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Updated October 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Endeavor Fires Danby Electric Fireplace
SEI Furniture
Calvert Electric Carved Floral Trim Fireplace
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Customer Favorite
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A beautiful electric fireplace that looks realistic, performs well and is available in color options to fit most home decor.


Owners absolutely love the 3D fire effect, and the blower sends out adequate heat as a secondary source. Features an attractive, realistic look with intricate floral trim. Available in ivory or espresso. Comes with a remote control for a user-friendly experience.


Assembly can be challenging and a bit time-consuming, so having a helper is recommended.

Best Bang for the Buck
TURBRO Suburbs TS25 Electric Fireplace
Suburbs TS25 Electric Fireplace
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Best for Small Spaces
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This affordable, freestanding electric fireplace has a compact, lightweight design and is ideal for tiny homes or smaller rooms.


Realistic firewood and flame make this look and feel like a real fireplace. Features a 1,400-watt fan heater that runs quietly and puts out 4,777 BTUs. Temperature is adjustable and controls are easy to operate. Exterior remains cool so no one gets burnt.


Great for a small to medium-sized room, but may not heat a large space very well.

Warmlite Newcastle Electric Fireplace
Electric Fireplace
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Most Stylish
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A top-of-the-line product that is truly a sight to behold and is sure to be a conversation starter.


It has almost every bell and whistle you can think of in a modern fireplace. It's easy to use and operate, provides an adequate amount of heat for a medium-sized room, and has a stylish design to it.


The heat comes from a fan in the top of the unit, which could have an effect on anything placed on the wall above it.

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace
Sideline Electric Fireplace
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Simple Yet Solid
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A great fireplace that is easy to set up and begin using.


The five different flame settings allow you to set different moods. It's easy to install if you have the right space. It can also run with or without heat depending on preference.


Can be on the louder side for some users.

Ameriwood Lamont Electric Fireplace Mantle
Lamont Electric Fireplace Mantle
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Most Versatile
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A solid option for those looking for a fireplace that can be the center of attention.


The mantle design is well-built. Eliminates the need to mount the fireplace into a wall. The fireplace is 26 inches wide and provides a lot of heat.


Can be very hard to assemble with a single person.


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Buying guide for Best electric fireplaces

There's nothing quite as cozy as curling up by the fire on a blustery day. Just because your home doesn’t have a built-in wood-burning fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warmth, romantic crackle, and mesmerizing dance of flames.

Today’s electric fireplaces not only look realistic and provide heat, they are free of traditional fireplaces’ danger and mess. With an electric fireplace, there is no smoke, ash, or firewood, and there is no worry about falling asleep while the fire’s still crackling.

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With mantel and fireplace-front styles ranging from country rustic to sleekly contemporary, you can find an electric fireplace to match any decorating style.

How do electric fireplaces create heat?

Electric fireplaces have two basic heating systems: forced fan and infrared quartz.

Forced fan

These units have a fan that blows over heated coils, sending warm air out into the room. Forced-fan fireplaces produce around 4,600 BTUs of heat and are best for spaces up to 400 square feet.

Infrared quartz

These units are more high-tech. Instead of hot coils, they use infrared light, not to heat the air but to transmit warmth directly to the objects near the fireplace. Infrared-quartz units pump out up to 9,600 BTUs of heat and are a good choice for larger rooms, generally up to 1,000 square feet. Another benefit of infrared-quartz fireplaces is that they don’t reduce the room’s humidity level.

What about the flames?

While even a few years back, the flames of electric fireplaces were rather unconvincing, today you’ll find units so realistic you might worry about burning your hand in the flames. (Don’t worry, you can’t.)

There are a variety of methods used to simulate the “flames.” Most often a colored LED bulb shines onto a mirrored, spinning “rotisserie” that bounces the light into random patterns that resemble the flickering of real flames.

Most electric fireplaces allow you to adjust the flame effect from a soft glow to a roaring fire.

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Safety tip
 As with all heat-producing devices in a home, do not run electric fireplaces on an extension cord. Plug it directly into a three-prong outlet.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Styles of electric fireplaces

There’s an electric fireplace that’s right for your home no matter what your décor or existing layout. Let’s take a look at the many different styles that are available.

