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Which All-Clad cookware set should I get?

Best All-Clad cookware for you

All-Clad cookware has been praised for its popularity by both home cooks and world-renowned chefs. All-Clad has a wide range of cookware designs that cater to a variety of skill levels, personal preferences and price points. Better yet, All-Clad has a large selection of cookware sets, which makes stocking a kitchen with high-quality cookware quick and easy. All-Clad Brushed D5 Stainless Cookware Set is a high-quality, versatile All-Clad cookware set.

Are All-Clad cookware sets worth the hype?

If you’re a foodie or aspiring home cook, you’ve likely seen All-Clad in some form of cooking media. If you’re wondering if they’re worth the hype, they absolutely are. Here are a few reasons why their loyal customers love them, and why you will, too.

Lifetime guarantee

All-Clad boasts that their cookware will last you a lifetime, and they back it up with a lifetime warranty that can help replace or repair your cookware, free of charge. It’s worth noting that All-Clad only covers damage that comes through intended use of their cookware. As long as you care for your set properly, you can rest assured that you’ll have this cookware for life.


All-Clad currently has seven cookware collections, all of which can be bought as individual pieces or sets. This gives you the freedom to mix and match between sets and individual pieces to create a kitchen fully catered to you. These collections range from the basic nonstick to the more technical brushed stainless steel. This means that with All-Clad, you can grow your cooking skills while knowing each piece you collect has an everlasting place in your kitchen.


All-Clad’s signature layering systems are their biggest claim to fame, and with good reason. With up to five layers available, these designs mean All-Clad products offer superior heat conduction with inner layers such as copper, while also offering durability with outer layers made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is generally easier to care for compared to other premium cookware materials, such as cast iron, without sacrificing quality. 

How much you can expect to spend on an All-Clad cookware set

While these sets aren’t cheap, they definitely earn their price. You can spend anywhere from $400-$1,500 for various sets. Before you start looking for a bargain, remember that they come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that one good set might save you money you would otherwise be spending replacing a lower-quality product every few years.

All-Clad cookware set FAQ

How do I know which All-Clad collection is right for me?

A. Just because there’s an All-Clad set for everyone doesn’t mean that every All-Clad set is for everyone. If you’re a novice, the ease of care and use of the Essential Nonstick Collection is a great place to get started. For someone who has earned their stripes in the kitchen over a few years, check out the D3 Stainless for versatile cookware that can handle a variety of dishes with its three-layer even heating. If you’re looking for the best of the best, check out the Copper Core Collection, which offers impressive responsiveness to heat changes and high heat conductivity for extremely high-performing, restaurant-quality pieces.

What kind of stoves can I use my All-Clad cookware on?

A. All-Clad cookware products work well on both gas and induction stoves. Plus, the smooth stainless steel finish on most All-Clad products won’t scratch a glass-top induction stove. 

Can I put my All-Clad cookware in the oven?

A. All-Clad cookware is oven-safe, but be sure to check the maximum temperature recommended for each product before use.

Best All-Clad cookware sets

Top All-Clad cookware set

All-Clad Brushed D5 Stainless Cookware Set

What you need to know: This five-layered set has everything you need to bring your home-cooked meals to the next level for years to come.

What you’ll love: Each piece in this set has three layers of stainless steel seamlessly bonded to two layers of aluminum that slowly and evenly distributes heat across this set’s surfaces. If you’re stocking a kitchen for the first time, this extensive set is a great one-stop to get you ready to go in one fell swoop.

What you should consider: Some users reported pieces in this collection staining easily, even when clean.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Top All-Clad cookware set for the money

All-Clad HA1 Collection Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

What you need to know: This set comes with five basic pieces and requires only minimal care.

What you’ll love: This hard anodized set features three layers of PFOA-free nonstick, making it very easy to clean. Despite this being one of the more cost-conscious options, you’ll still enjoy the even and consistent heating that All-Clad is known for.

What you should consider: Some users reported the nonstick coating disintegrating over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth considering

All-Clad Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Cookware Set

What you need to know: This premium set is expensive, but you may never want to cook with anything else.

What you’ll love: This five-layer set features a copper core, which offers superior heat responsiveness, making this set a star for the seasoned cook who is attempting complicated dishes. The two aluminum layers give this set a fast heat-up time and you won’t have to worry about any heat warping.

What you should consider: With such a high price, this set is definitely an investment for years to come.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair


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