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6 ways to use a blender you may not have thought of

Blenders are for more than smoothies, milkshakes and the occasional cocktail. They're a valuable tool for other hidden functions too. From hot soup made entirely with a blender to a new way to get bread crumbs for your family meatloaf recipe, choosing the right blender opens creative doors for you to explore. 

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Making fresh soup 

Everyone who makes a lot of soup has probably spilled some into a countertop blender or made a mess with an immersion one. Now, there are more comprehensive blenders that eliminate the clutter by heating the soup inside.

These blenders are an easy, one-stop method for pureeing tomato soups, pepper pots or various delicious cold soups. Insert your ingredients, seasonings and broth inside. Then pulse, puree or blend, and let the blender do the rest.

Pureeing sauces

Like soups, heating blenders become great sauce pots for tomato sauce or Alfredo sauce. Food processors let large ingredients tumble around, but thanks to a blender's gravitational design, you'll have an easier time blending a smooth, nongrainy sauce.

Scrambling eggs 

Next time you have company over and don't feel like whisking two dozen eggs with salt and pepper, crack them into your blender on high until they get smooth and frothy, which usually takes 10 to 15 seconds. While you can cook them right away, it's a good idea to rest your salted eggs inside the blender for a few minutes to prevent them from breaking on the griddle.

Making oat milk 

Oat milk is delicious but expensive. However, anyone with a powerful blender and a few minutes to spare can turn a handful of oats into creamy oat milk. Blend the oats with some filtered water until they are as fine as they will go. Then double-strain it through mesh and cheesecloth, discard the pulp in the strainer and throw the whole thing into the refrigerator. 

Making peanut butter

You don't need to buy a peanut grinder to make peanut butter. It's quite easy to do in most blenders. All you need is salt, peanuts and optional sweeteners. Add oil if you prefer creamy peanut butter.

This process works with other nuts, but you may need to adjust the method. 

Making breadcrumbs 

There are always those few slices of bread that don't get used. Instead of throwing it away or letting it turn into a fuzzy mess, consider setting your unused bread out for a day or two and putting it in the blender.

However, if you're going to use this method, be sure that there is no moisture inside. A small amount turns bread crumbs into bread paste. 


Q: What's the difference between a food processor and a blender? 
A countertop blender's primary purpose is to puree liquids and solids into a paste. You typically use blenders for drinks and creamy sauces. However, blenders on the market today have powerful motors and modern functions beyond their classic look.

Food processors are a quick way to chop, mince, puree and pulverize to combine ingredients and save time on preparation. Their wide design makes for a less effective blender but is better equipped for large, solid ingredients. The typical food processor has a chute on top that feeds in new elements. 

Q: What features should I look for? 
A: Check the blades and hardware specifications. A good blender should have razor-sharp blades that do not come apart in your milkshake. While there are plenty of good bargain blenders, premium blenders have longer shelf lives and unique feature sets. Before buying a blender, think of any possible use beyond the standard function and look at these features to pick your blender. 

Best blenders

Blendtec Original Designer Series

This classically modern Blendtec blender heats your soup and blends your sauce with eight speed settings. The strong pulverizing blade is made with safety in mind. 

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Frigidaire Retro Smoothie Maker 

This personal blender won't heat your soup, but there's plenty of space to experiment with small batches of peanut butter or oat milk. The single-portion glass is excellent for people who live alone. 

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Vitamix E310 Explorian Blend 

Vitamix is synonymous with optimal blending. Now, you can see for yourself with this comprehensive blender's friction heating, stainless steel blades and simple operation. 

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Philips Soup and Smoothie Maker

This small blender makes two to four servings of soup. While other blenders heat basic soups, this one's made for chunky soups and tomato purees alike. 

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Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen System

Ninja's smart blender works for most non-heating functions, thanks to four blending vessels you can adjust to what you're making.

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Hamilton Beach Blender to Puree

This is a basic bargain blender with easy-to-clean blades and five simple functions. It might not blend as finely as the others, but it works well for most standard operations.

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