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17 unique ideas to step up your home library

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Creative home library ideas that will go a long way

Do you want your home library to feel like your very own bookish paradise and a refuge from the world around you? Then chances are you've spent looking at pictures of gorgeous libraries online, wondering how you can take your home library to the next level without having to win the lottery or move into a grandiose castle. There are big ways to step up your home library as well as little touches that can go a long way, all depending on the physical space available and the budget you have.

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Upgrade your home library shelving

Maybe it's time to finally spring for those floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Believe it or not, this is a design achievable at home. However, if you don’t have the space or the budget, there’s no need to worry. A uniquely shaped or modular bookshelf with a fun layout design can add that extra something you might be looking for. If your existing shelving is extensive and reliable but a tad plain, consider putting in a ladder that will make your home library just a touch fancier. Going with vintage or custom-made furniture is another way to get some unique, one-of-a-kind shelves that will look truly original.

If you're short on space, there are corner shelves and hanging shelves that can help you get a little more shelving into the room without making the library feel crowded or cramped. In addition, you can take basic floating shelves and hang them in a fun pattern to create a custom design that speaks to your style.

In case you want extra shelving and extra privacy, put in a secret swinging bookshelf that also doubles as a door. It will look like one standing shelf from the outside, but on the other side, your library will be waiting!

Shelving for home libraries

Willow & Grace Long Floating Wall Shelves

Floating shelves are great for sneaking in extra storage space. You can arrange them in any design you please, and you can buy as few or as many as you need. These shelves, which come in sets of two, are rustic and yet modern. What's more, they come in five colors and two lengths, which means they are versatile.

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Vasagle Five-Tier Bookshelf

This rustic brown five-tier bookshelf has a unique geometrical design. The color is highlighted with beautiful wood tones and comes with two anchoring devices to keep it safely in place.

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Caphaus Five-Tier Corner Shelf

Here is a trapezoid corner shelf with industrial finishes that works great for small spaces. The simple yet eye-catching design ensures that it probably won't clash with existing décor, while the simplicity of the shape means it will take up less room than bulkier bookcases.

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Nathan James Theo Wall Mount Bookshelf

This 6-shelf unit mounts directly to the wall via an iron frame. It's made from high-quality materials and is easy to assemble. It also comes in several sizes and colors. Buy one or several if you want to fill an entire wall.

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DIYHD Knotty Pine Wood Sliding Library Ladder

This wood rolling ladder is available in several heights with 1-inch planks. It's a reliable ladder, but most users suggest getting separate hardware for installing it.

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FarPavillionsTX Farmhouse Style Antique Teak Wood Repurposed Bookcase

Constructed from a solid wood vintage door frame that dates back to the 1940s, this unique piece has a rich history and beautiful architectural elements. Additionally, this seller offers many one-of-a-kind bookcases repurposed in similar fashions.

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Martin Furniture Avondale 3 Bookcase

This rectangular floor-to-ceiling bookshelf unit has three different sections for maximum shelving and a metal ladder along all the metal rods required to slide the ladder from side to side. The unit comes in standard brown, gray and oak.

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Bring in some new home library furniture

Swap out that old couch for a dramatic fainting couch or oversized chair. If you want to squeeze some extra storage space out of the furniture, look for ottomans and benches that double as concealed storage units. An accent table can also help improve the general look of the space. Finally, if your library has a bay window, consider installing some custom cushioning to transform the space into a cozy reading nook.

Furniture for home libraries

NCPatioCushions Custom Bay Indoor Window Cushion

This custom bay window cushion can be designed to fit any shape and is constructed from a variety of different fabrics. It's made to suit your needs, which means you can make sure it matches the rest of the room. Cushion inserts range from 1 inch in thickness to 4 inches.

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Design Toscano Stacked Book Volumes Vintage Decor End Table

Here is a bookish end table for the most bookish room in your home. The base is designed to look like a stack of thick leather books, and the surface is sleek round glass.

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Christopher Knight Home Keiko Fabric Armed Storage Bench

This elegant light grey bench is perfect for reading, sitting and organizing. The tufted lid lifts open to reveal a storage compartment. It's a little low to the ground but well-made and appealing to the eye.

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Christopher Knight Home Rubie Velvet Chaise

This deep garnet-toned velvet chaise lounge, also known as a fainting couch, will add some dramatic flair to your home library. The base is constructed from attractive birch, and the seat itself is tufted for that luxurious look.

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Christopher Knight Home Tafton Tufted Fabric Club Chair

This beautiful tufted chair is firm, stylish and comfortable. The legs are made from sturdy wood, and the studded trim makes it a classic.

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Add fun accents and decor

When it comes to transforming a room into something special, details matter. An added scented candle or perfectly placed artwork can help finish a space significantly. Dramatic lighting or even vintage library-inspired lighting works wonders. To dress up the room and brighten it, consider getting a chandelier light fixture that will give plenty of light and make your library glitter.

Shop vintage for that authentic feel or get some vintage-inspired pieces with modern touches and conveniences. Getting a fireplace that won’t damage your books is no more an elusive idea since now you can put in a simulated fireplace that requires no installation and can be used with or without heat for a fun ambiance.

Accents and decor for home libraries

CosyArtLondon Book Lovers Soy Candle

This vegan, scented soy candle is made to kindle thoughts of old, cozy bookshops with romantic histories. There are top notes of ginger and dark plum with vanilla and cinnamon, including base notes of light amber and white patchouli.

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PaperPeachShop Floral Frame Library Stamp

If you have a tendency to lend out your books, you might want this useful little stamp so you can print "from the library of [your name]" on the inside of your books. Maybe it will help your friends remember to return the books they have borrowed.

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Mlambert Store Green Glass Touch Control Vintage Table Lamp

This touch table lamp has a slim neck with a satin brass finish and a vintage-inspired glass shade in green. It gives off old library vibes but is built to accommodate modern living with two USB ports.

Sold by Amazon

SEI Furniture Elkmont Earth Tone Tile Electric Fireplace

This beautiful electric fireplace can be used as a source of warmth or a fun display piece that gives off the look of a real built-in fireplace. It can heat spaces up to 400 square feet and is self-regulating for safety. There's protective glass in front of the faux flames and a convenient remote for regular use.

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