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Which Roomba do you have?

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How to know which Roomba model you own

Your iRobot Roomba is a handy home-cleaning helper, but which Roomba model is it? Some Roombas have their series and model numbers printed right on them, but others don’t. Some have a different shape, but others look very similar to one another. Sometimes, such as with the Roomba 692 and 694, you can’t tell them apart.

If you need customer service or you want to troubleshoot or buy accessories for your Roomba robot vacuum, you need to know what model it is. The best way to find that out is with its serial number.

In this in-depth Roomba comparison video, we break down the key features, performance metrics, and unique advantages of the Roomba S9+ vs. i7+.

Figuring out which Roomba model you have

Serial number

A Roomba or iRobot serial number starts with a letter or letters, followed by three numbers that indicate the model. For example, a 600-series Roomba might have a serial number that starts with three letters, then the number 694, indicating a Roomba 694. An i-series Roomba might have a serial number beginning with the letter i followed by 415, indicating a Roomba i4.

The iRobot Home app

If you use the iRobot Home app with your Roomba, go to Product Settings, then About Roomba. Your product’s model is the third item on the screen that comes up. This screen also displays your model’s serial number.

Roomba serial number location

  • Series s: The serial number is located under the dustbin on top of the unit.
  • Series e, i and j: After removing the dustbin under the rear of the unit, you can find the serial number sticker in the dustbin compartment.
  • Series 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900: Remove the dustbin and you’ll find the serial number in the dustbin compartment at the back of the unit.
  • Discovery/400 Series: You can find the serial number by removing the battery.

How to register your Roomba

From the iRobot website

  1. Go to
  2. From the options at the top of the homepage, click on Support.
  3. Click on Register Your Device.
  4. Log in with your iRobot username and password, or register for a new account.
  5. Select your product from a series of menus, first the kind (Roomba, Braava, etc.), then the series (s series, 600 series,  j series, etc.).
  6. Type in your Roomba’s serial number along with the date you bought it and a name for it. Complete the CAPTCHA and click Register Robot.

From the app

If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba, you can download the iRobot Home app to set up your vacuum’s Wi-Fi. Setting up Wi-Fi on your Roomba also registers it with iRobot.

Why is it important to know which Roomba you have?

Replacement parts

Accessories like replacement filters, batteries and roller brushes can differ from one Roomba series to another and occasionally from model to model. It’s important to know which model of Roomba you have so you can get the right accessories for your unit.

Warranty and customer service

If you have trouble with your Roomba and want to make a warranty claim, you need the product’s serial number. You also need the iRobot serial number to register your Roomba with iRobot.


Different Roomba models can have different troubleshooting solutions. For example, rebooting a 600-series Roomba can differ significantly from rebooting other Roomba models.

In addition, if you need a major replacement part, such as a new wheel or cleaning head, you need to know exactly which model you have.

Your Roomba’s model is easy to find

Finding out which model of Roomba you have helps with troubleshooting and buying the right accessories. It isn’t difficult, and it can usually be done by removing the vacuum’s dustbin to check the serial number. With your Roomba’s serial number, you can know exactly what model you have.

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