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Save it for a rainy day with 15 fun piggy banks for kids and adults

In today's digital-heavy world, there's an ongoing debate as to whether cash or digital currency is better. Both have their pros and cons, but one of physical currency's biggest downsides is how much space it can take up. 

It certainly doesn't take long for change to pile up. Everyone has their own way of dealing with their growing mountain of change, but one of the most popular methods is to keep it in a piggy bank.

In this article: Xdrelec Classic Piggy Bank, Windy City Novelties Classic Piggy Bank and Amago Modern Piggy Bank.

Piggy bank types

There are two types of piggy banks:

  • Classic piggy banks typically take after their namesake in design and look like pigs. There are numerous varieties of this type, from the realistic or cartoonish to artistic abstractions of what a pig is. They can also look like other animals.
  • Modern piggy banks still hold your change, they just don't look like animals. They can be as playful as classic piggy banks or as simple as a glorified cup. Most have some kind of electronic counting mechanism.

Who it's for

Piggy banks of either type are typically meant for either children or adults. 

  • Children's piggy banks are usually more playful so kids enjoy saving money. Many modern children's banks also have some kind of educational component.
  • Adult piggy banks are usually more austere. Many are just a simple box or jar with a counting mechanism that lets you know how much is saved. Nothing is stopping adults from getting a classic children's piggy bank, though, if you like the playfulness and cuteness.

To smash or not to smash

When piggy banks first hit the market, many of them had to be broken to get to the change inside. The thinking was that this encouraged a person to continue to save since you'd have to buy another bank if you wanted to continue collecting change after you accessed your savings.

Few banks follow this practice today. It's no fun picking up sharp shards of your bank, and the practice didn't make much sense to begin with. Instead, most have some kind of resealable opening so you can get what you need. But you can still find banks that need breaking if you long for the old days; it just might take some extra searching.


Classic piggy banks and basic modern piggy banks typically cost around $10. More advanced modern banks typically cost $30 to $60.

Best classic piggy banks

Child to Cherish Classic Piggy Bank

This bank comes in three sports-themed designs: One is baseball-heavy, another has footballs and basketballs and the third has all three. There's a rubber stopper on the bottom.

Sold by Amazon

Fisher-Price Classic Piggy Bank

Instead of real money, this bank holds plastic coins that it includes. It's for teaching your children how to count to 10, the names of colors and the Spanish language. It also helps them practice their dexterity.

Sold by Amazon

H & W Classic Piggy Bank

This dinosaur-themed bank is large, measuring 8.6 inches high and 6 by 5.5 inches at its base. It comes in six designs, and the slot on the back of its head is large enough to also hold bills.

Sold by Amazon

Oislove2 Classic Piggy Bank

This basic bank is a lovely shade of purple, and it is made of nontoxic plastic that is unbreakable. The plug on the bottom screws in, so there are no risks of it popping out.

Sold by Amazon

Pearhead Classic Piggy Bank

This bank comes in three colors with polka dots and one color with stars. It is made of glazed ceramic to give it an attractive shine and has a rubber stopper.

Sold by Amazon

Pjdrllc Classic Piggy Bank

This bank is available in nine bright colors, some of which come with a sheet of jewels you can stick on the bank to customize it. It measures 5.5 by 4.9 by 4.7 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Windy City Novelties Classic Piggy Bank

It's no fun opening up your piggy bank every time you want to see how much money you have. This bank is transparent to get around that problem. It's small at 4 by 5 by 4.5 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Xdrelec Classic Piggy Bank

This piggy bank comes in several colors and sizes, some of which come with jewels you can stick on as you see fit. It has a screw-in stopper to avoid accidental loss of money.

Sold by Amazon

Best modern piggy banks

Amago Modern Piggy Bank

This bank comes in three sizes, all of them plastic jugs with a battery-powered coin-counting lid. The lid has buttons for adding and subtracting totals.

Sold by Amazon

Boalord Modern Piggy Bank

This bank comes in every letter of the alphabet, so you can grab one with your first or last name's first initial. One side is clear plastic, which allows you to see how much you've collected.

Sold by Amazon

Fishboy Modern Piggy Bank

This bank is a fully functional ATM so your child can learn how to use them. It even requires an included fake debit card with a PIN, and you can request how much to withdraw.

Sold by Amazon

Husan Modern Piggy Bank

This bank is a cute miniature safe, complete with a numerical lock and spinning handle. It comes in nine colors, including camo and Christmas red.

Sold by Amazon

Lefree Modern Piggy Bank

This jar bank with a coin-counting lid comes in three sizes, the smallest of which can hold up to 700 coins, while the largest can hold 2,000-plus.

Sold by Amazon

Magibx Modern Piggy Bank

This faux-safe piggy bank has an automated cash slot that grabs your bills just like an ATM or vending machine does. It comes in five colors.

Sold by Amazon

Playsheek Modern Piggy Bank

This safe-style bank makes fun sounds as you deposit your cash and change. It comes in five colors and can hold up to 600 coins or 100 bills.

Sold by Amazon

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