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How to host a horror movie marathon

Everything you need for a scary movie night

Every night of the year can be a horror movie night, but it's especially fitting come autumn as Halloween rolls around. As leaves fall and full moons rise, it's the time of year for supernatural scares and menacing monsters. A horror movie marathon is a great way to embrace the season, whether you're seeking more family-friendly frights or want chills that last a lifetime. 

Set the mood, share scares and create unforgettable memories by hosting the perfect horror movie marathon.

How to watch

It's important to consider where you'll be getting your content and how that content makes it into your home. 

Streaming vs. discs

The two main ways to find content are through a streaming service or physical disc.

A streaming service requires a reliable internet connection and a subscription. Popular services, such as Netflix and Disney Plus, can be accessed via apps on a smart TV platform. If you have an older TV, you can acquire a smart dongle, such as a Roku Streaming Stick, to access content.

A DVD or Blu-ray Disc offers another means to enjoy content. Consider investing in a Blu-ray player or keep in mind that gaming consoles, such as the latest Xbox X, also play Blu-rays.

Projector vs. TV

You can enjoy your movies on a TV screen or use a projector to cast a potentially bigger picture.

A smart TV tends to offer more value for the money. For a horror movie night, you'll likely want a screen with enough brightness to illuminate the darker areas of the TV as well as high contrast. OLED smart TVs are ideal at getting to the deepest blacks due to individually dimming pixels.

A projector allows for a big screen and welcomes many people to watch the horror together. A portable projector works well inside the home or out in the yard if you're not too concerned about fidelity. However, a 4K projector is ideal for creating a comprehensive home theater setup. You'll also need a compatible screen, though a flat white wall will suffice for a casual evening.


For the best experience, set a mood so that everyone is fully engaged in the scares. Consider an essential oil diffuser that offers a faint light and scent in the air. You may also want to light a candle for a soft glow and fitting aroma.

Horror movies also lend to coziness. Invest in throw pillows, seat cushions and fuzzy blankets to add texture and warmth to the space. They're also good if you need something to latch on to during the scary parts.

For those serious about a high-quality horror movie night, invest in a sound system worthy of horror movie soundtracks and jump scares. This high-end Samsung set features a sound bar, subwoofer and two rear speakers to create a chilling environment.

Food and drink

A staple of any horror movie marathon is popcorn. If you're regularly hosting events, you may want to invest in a nostalgic popcorn maker cart. Otherwise, inexpensive microwave popcorn from a reliable name is worthwhile.

Consider creating cocktails to match the theme and spirit of the night; a set of copper mugs makes for an appropriate look for the evening. A novelty ice cube tray adds a little touch of horror, too.


When it comes to picking films, think about a specific theme for the night, like supernatural horror or creature features. There is also no shortage of horror movie franchises where you can watch stories in sequential order.

The movies you choose also inform the kind of attitude you'll be cultivating across the night. If you're opting for foreign films, you should be planning for an evening where everyone is quiet and engaged. However, if you're considering slasher flicks or B-movies, then you're likely in for a livelier time with commentary.

More Halloween movie marathon essentials

Homemory Flickering Flameless Votive Candles

Set up these electronic votive candles around your space to enhance the mood. With 24 votives in this inexpensive pack, you can keep the house lights off everywhere and use these instead to line the way to the kitchen and bathroom to keep the chills alive.

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Dash Turbo Pop Popcorn Maker

This effective and well-priced popcorn machine will serve all movie nights across the year. It makes up to eight tasty cups in minutes and comes in three different colors.

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The Connecticut Home Company Throw 

Get cozy on the couch with this soft, fuzzy throw that's big enough to pull over your eyes if you don't like to watch the really scary parts. It comes in a range of colors, including silver and hot pink. 

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