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Best electric pole saws

Which electric pole saws are best? 


Using a chainsaw while climbing trees or balancing on a ladder is an easy way to risk serious injury. You can reduce the danger and make your tree cutting and trimming tasks go quicker and easier with a pole saw. And cordless electric pole saws make the task of trimming overhead limbs and branches easier than with gas-powered models because they weigh less, make less noise and don’t pollute. 

What to consider before buying an electric pole saw

Pole saws are essentially small chainsaws that attach to extension handles to increase the saw’s reach, especially overhead. They have several points of differentiation.


The longer the pole, the higher up you can reach, but the heavier the saw becomes, the harder it is to maneuver.  Look for poles that adjust quickly and easily.


The more power you have driving the chain, the quicker you finish. Battery power is measured both in amperes and volts. Generally speaking, the larger the numbers, the greater the power — and the cost.

Automatic features

Automatic oilers make cutting easier and add to the life of your chains and motors. Automatic chain tension adjusters have the same benefits.

Best electric pole saws

Electric pole saws under $100

Sun Joe Electric Multi-Angle Pole Saw

What you need to know: This Sun Joe pole saw has a camo pattern popular with consumers.

What you’ll love: The cutting head on this saw adjusts at angles from 0 to 30 degrees so it can get in tight spaces larger saws can’t. The 8 amp motor drives a 10-inch saw to cut branches up to 9.5 inches thick. 

What you should consider: Some customers say this saw is surprisingly heavy for its size.

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Greenworks 7 Amp 2-in-1 Cordless Electric Pole Saw

What you need to know: This Greenworks pole saw easily changes from a pole saw into a chainsaw.

What you’ll love: You can reach up to 12 feet with this lightweight telescoping aluminum pole. The chain is lubricated automatically and the oil-level indicator keeps you informed about your oil usage. The chain tension adjusts easily with a turn of a knob and the 10-inch bar cuts branches and logs up to 8 inches in diameter.

What you should consider: Some reviewers say it's top-heavy and hard to handle.

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Worx WG309 8 Amp Electric Pole Saw 

What you need to know: At only 10 pounds, this Worx pole saw is made to be easily maneuvered even when held up high. 

What you’ll love: The automatic chain tension system prevents over-tightening so the chain runs smoothly around the bar, extending the motor's life. An 8-foot extension pole provides a total of 10 feet of reach, and the rotating handle makes it easy to trim and prune.

What you should consider: Some users report needing to adjust the tension on their own.

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Electric pole saws for $100 to $200

Black and Decker 20-Volt Max XR Pole Saw

What you need to know: This pole saw's lithium-ion battery retains its charge five times longer than nickel-cadmium batteries.

What you’ll love: It's rated to make up to 100 cuts through 1.5- by 1.5-inch pine branches per charge. You can use it to reach 14 feet when you add the center extension. The 8-inch cutting bar cuts limbs up to 6 inches in diameter.

What you should consider: Some reviewers say the battery needs to be swapped out or recharged more frequently than is claimed.

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Worx WG323 20-Volt Power Share Cordless Pole Saw

What you need to know: Weighing only 10 pounds, this works as a chainsaw when you detach the pole. 

What you’ll love: The automatic no-tool chain tension system means you’ll always have the correct tension for the situation at hand. The automatic chain lubrication system delivers smoother cuts while extending the life of the chain and the motor.

What you should consider: Some customers say sawdust builds up inside, so you need to unclog it from time to time.

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Craftsman 20-Volt Cordless Pole Saw

What you need to know: The angled cutting head makes for better operator visibility and cleaner cuts.

What you’ll love: The handle has a soft grip for comfort and a built-in hook for hanging the saw on your garage wall, off the floor and out of your way. The extension handle lets you reach up to 14 feet overhead and you get up to 325 cuts per charge, tested on 2- by 2-inch pressure-treated pine. 

What you should consider: You need to oil this saw’s chain manually.

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Electric pole saws over $200

Greenworks Pro 80-Volt Brushless Cordless Pole Saw

What you need to know: This powerful saw is the choice of pros and serious amateur landscapers.

What you’ll love: This 12.8-pound saw has a brushless motor for lots of torque. The bar and chain oiler and the chain tensioner both operate automatically so you can keep on cutting without interruption. This saw is rated to make 83 cuts per charge on 4- by 4-inch pressure-treated wood. 

What you should consider: Its reach is just 9 feet.

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Oregon PS250 Pole Saw

What you need to know: You get up to 500 2- to 3-inch cuts from the 4.0 amperes per hour lithium-ion battery.

What you’ll love: The extendable shaft adjusts quickly and easily from 7 to 10 feet with a twist of the collar and is easily supported by the shoulder strap. This cutter weighs 13.5 pounds with its battery and is up to four times quieter than a gas saw. The battery-level indicator light lets you know how much power you have left.

What you should consider: Some customers wish the chain tension was easier to adjust.

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DeWalt 20-Volt Max XR Pole Saw

What you need to know: This 45-inch pole saw extends for a reach of up to 15 feet.

What you’ll love: The brushless electric motor is rated to make up to 96 cuts through 4- by 4-inch pressure-treated pine on a single charge. The limb hook makes it easy to remove pruned branches and the automatic oiler keeps your chain lubricated so you don’t have to.

What you should consider: There are some reports of this saw arriving with an overtightened chain. 

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