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Updated May 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Ancient Graffiti Birdbath
Ancient Graffiti
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A solid copper birdbath that's hard-wearing and looks great, too.


Handcrafted from recycled materials. Unique iron twig stand is very charming. Easy to clean and fill.


Some users report bowl can blow off stand in high winds.

Best Bang for the Buck
Vivohome Garden Bird Bath
Garden Bird Bath
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Inexpensive, stylish, and sporting plenty of room for every bird visiting your backyard, this surprisingly durable bird bath was designed to last.


Affordable. Water and rustproof. Weather resistant. Extremely easy to put together. Wide 19.7 diameter bath. Includes 3 ground stakes. Available in green and copper.


You need those stakes; this is a lightweight bird bath.

Burley Clay Zanesville Bath Set
Burley Clay
Zanesville Bath Set
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Attractive, sturdy, and durable, the kind of birdbath that can last a lifetime.


Users love the fact that the bowl locks onto its pedestal, so it can't be knocked off by overzealous wildlife. The high-quality material and hand-painted design are beautiful.


Rare cracks have been reported during colder months.

Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath Set
Burley Clay
Hummingbird Bird Bath Set
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This craftsmanship that went into this bird bath is genuinely impressive, making it an eye-catching centerpiece in any home garden.


Hefty clay bird bath. Hand painted humming birds, foliage, and green backdrop. Extremely secure shipping. Bath and stand easily lock into place. Made in Ohio.


Secure the stand to the ground, as it may shatter if toppled.

Evergreen Garden Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Birdbath Bowl
Evergreen Garden
Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Birdbath Bowl
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A simple, colorful, beautiful birdbath with a stained-glass look. Highly affordable; it won't make a huge dent in your pocketbook.


Its glass construction is nonporous and easy to clean. Strong support chain is easy to hang.


The glass may not fare well in icy conditions. Because it's a hanging model with no pedestal, you must have a place to hang it.


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Buying guide for best birdbaths

If you enjoy taking care of your neighborhood birds, one of the best things you can do for them is place a birdbath in your yard.

Not only will it give you hours of entertainment watching your feathered friends, a birdbath will provide a place for them to drink and bathe. This is especially important if you don't live near a permanent body of fresh water, such as a river or a lake.

But with so many options available, how do you pick the best birdbath? It can be tough to sort the wheat from the chaff, particularly if you're not yet sure which type is right for you.

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Your garden birds need water for drinking and bathing just as much as they need food. A well-placed birdbath will provide this for them.

Types of birdbaths

One of the primary decisions you’ll need to make is which type of birdbath you’d like to have. There are pedestal birdbaths, hanging birdbaths, ground-level birdbaths, and deck-mounted birdbaths.

Pedestal birdbaths

Pedestal birdbaths feature a bowl that sits on top of a pedestal, plinth, or even a specially designed stake in the ground.


  • Pedestal birdbaths are raised up from ground level, which makes many types of garden birds feel safer and more likely to visit.

  • The elevated level of a pedestal birdbath helps deter cats and other predators who might otherwise stalk birds while they're bathing.


  • A pedestal birdbath made of lightweight material could be blown over by the wind or knocked down by squirrels or large birds. Some people stake their pedestal birdbath to the ground to prevent this from happening.

  • You need to have a level spot in your yard in which to place a pedestal birdbath. Otherwise, it could tilt or tip over.

Price: Basic plastic or resin pedestal birdbaths start at $20 to $30, while highly decorated ceramic models can cost $100 to $200.

Hanging birdbaths

Hanging birdbaths are fitted with a chain and hook and can be hung from a tree or a special stand.


  • Hanging birdbaths tend to be fairly compact and inexpensive.

  • Some types of birds prefer hanging birdbaths that are suspended from a branch. The close proximity to a tree helps birds feel safer.

  • You can find some very attractive hanging birdbaths.


  • Hanging birdbaths tend to be quite small, so fewer birds can use them at once.

  • If placed in a tree, a hanging birdbath may collect a lot of fallen leaves. As such, it may require frequent cleaning.

Price: Small, basic hanging birdbaths can cost as little as $10 or $20. Large, ornate hanging birdbaths are also quite affordable, rarely exceeding $50 or $60.

Ground birdbaths

Ground birdbaths are essentially bowls that are placed directly on the ground, without any sort of stand.


