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Cocktail bombs are replacing hot cocoa bombs for spring

Best cocktail bombs for a spring party

Step away from the stoves and put down the mug. There’s a new instant drink trend to try. Cocoa bombs make enjoying hot cocoa fun and easy as their chocolate shells melt to reveal cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. Cocktail bombs, also called cocktail drops, operate on a similar concept. Tightly packed sugars and flavorings dissolve into your drink for a hassle-free cocktail experience. Cocktail bombs make great party favors and they’re a fun addition to spring gatherings.

In this article: My Drink Bomb Margarita Cocktail Bombs, Thoughtfully Cocktails 3D-printed Margarita Drops and JoyJolt Four-piece Afina Martini Glass Set.

What are cocktail bombs?

Cocktail bombs make it easy to create a cocktail at home with just a few basic ingredients. If you don’t have bitters, unique liquors or fresh garnishes on hand, a cocktail bomb packs all those flavors into a small package.

Most work by dropping the cocktail bomb into sparkling water or club soda, then stirring in spirits. Others are made with sodium bicarbonate, much like bath bombs, so they fizz up and dissolve easily into drinks. Sugar and flavorings help transform plain spirits into a cocktail without the need for a long ingredient list or mixology skills.

Many classic cocktails have been reformulated into bombs, including margaritas, sangria and piña coladas. Champagne cocktails are also a popular choice for cocktail bombs because the sparkling wine helps activate the bomb and dissolve its flavors.

Cocktail bombs are most commonly shaped like small spheres, but some brands offer novelty shapes, such as diamonds for a bridal shower or cacti for a Cinco de Mayo party. Some cocktail bombs are also made with bright colors, dried fruits or flowers or even edible glitter and gold leaf for a unique cocktail experience.

Best cocktail bombs and mixers

Cocktail Bomb Shop Cocktail Drink Bombs

Choose from two variety packs of six handmade cocktail bombs featuring flavors such as orange mojito, spicy margarita, mimosa and more. The cocktail bombs are hand-crafted in Quebec and feature eco-friendly biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

My Drink Bomb Margarita Cocktail Bombs

The six cocktail bombs in this set transform tequila and sparkling water into two instant margaritas. They’re made with cane sugar, natural lime flavors and edible drink shimmer

Sold by Amazon

Thoughtfully Cocktails 3D-printed Margarita Drops

Spice up your party with this set of colorful, glittery 3D-printed cocktail bombs. Shaped like piñatas, lime wheels and cactus, each shape showcases a different margarita flavor: strawberry, classic lime and jalapeno. 

Sold by Amazon

My Drink Bomb Six-pack Cocktail Bombs Variety Set

Sample the most popular cocktail bombs with this set of six different flavors, including mango margarita, lavender, Cosmo and more. They’re gluten- and dairy-free and can make two cocktails per drink bomb.

Sold by Amazon

Teaspressa Luxe Bubbles Mimosa Bar Kit

Made with sugar, flavorings and pieces of real fruit, these elegant sugar cubes instantly transform sparkling wine or water into a mimosa-inspired beverage. The cubes can also be used in tea or other cocktails.

Sold by Amazon

Art of Sucre Cotton Candy Cocktail Glitter Bombs

Made by a social-media-favorite cotton candy company, these cocktail bombs start out as small puffs of cotton candy transform your drink into a glittery sweet treat. The set comes with eight individually packaged puffs.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

Best cocktail glasses

Dos Suenos Mexican Hand-Blown Margarita Glasses

Handmade from recycled glass and decorated with blue rims, each of these margarita glasses has a unique appearance. The sturdy glass is dishwasher-safe. The set comes with four 16-ounce glasses. 

Sold by Amazon

JoyJolt Four-piece Afina Martini Glass Set

These martini glasses feature an unconventional stemless design with a hefty base, making them both sturdier and safer. They’re dishwasher-safe and sold in a set of four 8-ounce glasses.

Sold by Amazon

Lenox Tuscany Classics Four-piece Toasting Flute Set

These crystal champagne flutes are perfect for a special occasion. They come in a set of four, and they’re backed by Lenox’s lifetime warranty. 

Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out for quick and easy cocktails

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