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The cookware that’s converting die-hard foodies into microwave lovers


Even the snobbiest food snobs can love a microwaved meal

If anyone had told me before today that I would ever consider making butter-poached lobster tails in the microwave, I would have looked at them like they just sprouted a few extra heads. But here I am, perusing the recipe section of Anyday's website, seeing that chef David Chang, someone whose cooking expertise I highly admire, has created a recipe for poaching lobster tails in butter in the microwave.

And he makes them using Anyday's revolutionary microwave cookware, which is taking the food world by storm right now.

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How does Anyday microwave cookware work?

If you aren't familiar with Anyday, it created this set of glass containers that can be used for either cooking or food storage. The secret is in the proprietary lid, lined with a silicone gasket and featuring a silicone knob in the center that can be turned upward to allow steam to escape, or flipped down to create an airtight seal.

When the knob is up, the lid is in microwave cooking mode. When it's flipped down, the lid is airtight and stackable for food storage.

Bon Appetit review of Anyday microwave cookware

Emily Butler reviewed Anyday cookware for Bon Appetit and admitted (begrudgingly) that she was able to make microwaved rice that tasted "just as delicious" as what her rice cooker could produce. She also noted that microwaved corn on the cob was "absolutely stellar" (not too surprising, since corn on the cob is pretty easily microwaved if wrapped in a wet paper towel).

But what blew my mind is that she added that bacon microwaved in an Anyday container was "the bomb," and salmon nuked in an Anyday was "five stars." Salmon? In the microwave? It sounds like a crime, and yet ...

At the end of her review, Butler describes making caramelized onions for French onion soup in an Anyday container in her microwave. Yes, you read that right — caramelized onions. If that doesn't make even the most staunchly anti-microwave foodie even a little bit curious, nothing will.

Anyday microwave cookware that is changing the food scene

The Large Deep Dish

If you're curious about microwave cooking, the Large Deep Dish is a great place to start. You can use it to cook rice, pasta, chunky vegetables, potatoes, soups and one-pot meals — meaning it's one of Anyday's most versatile containers.

The Large Shallow Dish

The Large Shallow Dish is best suited for long, flat vegetables, proteins like chicken and fish or even bacon. It's a great dish for breakfast people because you can poach eggs in it (up to four at a time).

The Medium Shallow Dish

The Medium Shallow Dish makes a great sidekick. Reach for this dish to make side dishes, desserts and dips — or David Chang's egg custard recipe.

Everyday Set

The Everyday Set includes everything you need to embrace your microwave as a serious way to cook: one Large Deep Dish, one Large Shallow Dish, one Medium Deep Dish, and one Medium Shallow Dish.

Anyhand Oven Mitts

Complete your collection with the Anyhand Oven Mitts, which will let you transfer hot containers safely and remove lids to stir in between cook times.


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