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Dive in with 9 best inflatable pools for adults

Which inflatable pool for adults is best?

Inflatable pools aren’t just for toddlers to splash around in. Adults can splash, too. Some even have adult-centric features, such as built-in chairs with backrests and a nearby cupholder, so you can slip on some shades and relax with an ice-cold beer.

Sizes and shapes vary considerably, so you can grab a pool for just you or several of your friends. Some can even be left up semi-permanently.

Inflatable pool for adults benefits


This is the biggest benefit, as you can save thousands of dollars upfront, not to mention the massive savings on not having to maintain in- or above-ground pools.

Ease of use

There’s no complicated and costly installation with an inflatable pool for adults. You just need an air pump, a water hose and some time. Plus, you can move it around your yard, which is useful for chasing the shade as the hours pass. When you’re done, just take it down.


The only maintenance an inflatable pool requires is patching it if it sprouts a hole and wiping it down on occasion. There’s no need to buy special equipment or perform a yearly post-winter, pre-summer deep scrub.

What to know before you buy an inflatable pool for adults


The best inflatable pools are made of thick polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, plastic in at least two layers. A few also include some rubber.


Inflatable pools for adults are usually rectangular. These are best for smaller yards because they take up less space. Circles are still popular and tend to accommodate more water, but here's the trade-off: They take up more space than you may have.

Setup time

Every inflatable pool for adults has a different setup time, split between inflation and filling.

  • Inflation times vary and depend mainly on the size of the pool. It usually takes 15 to 45 minutes. Using high-powered pumps can cut this drastically, with even large pools only needing five to 10 minutes.
  • Fill time is entirely based on how fast your water source can pump. If it’s a low flow and your pool is large, it can take up to three hours. Even if your water is jettisoned out and you have a small pool, it usually takes at least 30 minutes.

Color and design

Most inflatable pools for adults are a solid blue or white, though some mix these. You can also find them in pink and light shades of green or with occasional beach or fish imagery.


Inflatable pools for adults often have extra features that increase their value.

  • Chairs with backrests are the most common extra feature. Some pools have only one or two, while others have one on each side. A handful have one long bar on a side.
  • Cupholders frequently accompany chairs with backrests, though there isn’t always one cupholder per chair.
  • Shades lessen your sun exposure, so you can relax with less fear of sunburn.
  • Water sprayers are more of a kid-centric addition. However, as inflatable pools tend to be on the shallow side, sprays make for a great alternative to trying to submerge yourself in water that's 2 feet deep.
  • Nets are occasionally included, and are great if you like to play around rather than just soak.
  • Ladders are rarely included, as most inflatable pools aren’t tall enough to need one. However, if your pool is 3 feet tall or taller, you might want to invest in one.

How much you can expect to spend on an inflatable pool for adults

They typically cost $20 to $100. Budget pools shouldn’t cost more than $50, and the best pools start at around $70. Some exceed $100, but they're rarely worth the cost.

Best inflatable pools for adults

Freetex Inflatable Swimming Pool

It’s made of thick PVC to withstand even the most rambunctious children, making it perfect for the whole family. It also comes with a removable sunshade. It measures 118 inches by 72 inches and is 22 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Hesung Inflatable Swimming Pool

This is about as straightforward and effective as an inflatable pool gets. It uses three air chambers to increase durability and lower the chances of air and water leaks. It’s 118 inches by 69 inches and 21 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Easy-Set Pool with Cartridge Filter and Pump

Thanks to its filters and pump, this pool can be safely left inflated and filled with water. It comes in nine sizes, with the smallest being 8 feet wide and 2 feet deep and the largest 18 feet wide and 4 feet deep.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

This is a great budget pool for hot days when you and some friends or your kids need to stay cool. It uses two air chambers for durability, and it’s 103 inches by 69 inches and 22 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Member’s Mark Elegant Family Pool

This pool includes two inflatable seats attached to the sides, so you can lounge in comfort for as long as you please. It also comes with a repair patch. It’s 10 feet by 9 feet and 1.5 feet deep.

Sold by Amazon

Sineau Inflatable Swimming Pool

This sturdy pool has three air chambers to make it that much stronger and more durable and to prevent air leakage. It's made of thick PVC. It’s 120 inches by 72 inches and 22 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Summer Waves Outdoor Inflatable Deluxe Swimming Pool

There’s no better pool for lounging in cool water on a hot day, thanks to the four inflatable seats with backrests and two cupholders. It measures 105 inches by 105 inches and is 26 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Toysical Round Inflatable Pool

Another excellent lounging pool, it has a long seat on one side with a matching backrest, and it only takes three minutes to inflate fully. It’s 88 inches wide and 21 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Evajoy Inflatable Pool

This pool comes in various sizes, with the largest being 150 by 70 by 20 inches, which is spacious enough for several adults. It comes with a detachable sun shade and also has three air chambers for maximum strength and durability.

Sold by Amazon

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