Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best Greenworks pole saws

Creating a beautiful and healthy landscape in your yard takes time, patience, and the proper tools, but the finished product is satisfying and worth the effort. To tend to those hard-to-reach places, you need a pole saw. A pole saw is essentially a small, effective chainsaw securely attached to the end of a lengthy pole.

Greenworks is a leading producer of quality lawn care tools for homeowners with small and medium-sized yards. Greenworks tools are lightweight, efficient, and versatile, and that includes pole saws. Greenworks’ most popular pole saws are battery-powered, which is nice because the battery can be used across multiple Greenworks tools. This saves you time, energy, and money when tackling outdoor chores.

Several important factors should be kept in mind when looking for a pole saw, including how it may integrate with other tools you have. In this guide, we explore your options in terms of power and size and provide tips on how to maintain a pole saw and stay safe while using it.

Greenworks electric pole saws are easier to operate than gas-powered options. Simply press the start button, and you’re ready to work.

Key considerations


A pole saw is often used for trimming and pruning tree branches, which may be done once or twice a year or after a windstorm. Pole saws can also be used to trim and prune hedges and shrubs.

The chainsaw portion of the pole saw that Greenworks offers is typically 8 or 10 inches long. The rule of thumb when cutting branches is to tackle those with a diameter that is 2 inches smaller than the length of the saw. In that case, Greenworks pole saws are best for branches around 6 or 8 inches in diameter. Concerning reach, they are typically about 8 feet long, though some may reach up to 10 feet.

Corded vs. cordless

Greenworks offers tools, including pole saws, in corded electric and cordless, battery-powered iterations. Each has benefits and drawbacks.

Battery-powered: Growing in popularity, battery-powered pole saws (and all battery-powered tools in general) are lightweight, versatile, and efficient. Greenworks offers batteries in four different voltages: 24, 40, 60, and 80. A higher voltage means more power and a better ability to push through tough projects. It also means a higher cost.

Corded electric: While these pole saws are less common, they have a specific appeal. They cost less than battery-powered pole saws, and you don’t have a time limit when using one. However, the cord may still limit you physically. Even if used with an extension cord, a plug-in tool can only reach so far.

Greenworks batteries

It’s worth exploring what it means to use a battery-powered tool from Greenworks. The company makes a range of outdoor tools, and your Greenworks lithium-ion battery can be used across multiple Greenworks tools provided they have the same voltage requirement. Often, investing in one Greenworks battery-powered tool makes it cost-efficient to invest in other Greenworks tools of the same voltage because you can share the battery.

Greenworks batteries can be fairly pricey. However, they should last at least three years if not longer. Batteries may cost between $50 and $200 and require proper care to maintain longevity and effectiveness. Note that you also need to have a charger in order to use the battery.

Two factors to note when looking at batteries are voltage and amp-hours.

Voltage: As mentioned, batteries with higher voltages produce more power and are better able to power through tough tasks. If you already own a Greenworks tool, you may want to buy a pole saw that requires the same voltage so you can share the battery between the tools.

Amp-hour: Greenworks batteries feature an amp hour (Ah) rating between 2.0 and 6.0. This figure reflects the capacity of the battery. A higher number means the battery will hold a charge longer, allowing you to use it for tasks that may take more time.


Greenworks pole saws are relatively lightweight. With the battery included, they come in under 15 pounds, and some weigh less than 12 pounds. Consider the potential jobs you’ll be performing as well as who will be using the pole saw. While they aren’t particularly heavy, pole saw operation requires the user to hold the tool for some time.

Did You Know?
Aftermarket batteries are a cheaper and potentially more powerful alternative to Greenworks batteries. However, compatibility and longevity are a concern. They also won't be covered by the warranty.


2-in-1 tools

Due to their similarities, some Greenworks pole saws come with a hedge trimmer attachment. The saw or trimmer can be used interchangeably while saving space, energy, and money.

