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All-Clad’s chef’s favorite cookware set is 60% off right now


This rarely on-sale All-Clad set is worth grabbing

Cookware might seem like it's pretty tough, but it's actually not — it can get warped by heat, and nonstick coatings can scratch and chip, allowing potentially toxic chemicals to leach into your food. Yikes! That's why it's so important to use high-quality cookware whenever possible. Experienced home cooks and professional chefs alike consistently give high marks to All-Clad, a brand known for its anodized aluminum core that resists warping and its three-layer nonstick coating that's tough to scratch.

On top of that, All-Clad pots and pans distribute heat evenly and are even dishwasher-safe (though experts note that they'll likely last longer if you hand-wash them). All said, they're a good investment if you're looking for extra durability and high quality in your cookware. After all, it can't be a bad idea to use the cookware professional chefs use, right?

Shop this article: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware 10-Piece Set, All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauce Pan, All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel 2-Piece Fry Pan Set

Get the All-Clad set that almost never goes on sale for 60% off

All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick 7-Pc. Set, Created for Macy's

60% OFF

If you're looking for a set of nonstick cookware, this is one of the best deals around right now. This set, made just for Macy's, is made with All-Clad's hard-anodized aluminum so it doesn't warp. Each piece also has a hard-anodized nonstick coating and a stainless steel handle. The set includes a 10-inch fry pan, 2.5-quart saucepan with lid, 4-quart sauté pan with lid and 8-quart stockpot with lid.

More All-Clad pieces and sets that are on sale on Amazon

All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware 10-Piece Set

40% OFF

This 10-piece stainless steel cookware set is a splurge, but at 40% off, it's a great deal. The set includes eight- and 10-inch fry pans, two- and three-quart saucepans with lids, a three-quart sauté pan with a lid and an eight-quart stockpot with a lid. All pieces come with a limited lifetime warranty.

All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauce Pan

33% OFF

Make sauces, soups and more in All-Clad's stainless steel saucepan, currently 33% off and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel 2-Piece Fry Pan Set

20% OFF

The two-piece fry pan set gives you the versatility to cook multiple dishes — like an entree and a side or a main course and a sauce to go with it.

All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Inch Fry Pan

17% OFF

A 10-inch fry pan is a kitchen staple if you can only get one piece. This one is oven and broiler-safe, so you can use it on the stove or bake, braise and roast your dishes.

All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel 6-Quart Stockpot

9% OFF

All-Clad's stockpot is the perfect vessel for cozy winter soups, stews, stocks and more.

All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel 14-Piece Cookware Set

27% OFF

If you're going to splurge on outfitting a kitchen (or upgrading your entire cookware collection), this 14-piece set has almost every All-Clad piece in stainless steel, all with lifetime warranties.

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