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Best felt letter board

Which felt letter boards are best?

Felt letter boards serve several valuable purposes. They can be used for personal decoration, to provide valuable information to customers at a small business, they can even be used as an artful way to share your home WiFi passwords to guests. No matter what your intended uses or needs are, there’s a felt letter board for you.

The best-felt letter board is the SOLEJAZZ Double-Sided Felt Letter Board. This felt letter board comes with 730 precut symbols, including emojis, plus it’s available in three color options and two sizes so you can pick the design which appeals to you the most.

What to know before you buy a felt letter board

Display methods

Most felt letter boards are displayed using one of three methods: leaning against an object, hanging, or placed on an easel.

  • Leaning: The most common method of displaying a felt letter board is also the method that requires no additional equipment. It’s also the least secure method as any sufficiently-sized tremors can cause the felt letter board to fall.
  • Hanging: One of the lesser-used options, felt letter boards, which are designed to be hung, usually include the equipment needed to successfully mount. This is the best option for businesses with constantly changing information to display.
  • Easel: Easel-displayed felt letter boards are the most common form of the home display as many felt letter boards include an easel. Should it not be included, you can use any appropriately-sized easel.

Symbol sets

Many felt letter boards include a set of symbols which covers anything from English letters to, punctuations and even emojis. Considering the additional cost of purchasing a set of symbols, it’s rarely recommended to purchase a felt letter board that doesn’t include a large variety.

What to look for in quality felt letter board


Felt letter boards come in a wide range of sizes; some even come in sizes large enough (24 x 40 inches) to serve as a full menu board for small restaurants like bakeries and donut shops. Most at-home sizes start as small as 4 x 10 inches and reach sizes around 12 x 16 inches.


Felt letter boards are available in almost any color or pattern you could want, though most boards are usually black or gray. Some felts are even reversible to add some extra spice to your space. Always make sure that the symbols included with or the symbols you intend to purchase will stand out legibly against your chosen felt.


Most felt letter board frames are made of wood, generally pine or oak. Frames are typically designed to be muted to allow the felt and the symbols to stand out a bit more.

How much you can expect to spend on a felt letter board

Felt letter boards are very affordable no matter what option you decide to go with. Many felt letter board options cost less than $20, though these can admittedly be of very poor quality, but felt letter boards that cost between $20-$35 are enough of a step up in quality to be easy picks to bring home. Premium options which introduce frames of the highest quality are available for up to $50; these picks generally just add to the aesthetics and not necessarily the quality.

Felt letter board FAQ

Is it possible to paint the frame of a felt letter board?

A. Of course. It can be very easy to damage the felt when painting the frame, however, so make sure that you are covering every last piece of felt with painter's tape before painting the frame and do NOT remove the tape until the paint has completely dried. Keep in mind that certain woods will require additional coats of paint depending on their porousness and that it’s easier to purchase a frame you like rather than try and paint it later.

What’s the best way to organize the symbols a felt letter board comes with?

A. Most felt letter boards come with hundreds of symbols and only one bag to store them. This can make searching for a single letter that you need a nightmare, and why nearly any other organization method is superior. Some common options are to place sets of symbols in individual plastic bags or bin-style storage containers. Another top option is using an organizer box with individual compartments.

What’s the best felt letter board to buy?

Top felt letter board 

SOLEJAZZ Double-Sided Felt Letter Board

What you need to know: This double-sided felt letter board is an excellent option for those with more or alternating information to display.

What you’ll love: Three color options available in two sizes make it easy to select the option which works best for you.

What you should consider: The included drawstring pouch for storing the various letters isn’t very good; purchasing a separate case is recommended.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top felt letter board for the money

Felt Like Sharing Basic Felt Letter Board

What you need to know: A felt letter board for those who don’t need tons of bells and whistles, plus those who like saving a little money.

What you’ll love: This felt letter board comes with 300 individual symbols and comes in multiple color options.

What you should consider: Some users reported that their felt board did not arrive in the color they selected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Felt Creative Home Goods Gray Felt Letter Board With Rustic Frame

What you need to know: A more down-to-earth felt letter board option for those who like the rustic elements.

What you’ll love: Special characters like emojis are included in the package as well as a stand and sawtooth hanger.

What you should consider: Each of the 350 symbols must be separated individually from their plastic packaging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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