  • Ground baths are great for attracting larger birds, such as doves or crows, as they generally prefer bathing on the ground.

  • Ground bird-baths don't require any kind of stand, so there's no chance of anything falling off or tipping over.


  • Birds are more vulnerable to predators when bathing at ground level.

Price: Most ground birdbaths cost between $20 and $70. The price depends heavily on extra features, size, and design.  

Deck-mounted birdbaths

Deck-mounted birdbaths attach to a clamp that screws onto the top of a railing.


  • Deck-mounted birdbaths are generally very sturdy and stable.

  • A deck is a comfortable and convenient place for humans to sit and watch birds.


  • Cats can easily jump onto the railing of a deck and walk along it to get to the birds.

Price: Small deck-mounted birdbaths start at around $20, whereas large, heated models can cost in excess of $100.

Questions to ask before buying a birdbath

If you have a potential purchase in mind, you may appreciate knowing the answers to these questions before you buy the bird bath.

What is the birdbath made of?

Birdbaths are made of a range of materials, including ceramic, plastic, metal, and glass.

  • Ceramic birdbaths are heavy, stable, and durable. However, unglazed ceramics are hard to keep clean, and they can be expensive.

  • Plastic or plastic resin birdbaths are inexpensive, easy to clean, and may feature intricate molding. On the downside, they're not very durable; the resin may crack in freezing temperatures. Furthermore, they are so lightweight that they easily blow over in the wind.

  • Metal birdbaths are durable and attractive. If the finish is too smooth, however, there may not be much grip or traction for visiting birds.

  • Glass birdbaths are nonporous and easy to wipe clean. However, they can break easily if they fall, and they can get slippery.

How deep is the birdbath?

Birds only need to be partially submerged while bathing, so your birdbath shouldn't be too deep. Smaller birds – sparrow, finches, cardinals – prefer baths with a depth of just one to two inches. Larger birds prefer a depth of three to four inches.

If you want to attract a wide range of birds, you can find birdbaths with areas of different depths, or you can place rocks in the water to create shallower areas.

How big is the birdbath?

Some birdbaths are larger than others. The size you choose may depend on how many feathered visitors you regularly get, the size of your yard, or your personal preference. A large birdbath can be used by more birds at the same time, whereas a more compact model may only accommodate one large bird or a few small ones.

Do you like the style of the birdbath?

Birdbaths vary in style from plain to ornate, and from vintage-style to modern. Choose one that you like the look of and that's in keeping with the size and style of your yard. Style might not be the most important factor, of course; your main objective is to keep your feathered friends happy. But you should still choose a birdbath that you will like looking at.


  • Choose a birdbath that's easy to clean. Regular cleaning is essential to remove bacteria and avoid the spread of disease between your avian visitors.

  • Choose a birdbath with texture. Your birdbath should have a bit of texture to it so your feathered friends can have good traction on the bath’s surface.

  • If you live in a cold climate, consider a heated birdbath. Your feathered friends can enjoy this type of bath year round.

  • If you live in a warm climate, consider a large birdbath. A birdbath that holds more water will not evaporate as quickly as a smaller birdbath.
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Most birds prefer baths that have a shallow slope down to full depth so they can wade in the water.


Q. Will a birdbath attract more birds to my yard?
It might take some time for local birds to discover your new watering hole, but ultimately, it will attract more birds to your yard –  and likely other species, too. Water can be in short supply both in summer and winter, so your birdbath could save lives.

Q. Are there any useful accessories I can buy for my birdbath?
If you don't have a heated birdbath, you can purchase a small water heater designed for use in birdbaths that's invaluable in freezing temperatures. You can also buy pumps and drippers that add some motion to the water; this helps attract birds and discourages insects, such as mosquitoes, from laying eggs in the water. Finally, you can get a mister for your birdbath. A mister sprays a fine mist of water; some bird species, notably hummingbirds, can't seem to get enough of it.

Q. Where should I position my birdbath?
Think carefully about where you place your birdbath. The idea is to attract more birds to it while helping keep them safe. Generally, birds feel safer with some cover nearby, so you should position your birdbath fairly close to some bushes, shrubs, or trees to encourage use. However, cats can take advantage of this cover to stalk birds while they bathe and drink. Therefore, you shouldn't position the birdbath too close to any bushes.

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