Plug-in inserts

Plug-in inserts fill an existing fireplace that already has a mantel.

Media center fireplaces

These electric fireplaces are plug-in units fitted into a television/entertainment center.

Electric log sets

Perfect for an existing, unused gas or electric fireplace, these units resemble real logs piled on a grate. They slip right into the existing fireplace and plug into the nearest wall outlet.

Traditional mantel fireplaces

As the name suggests, these units come with their own mantel and look like traditional fireplaces.

Corner electric fireplaces

These compact fireplaces are a great choice for small rooms.

Freestanding electric stove fireplaces

Electric stove fireplaces resemble old-fashioned wood-burning stoves.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces

Mounted on a wall, these sleek fireplaces add contemporary style to a room.

Electric fireplace features


If you want to run the fireplace without heating the room, or if you want supplemental heat without the flame effect, this is a necessary feature.

Flame speed

This allows you to adjust the intensity of the “flames,” from a small flicker to a roaring fire.


A thermostat adjusts the amount of heat your electric fireplace emits.

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Safety tip
Just like toasters, space heaters, and other heat-producing devices, unplug the fireplace when not in use or when you're on vacation and your home is unoccupied. 
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert


With a timer, you can set your fireplace to run as long as you’d like. It will automatically shut off when the time is up.


Brightness control lets you dim the flames to a soft glow or brighten them to an intense light.

Remote control

Just about every electric fireplace includes a remote control. However, some merely have an on/off switch, while others also let you control the flame intensity, heat level, and brightness.

"Just like real fireplaces, electric fireplaces come in a variety of widths and heights, so choose the size that best balances your room: a larger unit in a large room, a smaller unit in a small space."

Overheat auto-off

This safety feature switches the fireplace off if it begins to overheat.

Cool touch

Although electric fireplaces don’t have real flames, they can heat up the glass or fireplace housing. With a cool-touch unit, the glass won’t get hot, which is an important safety feature if you have pets or children.

Air filtration

Some electric fireplaces include an air purifier to filter out dust, allergens, pet dander, and mold.

Before you buy: electric fireplace tips

  • Measure the space where you want your fireplace to go, including clearance of nearby windows, doorways, or walkways. You don’t want to find out too late that your fireplace is too large — or too small — for the location.

  • If your space is limited, a wall-mounted or corner unit gives the benefit of a fireplace without requiring much room.

  • Make sure your home’s electrical wiring can handle the fireplace. Most electric fireplaces simply plug into a regular outlet. However, some require installation that is more extensive.

  • What is your decorating style? There are electric fireplaces in every design, ranging from primitive to modern.

  • Most electric fireplaces have 700 to 1,500 watts. For a small room, 700 watts is sufficient. But you’ll want a 1,500-watt unit if your room is large.

  • If you are a renter or want a unit that can be moved from room to room, choose a small, portable fireplace. Mantels are usually heavy and difficult to move, so these units are best for a permanent location.

Expert tip
Be sure to have a working smoke detector in the home in case of overheating. 
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

How much do electric fireplaces cost?


You can find electric fireplaces for as little as $150.


In general, for a fireplace with good features, a realistic flame, and an attractive appearance, the sweet spot is $200 to $500.


On the other end of the spectrum, some high-end models cost close to $1,000.

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Electric fireplaces are very economical: most cost pennies per hour of use. They also allow you to lower your home’s central heat, providing further savings.


Q. Are any permits required to install an electric fireplace?

A. Nope, just plug in and enjoy. Wired-in, permanently placed units might require the services of an electrician for installation, however.

Expert tip
Some electric fireplaces can be used outside, but not all. Be sure to check before purchasing and do the proper research about the proper power supply for outdoor use, including GFI outlet access.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Q. Do electric fireplaces require a vent or a chimney?

A. No, that’s one of the beauties of these devices. No vent is necessary, and there is no smoke or fumes to pollute the air.

Q. Do electric fireplaces require a lot of maintenance?

A. Other than the occasional dusting of the mantel and outside surfaces, an electric fireplace is nearly maintenance-free.

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