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11 best napkin rings

Which napkin rings are best?

When it's time to set the table for a special occasion, certain things come out of storage like fine china plates, fancy silverware, cloth napkins and napkin rings. Don't be fooled into thinking napkin rings aren't noticed. They're the only thing on the table people don't use at every meal, which makes them stand out. Napkin rings also don't disappear when removed from the napkin. They stay on the table and serve as further decoration. As such, purchasing napkin rings may be a more involved process than you initially thought, but they have the potential to put the finishing touch on both your table decor and dining experience.

What to know before you buy napkin rings


Napkin ring sets come in every possible quantity, including being sold individually and in sets larger than 100. However, individually-sold rings are usually made of top-tier materials and can cost hundreds of dollars each. 

You always want to buy more than you need to set your table. You could misplace some, and there is also no guarantee that you'll be able to buy more of the same ones you have if you ever need to. Doubling what your biggest table can serve is a good place to start.


Napkin rings are typically 1 to 2 inches long and wide on the outside. The thickness of the ring means the internal diameter varies more, though it's usually at least 1 inch wide inside. Carefully consider both the external and internal size when shopping, but for different reasons.

  • External: Consider the external size from the perspective of your plates. If you want to make a stronger impression, get rings with a larger or smaller ring-to-plate ratio. If you want to blend in more, get an equal ratio.
  • Internal: Consider the internal size from the perspective of your napkin. If you want to do a fancy fold or thread your silverware and napkin together, you probably need a large diameter. But if you don't fill the diameter, the extra space could be noticeable, so don't get one any larger than you need.

How much you can expect to spend on napkin rings

Depending on the quantity included, what they're made of and the complexity of the design, most cost $5-$50. Designer rings made of rare materials can cost up to $400 or more.

What are the best napkin rings to buy?

Attaone Round Woven Napkin Rings

These woven rings are handmade and come in sets of six or 12. They're 1.96 by 1.96 inches with a 1.57-inch diameter center. Attaone also offers two Independence Day-inspired designs with beads and tassels.

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Cotton Craft Wood Napkin Rings

This set of 12 wooden rings is great for no-fuss homes and those with rustic-heavy aesthetics. They come with flattened edges or rounded edges and with or without a leaf engraving.

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Cunhill Vintage Leaf Napkin Rings

Each ring in this set of eight is a different branch- or leaf-inspired design, so everyone at the table has their own conversation piece. They come in gold and silver and are perfect for setting outdoor tables.

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Hotop Alloy Hollow Flower Napkin Rings

This set of 24 rings has a lovely blooming flower design with mesh-weaved petals and an eye-catching crystal in the center. They come in gold, silver, red and rose gold.

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Hotop Delicate Napkin Rings

This set of eight rings is made of weighty metal and comes with a gold or silver finish. Small beads on the outside rims add a touch of flair to keep them from seeming simple.

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Jofefe Gold Round Napkin Rings

This set of six metallic rings comes in gold with a spiraling, bangle-like design or a leaf-inspired design. They're 1.8 inches wide.

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Kposiya Gold Leaf Napkin Rings

This set of 20 metallic rings has a leaf-inspired design and comes in four colors, including one with a gold band and green leaves. Kposiya also offers two other designs, each with two color options.

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Life By Cotton Classic Braided Burlap Napkin Rings

These rings are handmade of jute and are perfect for setting a rustic atmosphere. They come in sets of six and 12.

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Patelai Boho Wooden Tassel Napkin Rings

These rings use an atypical beaded and tasseled design and are made from wood and hemp rope. They come in sets of 12 and 20.

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Skavij Handmade Indian Napkin Rings

These metal rings are imported from India and come in sets of four, six, eight, 10, 12, 50 and 100. They also come in eight colors, including green and blue.

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Wonlex Cuffed Brushed Gold Napkin Rings

This set of four half-circle rings is made of stainless iron and comes in gold and silver finishes. Wonlex also offers two Halloween pumpkin sets and silver and crystal sets.

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