surfaces. It includes a removable seed guard, six stainless steel dishes and a rooftop jungle gym.

Sold by Amazon

Extra-Large Wrought Iron Parrot Cage

This large cage has seed guards to keep your floor clean and a top that opens up to hold an extra perch with two additional food bowls. It comes in three colors.

Sold by Amazon

Top corner birdcages

Flyline Parrot Escape Corner Birdcage

You can give your bird more space while taking up less of your own with this generous corner cage. It comes in two sizes, includes four stainless steel food bowls and has durable casters.

Sold by Amazon

Extra-Large Corner Parrot Cage

This corner cage features two perches on its roof. It has lockable wheels to keep it in place, a large seed guard, and bar spacing appropriate for medium and large birds.

Sold by Amazon

Top travel cages

Vivohome Wrought Iron Bird Travel Cage

This travel cage makes it easy to take your bird to the vet or out for a day trip. A removable tray makes cleaning a snap and its wooden handle can double as a perch.

Sold by Amazon

Bird Carrier Backpack

This backpack bird cage includes a perch, food and water dishes, a toy and multiple pouches for storage. You can zip up the front flap to give your pet some privacy and the backpack can be placed on a table or floor without tipping over.

Sold by Amazon


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