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The best bird ladder

Which bird ladders are best?

Birds are intelligent animals that spend their time in the wild navigating complex environments as they socialize and forage for food. Providing your pet bird with the mental stimulation and activity it requires ensures your companion will remain physically and emotionally healthy.

Bird ladders are popular with bird owners because their pets have a versatile toy with which to perch, play and explore. The Mrli Pet Bird Ladder with its bright colors, spinning beads and poseable internal wires is the best choice for bird owners who wish to give their pets a fun, functional accessory.

What to know before you buy a bird ladder


Ladders come in three basic styles. Rigid ladders are made of wood or plastic dowels that do not flex or bend. Poseable ladders are wood or plastic rods and beads that have a bendable wire running through them, allowing for any number of twists and turns. Rope ladders feature swinging steps tied together and hung with rope.

Many bird owners decorate their cages with all three of these ladders to give their pets a varied environment. For examples of all three of these ladder types, check out the bird ladder buying guide from BestReviews.


Select a ladder sized appropriately for your bird’s species as well as its cage. Cockatiels, budgies, small conures and lovebirds can easily climb a ladder with dowels around ½ inch in diameter. Macaws, cockatoos and other large birds require much bigger ladders. Long ladders are best for cages that house more than one bird so each animal can maintain its personal space.


Bird ladders most commonly are wood. Wood is a natural material that will not cause any stress or irritation to your pet. A wood bird ladder not only provides your pet with an exciting new playground but also a satisfying chew toy. Plastic perches are acceptable for budgies, finches and other small birds that are not excessive chewers.

Extra features

Some ladders come with extras such as bells, swings or ropes for additional stimulation. Birds are fussy animals, with each having its own preferences. Only through experimentation with toys and other items will you be able to determine if a ladder that includes these accessories is right for your pet.

What to look for in a quality bird ladder


From tropical colors and finished surfaces to natural bark and rope, bird ladders come in a variety of styles. Birds are visual creatures that tend to show a great deal of interest in brightly colored objects, making colorful ladders and toys obvious choices. However, natural bark gives your bird an opportunity to peel, shred and strip wood as it would in the wild.


Select a ladder that safely holds the weight of your bird. Unless the ladder is made of metal, chewing damage among parrots is unavoidable. Consider your bird's individual enthusiasm for chewing and choose a ladder you feel will last the longest.

Attachment method

Rigid ladders usually attach to the side of your bird’s cage using open hooks as hangers. These are fine for small birds such as finches and parakeets. However, owners of conures and larger birds will find that anything attached in this manner is quickly dislodged. Metal locking hooks and carabiners are the most secure way to attach your bird’s ladders and toys to its cage.

How much you can expect to spend on a bird ladder

Ladders of all types and materials are $10-$15 if sized for small birds. Heavy-duty ladders for large parrots, or those that include additional accessories, platforms and toys, can cost $20-$40.

Bird ladder FAQ

Does my bird need a ladder?

A. From giant hyacinth macaws to tiny zebra finches, toys and enrichment are essential for a pet bird’s wellbeing. While a ladder is not a specific requirement for your pet, it provides a simple way to give your bird opportunities for perching and playing.

Will my bird destroy its ladder?

A. If you own a parrot, yes. Chewing is a favorite pastime among these busy creatures. While it’s disappointing to have to continually replace your pet’s cage furniture, do not expect toys and perches for parrots to last very long.

How do I clean my bird ladder?

A. Use warm water and a gentle brush to remove any droppings or food, then allow the ladder to dry. Avoid soap or bleach as wood can absorb these and pose a health risk to your pet. Replace ladders that become overly soiled or chewed.

Bird ladder tips

Don’t expect your bird ladder to last forever

Birds are both messy and destructive. Bird owners should expect cage furniture to require regular cleaning and replacement because of soiling and chewing.

Keep your bird’s life interesting

Birds are highly inquisitive and get bored easily. Every time you clean your bird’s cage, rearrange or swap out a few toys and perches to give your pet a new environment to explore and new problems to solve.

Treats make anything possible

Many birds are naturally cautious around new objects. If your bird is leery of its new ladder, encourage curiosity by placing treats or favorite toys on the ladder. Your bird will quickly learn its new accessory is not to be feared.

What’s the best bird ladder to buy?

Top bird ladder

Mrli Pet Bird Ladder 

What you need to know: This brightly-colored ladder features flexible wires and secure mounting clips.

What you’ll love: Available in three lengths, this poseable ladder allows you to change its shape to give your bird regular updates to its environment. Mounting clips keep the ladder firmly in place.

What you should consider: Larger birds can quickly destroy this ladder. The dye used to color the wood comes off easily when wet and may concern some bird owners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bird ladder for the money

Prevue Hendryx 62806 Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy

What you need to know: Natural wood and rope construction give your bird fun textures and the opportunity for stimulating acrobatics.

What you’ll love: This bird ladder will appeal to bird owners who prefer a more natural, muted look to their cage decor. Rope construction makes this ladder a stimulating climb and the included locking clips keep it secure.

What you should consider: Some users have complained this ladder’s rope has a chemical odor, which may be hazardous.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Worth checking out

PIVBY Bird Foraging Wall Toy

What you need to know: This natural seagrass ladder alternative gives birds both climbing and foraging challenges.

What you’ll love: You can roll this flexible mat into a shelter as well as hang it like a ladder or hammock. You can thread toys and treats into the material for foraging fun. Natural seagrass is safe for birds to chew and play with. It includes two small toys.

What you should consider: Given its woven seagrass construction, heavy chewers will make short work of this toy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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