Automatic oiler

Some Greenworks pole saws feature an automatic oiler that lubricates the chain as needed to prevent excess heat from friction. These tools have a translucent tank so you can monitor the oil level.

Brushless motors

A tool with a brushless motor generates power through magnets. It creates less friction and, subsequently, less heat. Brushless motors are more powerful and durable than brushed motors. They also cost more.


Greenworks offers you the option of buying the tool by itself or purchasing a bundle that includes a battery and/or a charger. Other bundles may feature additional tools or attachments. Buying items together in one purchase will likely save you money over buying them separately. It also ensures compatibility.

Pruning trees takes more time and energy than other lawn chores. Stay hydrated, take breaks, and exercise patience and caution.



Lawnmower: Sun Joe 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower
The first step of tending to a lawn is mowing it. We love this Sun Joe electric option that’s powerful, easy to use, and less noisy than competitors.

Greenworks edger: 24V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger
Another useful tool for creating a well-maintained garden is an edger. Check out this lightweight, battery-powered option from Greenworks. It doubles as a trimmer, too.

Greenworks pole saw prices

Inexpensive: For under $75, you can find a quality pole saw or attachment, but this purchase will not come with a battery or charger.

Mid-range: Spending between $75 and $150 will find you a pole saw plus a battery, likely of a lower voltage.

Expensive: Pole saws over $150 will be the longest options and feature a battery of higher voltage. This range may also include multitools.

Did You Know?
Greenworks is a newcomer in the lawn care industry, founded in 2007. However, the company has quickly become a trusted name with a range of effective outdoor home tools, including mowers and edgers.


  • Check the weather. Avoid using the pole saw on rainy, wet, or windy days. Those conditions make operation dangerous and could damage the tool. Instead, use your pole saw when the weather is calm and clear.
  • Assess the branches. Check for any loose bark, leaves, or wood rot. Shake free anything that could interfere with sawing or potentially distract you while you work.
  • Clear the area. Keep children or pets away from the area you’ll be pruning. Branches can fall suddenly, posing a safety hazard. What’s more, your attention must stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Cut diagonally. Never operate the pole saw directly overhead. A loose grip or sudden falling branch are dangerous possibilities. Cutting horizontally is useful for trimming over shrubs, but it will put more weight on your arms.
It’s worth having a second battery on hand, especially if you have more than one Greenworks tool. A fully changed backup battery will almost guarantee you can get the job done in one afternoon.


Q. How safe are pole saws?

A. Like all lawn care tools, it’s important to understand how to operate the tool in order to avoid potential hazards. Pole saws can be more difficult to use than other lawn care tools because they often require more strength, awareness, and precision. It’s important to wear eye protection and hand protection, as you’ll be dealing with falling leaves, branches, and other debris.

Depending on the level of difficulty or danger, you may want to opt for a helmet, face mask, and a thick shirt and pants. Read the manual before you operate the pole saw, and when you're cutting through high branches, go slowly and methodically, slicing off smaller pieces instead of trying to cut through a big branch at all once.

Q. How can I properly maintain my battery?

A. Improper battery use can decrease the pole saw’s lifespan and effectiveness. Taking extra-good care of it may prolong its life. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Avoid using the battery unless it is fully charged.
  • Stop using a tool when you notice the power start to lag; that means it’s time to charge again.
  • When not in use, you can leave the battery on the charging station. However, during the off-season, let it charge fully and then remove it from the charger.
  • Keep the battery and charger away from moisture, excess heat, and cold.
  • If the battery feels hot to the touch, wait until it drops to room temperature to use it.

Q. How should I maintain my Greenworks pole saw?

A. While the battery requires some attention and care, the tool itself requires little maintenance, which is part of the appeal of Greenworks products. Once you’re done with a job and the tool is turned off, remove any debris from the saw and store it in a cool, dry place. For tools that require the chain to be oiled, keep the oil tank full prior to use.

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